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"cd review"


The Three-Way EP


3.5 out of five

A much grungier local indie release, dropping tomorrow night with an official party at the Empress Ale House, Headband's punk rock project stars Bobby Kydd, Jason Dublanko, Teambuilding's Shaun Hammermeister and newish drummer and all-around party animal Mike Gourley. Kydd's vocals remind a fellow of Mike Caldwell's from the smalls, all swoopy and passionate-like.

Their songs are less deliberately structured than the smalls', straying into kind of a blues jam at the end of Dragons and Dead Friends. I really like it when the boys rock-harmonize. It seems to me the ladies might like it even more, especially if everyone grew their hair ass-long and took their shirts off.

The album next splits into Kydd and Dublanko's solo projects, which is both kind of cool and kind of irrelevant given they're all so cross-pollenated with each others' players. But the songs are good, charmingly upbeat at times, yet unafraid to shoot some steel vibrating through our heads. Dig the primal metal.

Both these albums make me say it again. Ready? I love this city so much.

Fish Griwkowsky - th edmonton sun

"SEEN It Live: Headband"

SEEN It Live: Headband
Great Gigs You Missed Last Week
Published July 10, 2008  by See Contributors in Music Review

HEADBAND w/ The Secretaries
Empress Ale House • July 8
Flash floods didn’t keep crowds away from Tuesday’s packed show at the Empress—though the bar would probably make a fine ark in a pinch. At the helm would be Headband frontman Bobby Yiannakoulias, the full-time crooner and part-time handyman responsible for the group’s theatrical set design. The band looks decidedly sci-fi, bathed in eerie blue soundwave projections—as if Fritz Lang directed movies about rock ’n’ rollers instead of robot feminoids.
 The band tore through a set of bluesy metal, harking back to a time when heavy music was synonymous with denim, greasy hair, and acne, capping off the evening with a cover of Black Sabbath’s “Children of the Grave” that left both stoners and leather daddies alike howlin’ at the moon. 
Despite drummer Tash Fryzuk splittin’ her pretty head open like a ripe summer melon, The Secretaries delivered an elegant opening set. If your mom dug Heart and Some Girls-era Stones, you would definitely have a soft spot (or hard-on) for these jams.
 The group’s usual crowd of sweaty rockers was peppered with bespectacled CKUA-ers and flabby folk fans, but even those pale-skinned weirdos couldn’t ruin a rousing game of “Pin the Head-Band on the Headband”, orchestrated mid-set by the foxy threesome. The winner took home a plate of Rice Krispies squares, but when the Wednesday morning hangover kicks in, there are no winners, only losers.


"The Three Way" Ep released December 2007.



Formed in 2001 by Bobby Yiannakoulias, Jason Dublanko and Ryan Rasmussen Headband is a unique blend of Psychedelic/stoner/blues/pop influenced by everything from The Stooges to old Rebetika(A traditional style greek music). The band released It's long anticipated first Ep in December 2007 called "The Three Way". They are currently mixing tracks from there most recent radio performance on 88.5 fm Smilin Jays Happy Hour which is set to be released this spring.