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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"HEAdDRiVE at SkateZone"

I got to Skatezone at about 8:15, a half an hour before HEAdDRiVE was to take the stage. I decided to go check out the opening band, and wasn't really impressed by them, but I noticed something strange, for Skatezone that is. The crowd was huge. Not sold out arena huge, but for a show at a skating rink in Lake Worth Florida, this was huge crowd. I quickly realized, by the reaction this other band was getting, these people were not here for them? Were they here for HEAdDRiVE I wondered? My question was quickly answered,with a resounding HELL YES!! when HEAdDRiVE finally hit the stage at 8:45. Everyone in the building was standing in front of the stage, or even on the side. Usually, during performances, kids are on skateboards or doing stupid crap at the other end of the rink, but on this night, at this time, they were standing still watching the band get ready. It was like going to a major show or something, all attention was on the band. Finally, vocalist Dan announced the band and they went right into their newest hit, Collapse and Collide. The place went nuts. The biggest pit in the history of Skatezone was formed. The rest of the performance was the same as the opening, loud, fast, furious and insane. This writer even had to say F@#$ it and jumped into the pit, how could one not during this show. (This later turned out to be a mistake, as it was to soon after dinner for my stomach, which decided to send some dinner back!) As I was leaving after the performance, I noticed a lot of the people in attendance were leaving as well. HEAdDRiVE was the reason people came out on this night, and HEAdDRiVE was the reason they left with their moneys worth and their sore bodies. HEAdDRiVE put on the best show I have seen this year. If you see a performance coming up with the name HEAdDRiVE on the bill, drop what you are doing, no matter what It might be, get off your ass, and go get blown away. 5 stars out of 5. - Metal Madness Media

"RagFest 2 Bands: HEAdDRiVE"

With influences ranging from Primus, to the Rolling Stones, to Machine Head, HeadDrive has been pelting out aggressive meldodic rock since 1996 when they were known as Negative K. In 2003 the line up was solidified with Dan on lead vocals and guitar, Dave on drums, Dan V. on guitar, and Mark on bass. The band just got a huge shipment of their newest cd, Under The Skin in, so be sure to buy one so they can get their garage back. - Rag Magazine

"RagFest 3 Bands: HEAdDRiVE"

Having just released their second EP, Second Coming, Ft. Lauderdale's HeadDrive have established quite a local following in south Florida. Headdrive's sound blends aggressive metal with meaty hooks and choruses. www.headdrive.com
- Rag Magazine

"South Florida Metal Fest '05"

I know all you metal heads out there need a pick- me- up before OzzFest hits in September, so gear
up for the next best thing: South Florida Metal Fest 2005. The local scene's hardest and heaviest
will be assaulting your ears all day July 30th at The Scene. With bands like: HeadDrive, Stillkept, Sense of Being, Slapstick Remedy, plus more. - Sun Sentinal


"Under The Skin" August 2003 Full length self release through: In The Eye Entertainment, LLC

"Second Coming" 3 song EP May 2004 self release through: In The Eye Entertainmantt, LLC


Feeling a bit camera shy


HeadDrive was established in 1996 under original band name Negative K. After several line-up changes original member Dan Kresty was joined by Mark Karpinski two years later in 1998. In 2003 HeadDrive was proud to welcome new guitarist Dan Vezina. The final addition to the band was Juan Cantu in 2005. The tight knit group that is now HeadDrive has perfected a heavy yet melodic sound with definite commercial appeal.

HeadDrive has put together ten original songs, for their full-length self release, “Under The Skin,” recorded at Ten K productions in Boca Raton Florida. 1,000 copies of “Under The Skin,” were released in August 2003 by the band's management, In The Eye Entertainment. HeadDrive is currently working on enough material for two more full-length albums. In May 2004, HeadDrive released a limited edition 3 song EP, "Second Coming," recorded at Studio 13 in Deerfield Beach, Florida. This dedicated band has spent many hours rehearsing and developing their unique sound. A sound that stands apart from and above the rest, that is sure to take the music scene by storm.

HeadDrive has already established a local following and their goal is to continue making music that expands their ever-increasing fan base. HeadDrive has played every rock venue in the South Florida area. They look forward to playing places and venues not yet conquered by HeadDrive. This band strives on creating music for audiences to enjoy and the opportunity to return to quality modern music.