HeadFake fronts energy-driven performances and song arrangements that are quickly causing a buzz among listeners. Even in the current swarm of vague musical trends and live performances, HeadFake is capable of maintaining a signature sound and style that is all its own.


Headfake is a Los Angeles based rock band that has proven themselves capable of maintaining a signature sound and style that is all its own.

Formed in 2002, HeadFake is the product of four musicians whose talent and drive brought them together from different areas and backgrounds in pursuit of a shared dream; succeeding in the music industry. The combination of drummer Andre Tangredi and bassist Mark Di Nitto creates the powerful groove rhythms that lay the foundation for Diego Chies’ distinct guitar style. Add the soulful vocals of lead singer, J.T. Harker, and the result is an eclectic and refreshing rock sound capable of, both, critical and commercial success. Major influences include the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Incubus, and Rage Against the Machine, however, the music created by Headfake maintains a uniqueness by subtle interwoven blends of funk and hip-hop.

HeadFake has played several times at, both, U.C.L.A. events, and at several showcase and club events throughout Southern California. In April, HeadFake also performed their songs at the Crazy Horse in Irvine for the currently running television show, “The Buzzz”, which has been airing on KDOC since June.

Set List

Amanda's Song
Back Again