Head for the Hills

Head for the Hills

 Fort Collins, Colorado, USA

This quartet provides a vibrant tapestry of technical compositions, traditional harmonies, and progressive improvisation that has been cited by many as the future of folk/bluegrass. With just a few short years of existence, there is really no telling what is in store for these young Colorado pickers


Rooted in the tradition of bluegrass, the music of Head for the Hills is a vibrant mixture of homegrown compositions, traditional harmonies, and an innovative approach to improvisation. The group’s lyrical nature and songwriting seems to evoke reminiscent feelings of inspiration. In the live setting, Head for the Hills can venture into a myriad of musical styles and sonic landscapes that caters to a boundless array of listeners.

Head for the Hills is poised to announce the release of their sophomore studio effort, aptly entitled "Head for the Hills." This endearing release captures the true essence of the consistently evolving group. Nestled deep in the mountains of Colorado, in Bill Nershi's Sleeping Giant Studios, the quartet began a musical journey.

What transpired was a thoughtful and dynamic time-piece that captures the essence of their awe-inspiring live performance. Head for the Hills continues to garner increased attention all across the country. There is no telling what successes lay ahead for these talented musicians.

To get a sense of Head for the Hills’ snowballing momentum, look no further than the surrounding talent on their self-titled sophomore release, Head for the Hills. The six-year old pickers attracted heavyweights like longtime jamband and bluegrass vet, Drew Emmitt (Leftover Salmon) as their producer who took them up to Bill Nershi’s Sleeping Giant studio to record -- where he and Emmitt recently laid down their own release, New Country Blues. Studio engineer Gus Skinas worked the knobs, who boasts a particularly intriguing CV having digitally remastered Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon; helped Sony develop the early iterations digital audio; and invented an innovative multi-tracker called Sonoma that combines the warmth of analog with the ease and efficiency of digital. In addition, Vance Powell -- who adorns his mantle with a Grammy for his work on the Raconteurs wildly successful Consolers of the Lonely album -- mixed the record. Finally, the recent studio release benefits not only from guest picking and vocals from Nershi and Emmitt, but also Anders Beck of another group of burgeoning picksmiths, Greensky Bluegrass . In addition Kyle James Hauser (Gregory Allan Isakov) and James Thomas supply their talnts on banjo and Keyboards.

The new self titled, release is now available via H4TH’s website. The band is poised to begin the next chapter of their youthful existence.

2008 and 2009 have seen the band touring heavily. The band embarked on a massive national tour of theaters, amphitheatres, and high profile music festivals, including: Wakarusa Music Festival, Northwest String Summit, Green Apple Music Festival, Telluride Bluegrass Festival (Night Grass Series), Mulberry Mountain Harvest Festival, Grand Targhee Bluegrass Festival, Yarmony Grass Music Festival, Bristol Rhythm and Roots Reunion and many more.

The band is also heavily interfaced in charitable efforts. Head for the Hills is proud to partner with Conscious Alliance, a Boulder, CO based non-profit group, and their mission to fight hunger in Native America. A limited edition “Head for the Hills 2009 Commemorative Poster” by Rob Marx will be available at all 2009 performances while supplies last. Proceeds from the poster will go to benefit Conscious Alliance and their valuable efforts.

The shared vision amongst the members of Head for the Hills is not only to carry on the spirit of bluegrass, but also to expand the general definition as we venture through the post-traditional bluegrass era. Head for the Hills draws significant inspiration from the sounds of the bluegrass forefathers such as John Hartford, David Grisman, or Bill Monroe, but also appeals to anybody who enjoys experiencing the excitement, innovation, or element of youth that is incorporated into each and every performance.

After several career defining sold out performances in Fort Collins, CO, performing to capacity crowds in Colorado & beyond, consistent national touring, and appearances at music festivals around the country, this quartet is emerging as a mainstay in the roots music community.

The foundation of Head for the Hills stretches back several years to the mountain town of Golden, Colorado, but the current lineup prefers to call Fort Collins, Colorado their home. In their short but prosperous career, Head for the Hills has performed, supported, & shared programming with such notable acts as: David Grisman, Sam Bush, Leftover Salmon, The Flaming Lips, Bruce Hornsby, Yonder Mountain String Band, Emmylou Harris Nickel Creek, Tim O’Brien, Peter Rowan, Doc Watson, and Railroad Earth among many others.

2007 was a huge year for the quartet as they were the named winners of Yonder Mt. String Band’s 2007 Northwest String Summit Band Completion held at Horning’s Hideout in North Plains, OR. In addition they completed their debut album, Robber’s Roost, produced by Grammy Award Winning musician/producer Sally Van Meter (Bob Dy


The Creek

Written By: Lyrics: Joe Lessard-- Music: Head for the Hills

The Creek

When I was a young boy, I strolled through the ferns
Not a care in the world, I was eager to learn
Never thinkin’ for a moment, that I would not return
To a life that’s so simple…free of concern

Back then I followed my feet, wherever they led
‘Til I found my head wrapped up, in a black widow’s web
You can bet ran home, just as fast as I could
Now I only wish I could…run back to those woods

There a seedling has sprouted
Where the water ran high
And the seeds I have planted,
Are reachin’ the sky
Though I know much has changed
And the years have gone by
I see now that The Creek has run dry

Now I’m so far away,
I may never go back
Where the moss covered roots,
mark a well-beaten path
There a child once had played,
Til he wandered from home
Now he’s bound to a place…Where rivers do flow


Harvest Moon

Written By: Head for the Hills

Harvest Moon

I’ve been alone…
Without a girl to call my own
For far too long I’ve watched the seasons change
And I can’t change at all
I tend to roam….
The Rocky Hills that I call home
In search of somewhere I can sit and watch the last days of the fall


Harvest Moon…
I hear you singing out your lonesome tune
Telling’ me that colder days are coming soon
Harvest Moon…
I can hear your lonesome tune
And I know that colder days are coming soon

There ain’t no way…
That I’d be sitting here today
Without the boys in this here band to help my worries disappear
But I can’t stay…..
Darling’ I must be on way
For theres a train that I must catch to take me far away from here.


I’m on my own…
To walk the path that I’ve been shown
At least I‘ll walk the trail my family has been treading for so long
Now that I’m, grown
I tend to seed that I have sewn
And deal with past mistakes and learning to admit when I am wrong



"HEAD FOR THE HILLS (Self Titled)"
Released December 2009

"ROBBER'S ROOST"- Released February 2007

-Produced by Sally Van Meter
Special Guests Include: Todd Livingston, Sally Van Meter, and Ali Reppetti

Set List

Head for the Hill's repertoire consists of several original compositions as well as a list of traditional bluegrass compositions. Head for the Hills typically performs 2 set shows of progressive acoustic music. Their stylings and influences include traditional bluegrass, roots music, rock, folk, new grass, latin, and have been known to venture into hip-hop aka "Grass-Hop." The band is known for venturing into a multitude of eclectic covers that inspire audiences.