Headie Lemar

Headie Lemar


The most important thing to us is the music. We don't try to sound like anyone else but us. All members come from different music backgrounds and put them together to create music that travels from our hearts to our finger tips. We thrive on good energy.


First off, we come from a small town with no music scene. We're trying to spark a local revolution to get more people to play instruments and have fun. Music is the fuel of our lives and creating it is a beautiful thing. Each member's influences are different. Dan (guitar) has reggae flowing through his veins while Kevin (bass) has always been addicted to funk. Our drummer Adam has come from more of a rock background but can play just about any style. What sets us apart is our passion to play and entertain. All we want to do is make everybody feel good. We don't care about making money, all we want to do is play music for as many people as we can throughout our hopefully long music career.


Self Titled Demo (2007)

You can stream 3 of the 4 songs on our myspace music page. www.myspace.com/headielemar

Set List

Giant Panda
We're Here
About Face
Let it Go

Made Some Money, Bought Some Jerseys
As Will I
Funk Robot Machine
You Can't Kiss This (Eucalyptus)

We've only done one cover but wouldn't limit it to one style.