Headline Confidential is an original sounding mix of heavy guitar riffs, booming bass lines, incredible fast pace drumming and astonishing vocal melodies. We have been able to mix our various musical backgrounds and numerous influences into a unique sound that spans many different genres.


Headline Confidential is from Port Perry, Ontario. Working towards their own distinctive sounds, they have a range of influences, including Foo Fighters, Incubus, Muse, Killswitch Engage, Perfect Circle and Weezer to name just a few. All four members have come from different musical backgrounds but use this to their advantage in creating their own unique sound. All four members meet while in high school and have been practicing together for 3 years. They continue to write and rehearse while all attending different universities and play shows across Ontario whenever possible. They are in the mist of recording their debut EP at Utica Studios and hope to have a major release this summer.


Headline Confidential is currently working on an EP to be released this summer.

Set List

Headline Confidential's typical set list consists of opening with their original songs and then switches into playing a few covers; which vary depending on the audience. Our cover songs usual include a mix of classic rock (Jimmy Hendrix, Led Zeppelin…) with more contemporary artists included for variety (Weezer, Foo Fighters, Incubus…) Our sets vary in length usual averaging 45 minutes, but have been as high as several hours, depending on the that type of show and venue.