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"Cover Story"

Friday, November 2, 2007

Well-traveled performer gains following with unusual mix of musical styles

By Jamie Dexter

Chris Killian has split personalities.

We're talking Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde stuff here.

The singer, songwriter and musician began his career as an acoustic-guitar-carrying version of Mr. Hyde, crafting a CD of raunchy-yet-hilarious songs with subjects ranging from the show "Talk Sex with Sue Johannson" to finding out a lady's baby may not be your own.

"When it comes to comedy songs, it's all about shock factor," Killian said. "In serious music, people can find comfort in the same chorus over and over, but with comedy it's like telling a joke-- you have to come up with new lyrics to keep the joke rolling."

His formula for music hilarity has landed him gigs at Zanies in Nashville and Comedy Zone in Knoxville, among other venues.

"It's pretty raunchy," Killian said. "If you're under 18 you might not want to venture (to his Myspace page)."

While the music he played at comedy venues showed the lighter side to life, Killian was also working on songs that he described as "journal entries."

This is where the Dr. Jekyll version comes in. Welcome Headphones & Hindsight

"I write about things that have happened to me and emotions I felt so strongly about that just thinking about it doesn't do it for me," Killian said, noting the therapeutic value of his music.

His songs address everything from the bliss of love to Killian's emotional state after his father passed away.

"That was very therapeutic," Killian said of writing about his father. "It helped me get through things and sort my feelings out on the situation."


At first Killian was afraid to share his serious, emotional songs.

"When writing comedy, it's like, people can laugh at it or not like it, and it's OK, because it's just a joke," Killian said. "But with my serious music, I'm showing you an honest piece of myself, and when people don't like that, it sucks."

But with a little support and prodding from his friends, and encouragement that the songs he was creating were good, he decided to share them on Myspace.

His comedy Myspace has around 6,000 or 7,000 friends and has been up for around seven months, but Killian says he's gained much more support for his serious music which he dubs, "Headphones and Hindsight." It's now up to around 13,000 friends.

Plus, he says, he receives e-mails and comments praising his music and asking for more songs.

"People have written to say they enjoy it, and that they can relate to it. If it's something they're listening to in order to get through a situation, that means the world to me," Killian said.


Killian took his serious music to local venues such as the Ice House Cafe, High Notes, and Club 24/7, and over the summer he toured to Louisiana, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Kentucky and Georgia.

He's taken time off from live music to re-record some of his music in higher definition so he can release an EP around December, but Killian said he's in talks to play at some other clubs in the mean time.

Killian said he's available for local shows as well.

"I write music that if you listen closely enough to the lyrics, hopefully you can get something out of them," Killian said. "But at the same time, if you want to turn it down and flirt with someone-- well, I want to make good background music as well."

- The Leaf Chronicle


"The World on Display" EP

Coming Summer 2008.



Coming out of Nashville, TN, Headphones & Hindsight is the solo project of Chris Killian. The band name, a play on words, implies a deeper connection that music supplies. Utilizing soft acoustic riffs layered with piano melodies and subtle synthesizers mixed with deeply personal and often clever lyrics, Headphones & Hindsight is the kind of soft rock music that can completely change your mood from one song to the next. Chris’ music touches on everything you can imagine from love to loneliness to ironic humor. After several years of honing his skills, Headphones & Hindsight has been released for mass consumption.