Headphones & Hindsight

Headphones & Hindsight


Soft Rock on the rocks. A unique sound that some people have claimed reminds them of "what would happen if Jack Johnson and The Fray had a love child..."


Coming out of Nashville, TN, Headphones & Hindsight is the solo project of Chris Killian. The band name, a play on words, implies a deeper connection that music supplies. Utilizing soft acoustic riffs layered with piano melodies and subtle synthesizers mixed with deeply personal and often clever lyrics, Headphones & Hindsight is the kind of soft rock music that can completely change your mood from one song to the next. Chris’ music touches on everything you can imagine from love to loneliness to ironic humor. After several years of honing his skills, Headphones & Hindsight has been released for mass consumption.


You Don't Even Know

Written By: Chris Killian

I got a premonition girl ya know I speak the truth
I already saw your birthday suit, no reason to lie to you
Your hair's in your face, your arms around my waist
I'm telling you I think you've got a hell of an embrace

And you've got olive eyes
The coolest I've ever seen
Swirls of gold mixed with green
You don't even know what ya doin' to me

You don't even know...
You don't even know...

So I think I hear thunder girl, let's go outside
We'll play in the water that falls from the sky
But we don't wanna catch a chill so let's go back in
And we'll dry each other off with the friction of our skin
-- And you look so adorable
Words can't begin to explain
The thrill of seeing you underneath my sheets
Feels so good it starts to feel like pain

We've totally got enough inside jokes a plenty to last us through the afternoon
And when ya stay the night the morning's gonna come to soon

You say your fallin' hard I hoped that ya would
Your the only one that can turn my bad days into good
I hope you don't mind but your like my caffeine
Our lips are too far apart if there's any air in-between

So come a little closer, don't make me come to you
We can be little sweet, be a little taboo
I'll tell a million jokes just to hear one laugh
You know we've got it good when others are jealous of what we have



Written By: Chris Killian

I'm singing this soft, I hope it is okay.
So slide closer to me if you want to hear what I say.
About you and me and how everything's taken shape.
Time spent with you is like time that seems to escape.

As soft as your sheets
I'll cradle you underneath
My name on the tip of your tongue
My skin in between your teeth, you make me--

I'm so lost

Issues we've got and everything they confine.
Well they all disappear when we quote our favorite movie lines.
So we'll go for a ride and enjoy a cigarette.
Turn on a song and we'll make it a duet.


Glide into me, push and pull
Treat me like an animal
Use your lips to calm my nerves
And I'll use my fingertips to map out every one of your curves.


I'm singing this soft, I hope it is okay.
So slide closer to me if you want to hear what I say.


Written By: Chris Killian

Chapter one- Lots of fun
But it was over way too soon

Chapter two- Sang for you
Opened your heart with your favorite tunes

And I have seen your tears drop down like water from a leaky faucet
I know it's hard when it's so easy to give up when you're exhausted

What about the fact that I can't sleep when you're not next to me
If you go, oh how we'll both be sorry
And what about the times that we spend telling each other our secrets
And if you go that'll be the end of our story

Chapter three, the memories
Of interstates or skinny dipping

Chaper four is kind of sore
The first time that I felt us slipping

Live with my faults, I'll live with yours and we can meet a compromise
Our friends all say this don't seem right-
Me with other girls and you with other guys


What about all those movies we watched in my room late at night?
All those couples had happy endings after the 2nd Act fight
Yeah he's standing in the rain, or she's leaving on a train
And he's running through this crowd while he's screaming out her name

And we could be like them.


Written By: Chris Killian

Sitting outside Nashville
I wish it would snow
I'm tempted to take an all night train ride to down town Chicago

January, You're here
What took you so long
I've had to carry on my shoulders,
everything that has turned out wrong

The year's disappeared so here's my goodbye
To December tears
I hope January smiles...

Circles and stripes
I've worn them before
Leave me stripes on my back, I'll keep coming back for more

'Cause life's been scary
It's keepin' me on my knees
January, I beg you
For your opportunities

Sitting outside Nashville
Selfishly, I want it to snow
If it starts, then God listened
And that'd be so nice to know

The year's disappeared so here's my goodbye
To December tears, we took them with stride
This new year starts you over, let's make it worthwhile
I'll tell you nothin' is bad forever and let Janurary smile
We'll count down this clock together/ Let's make January smile

You ask me to reach down inside
Pull out these emotions you claim that I hide
Stare at nothing into the cold night
Watch your breath escape with these lyrics you recite--


Oh Well

Written By: Chris Killian

I hear my footsteps echo across the pavement
This streetlamp has become my best friend.
Forgoing this conclusion/ This illusion
Is a magic trick that I can't comprehend

Behind my back, I hear you whisper my name
And I turn around to see
Nobody standing there/ Your exactly where
I knew that you wouldn't be

Oh well
Oh well...
Oh well...

In the back of my closet sits a box
Where I pull out an old t-shirt to see if it still has your scent
The smell is so faint/ It makes me ashamed
Losing memories of you, and I don't know where they've went

So how do I keep this scar from covering any more of my skin?
This stranger in the shadows I can't seem to shake
A loss I can not lose/ A choice I can not choose
Close my eyes because I have nightmares when I'm awake


So she sings her song to me
With such a grace I find it comforting,
It almost makes this pain inviting

Is this where I'm to be?
Have I forgotten where I come from?
I'm just a shell of what I wanted to become


Written By: Chris Killian

Your smile is infectious, it's my favorite thing to see
That's how I know you're not feeling well
If you've got a secret you need somebody to keep
There's not a soul alive that I would ever tell

I don't have much money, in fact, I am quite broke
But it's free to see that lately you feel so trapped
People say they will, but they never really do
Don't pride yourself on how well you adapt

'Cause we've got--


The world on display
We've got highway
And if you want to leave this place, we don't have to stay

Gas prices are crazy, so I need you to come
And split this thing down the middle with me
Strangers will hear our accents and they'll guess where we are from
We'll tell them anywhere but we used to be

Put a blind finger on the map to see where we should go
I've always wanted to walk down Bourbon Street
And when we get tired of hearing the new songs on the radio
My iPod's got Purple Rain on repeat



I feel this place bringing you down
You keep your fists clenched with a smile on your face,
And you don't deserve to be left out
So like Alcatraz baby, we'll plan our escape

Because we've got--


Cheerup Damn It

Written By: Chris Killian

Cheer-up damn it

I know it's cliche'
But don't let him turn your blue skies into gray
He should be sprayed with mace
For taking that smile off of your pretty face
Don't worry hot stuff,
He's not hard to replace

Cheer-up damn it

Keep those eyes dry
Take the corners of your lips and point 'em up to the sky
I don't mean to be bold, I don't mean to imply
Just take a listen to my advice,
And it's not that hard to tell him goodbye

Cheer-up damn it

Don't let your heart sink
I've got ice cream and Pretty in Pink
And we'll watch that movie 'til you no longer think
About that putz, no ifs, ands, or butts
And if you like baby, we will drink

Cheer-up damn it

That's how it goes,
Sometimes the assholes they become exposed
But it's his loss, I guarantee
It's not like I have personal expertise
But I think he's got homosexual tendencies


Oh cheer-up -
Don't cry - Don't waste anymore tears on that guy
Tonight we're gonna take a night on the town
And get that frown upside down

So cheer-up
And smile, if not for you then for me
It makes my days to see your pearly whites gleam

So cheer-up damn it

I know that it's corny
But there are a million fish in that sea
And one of those fishes, yeah he could be me
I'd love to put the smile back on your face
I'd really love to take his place


"The World on Display" EP

Coming Summer 2008.

Set List

Typical set length 45 min - 1 hour. Can play up to an hour and 30 minutes of original material. 2 hours with a few covers thrown in.

Songs may include:

-- You Don't Even Know (on Myspace)
-- Ghostgirl (on Myspace)
-- January
-- FLA
-- Cheerup, Damn it
-- My Amsterdam (on Myspace)
-- Save It For the Fireplace
-- Chapters
-- Tonight's Almost Over
-- Stubborn
-- Quietly
-- Oh Well
-- Everything's Good
-- Love Poem
-- Highway
-- Amanda Jean

[Songs sometimes covered by H&H]

-- "Nothing Compares 2 U" by Prince
-- "Faith" by George Michaels
-- "I'm Like a Bird" by Nelly Furtado
-- "Come Undone" by Duran, Duran
-- "Green Eyes" by Coldplay
-- "What I Got" by Sublime, and MORE...

This set changes per show and is edited to fit time needed for particular shows.