Head ResiNators (formerly ResiNation)
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Head ResiNators (formerly ResiNation)

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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Baltimore City Paper"

Thanks to the all-beats, no-filler approach espoused by labels such as Definitive Jux and Anticon, underground hip-hop is as low-fi as old Crypt Records albums. It creates a kind of auditory claustrophobia, sounding like it was made in a small room with one microphone stuck in the bottom of a megaphone. And it, at first, was a fine and even dandy 180-turn from blingtatstic hip-hop pop, but the esthetic hasn't been able to grow as MCs have become more confident, talented, and inventive.
Fortunately, producer/DJ t.E.C..K! has his ideas about how underground hip-hop can sound. The beat-master behind Educated Consumers, t.E.C.K! proves himself an even more versatile rhythm juggler on ReziNation's Forbidden Fruit Creates Many Jams. This duo--with MC K-Cromozone, an agile rhyme-sayer with a nice feel for playing with and off beats--travels in the sort of deep-down groove and astro-soul glides that Madlib kicks out for Quasimoto and Lootpack, finely layering touches of high-end samples and accents that make the low-end throb contagious. It's a style that allows ResiNation--yes, it's most definitely a play on "resin"--to kick out stumbling, streetwalking blues grooves ("2-22z"), discombobulating disses of movie folk play-acting musicians ("Actors"), prowling pulses spiced with a flamenco flava ("MADD"), and the ingenious beat-box meeting a cappella backing voices ("MAXImum"). And like Quasimoto, ResiNation can bounce from serious subjects to unabashed silliness without batting an eye, making an album that feels as casual and of its time as early Pharcyde.
- Review by Bret McCabe

"Some Reviews of the Big Noise 12""

KPWR/Sirius Satellite - Truly OdD - Los Angeles, CA (Commercial Station)
“I like it....beat is tight...rhymes are tight...recorded well. I’m rollin!”

KSSU - Susie - Sacramento, CA (Sacramento State University)
“A very solid bunch of songs from Resination. This has been getting a lot spins around the station.”

KXJM - DJ Juggernaut - Portland, OR (Commercial Station)
“I’m on the Resination project for my underground show. This is my first time hearing them and I definitely like!”
- Various Radio Stations

"More Reviews of the Big Noise 12""

KZSU - DJ Cikee - Stanford, CA (Stanford University)
“I like this one. Funky. Fits my show perfectly.”

QUAKE - Earthquake - Seattle, WA (Internet Station)
“This is quality shit. I like the overall sound. They got some lyrics for sure.”

WBAI - Emskee - New York, NY (Community Station)
“All of the joints on RN 12’s and the CDs are fire!!! I’ll be running these cats joints heavy for sure. Good lookin out!!!”
- Various Radio Stations

"Even More Talk about Big Noise"

WMSE - Aaron Wade - Milwaukee, WI (Milwaukee School of Engineering)
“THIS is DOPE! I love this record! I’ve played it 4 weeks in a row. The cut is “Dome Resinators”. THAT’S my selection. This is one of those rare dope-ass good ole hip hop records that fly in outta NO WHERE and BLAM! Hit’s you in the head. I’m taking FULL credit for discovering this in the Midwest baby! HEAT! Heavy rotation!”

WKNC - Resident - Raleigh, NC (North Carolina State University)
“A solid three track single...one of my favor pieces right now and yet another solid effort from Verizum...three dope tracks and my favorite is Dome Resinators...good emcee talents and production.”

WXJM - Tyler Cash - Harrisonburg, VA (James Madison University)
“Plenty of spins on this one. We support this DC area crew.”
- Various Radio Stations


2002 – ResiNation – Forbidden Fruits Create Many Jams (Modular Moods)

2006 – ResiNation – I Got Jerked! The MixTape Album CD

2006 – ResiNation – “Big Noise” 12” Single (VerIzUm Records) #2 on RapAttackLives.com July 31st, 2006

The ResigNation of ResiNation (Spring 2008)

Guest Appearances:

2000 – Educated Consumers – self-titled CD

2002 – Educated Consumers – Aisle 2 (Modular Moods)

2004 – TK – “We Don’t Care” 12” Single (KaosKorner Recordings) #2 on RapAttackLives.com November 22nd , 2004

2005– Old School Vendetta – Waste Management (KaosKorner Recordings / VerIzUm Records)

2006 – Educated Consumers – “Steal” 12” Single (VerIzUm Records) 2 on RapAttackLives.com April 24th, 2006

2006 – Mars Ill – “Dog-Eared Page” On Pro*Pain CD (Goatee Records)

2007 – Educated Consumers – “Write/Hear” (VerIzUm Records)



This group makes good hip-hop because they KNOW good hip-hop. Students of the game brought to the forefront by a string of random events that, when strung together, form a collage of montages with facades on all sides of the infinite box stashed away in the garage. (aka The group was formed in 2000.)