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Washinton D.C.'s most revered, prolific, and respected Hip-Hop Artist and music visionary!


For over the past ten years Head-Roc’s name has consistently been a function of what is widely regarded as the best that DC Hip-Hop has to offer! Dubbed “The Mayor” of the DC Hip-Hop scene, Head-Roc over the course of his career has come to embody the passions, hopes, and dreams of a wonderfully talented and blatantly overlooked DC metropolitan area Hip-Hop community. Head-Roc’s unparalleled ability to reach music lovers across a wide spectrum of tastes put him on par with longtime established national recording artist in both music creation and live performance.

Debuting on the scene in 1993, Head-Roc quickly established a dominating presence amongst his peers by participating in countless open mike nights and showcases the DC Metro region of that era. At a time when free styling was the single most effective way to prove your self as an MC, Head-Roc became one of the most revered, loved, and feared in the Nation’s Capitol. In 1994 Head-Roc became one of the founding members of the DC super group/collective Infinite Loop, undoubtedly DC’s native son Hip-Hop favorites once boasting a roll call of almost 20 members. As a member of Infinite Loop, Head-Roc was largely responsible for the groups rise to the top of DC’s Hip-Hop elite by coordinating Infinite Loop’s unquestioned artistic genius and live performance notoriety with its business goals and aspirations as a collective. In 1999, Head-Roc orchestrated Infinite Loop’s debut EP recording release “First Contact” officially cementing Infinite Loop as local legend heroes dedicated to delivering DC Hip-Hop to a national audience. One of Infinite Loop’s greatest achievements was being the headline act as part of an all DC Hip-Hop billed performance night at the world-renowned 9:30 club in their native Washington, DC – without being signed to a label or recieving any support from cooperate mainstream DC radio!

Along with being a member of Infinite Loop, Head-Roc also graced many hallowed stages as a part of without question one of the most heralded live bands in the DC Metropolitan Area: Three Levels of Genius (3LG). As a member of 3LG, Head-Roc’s music creation and performance education expanded beyond the margins of classic underground Hip-Hop. With a sound incorporating the perfect mix of Funk, Rock, Jazz, and Swing, 3LG’s music appealed to more than just Hip-Hop listeners. As member of 3LG, Head-Roc has graced stages alongside music legends ranging from The Roots and Run DMC, to Buckshot LeFonque, Bernie Worell (Parliament) and 2 Skinny J’s. Naturally appealing to music lovers across cultural preferences earned 3LG The Washington Area Music Association’s “Best Hip-Hop Group” award fours years in a row (’97–’00) and Head-Roc produced and performed one of three featured Emcees.

Last year Head-Roc released “The Return of Black Broadway” (the prophesized follow up to 2002’s ‘A Prelude to: The Return of Black Broadway’) to rave reviews eventually propelleling it to the #2 spot on both the Rapattack.com Top 30 and Rapnetworks.com Record Breakers charts (summer ’04). Head-Roc toured Europe and the U.S. West Coast being interviewed, appearing on radio stations, and delivering life changing performances in ’04 promoting “The Return of Black Broadway” which earned him the 2005 WAMA Hip-Hop Album of the Year honors. While The Head-Roc War Machine (Head-Roc feat. Noyeek The Grizzly Bear and Dj Eurok) wowed progressive audiences with high impact energetic performances making everyone ever to witness Head-Roc in concert BELIEVERS – setting the perfect stage on which to release Head-Roc’s sophomore solo effort “NEGROPHOBIA!”

Head-Roc’s “NEGROPHOBIA!”, released independently through www.head-roc.com, is an 11 song masterpiece of exquisite rhyme and rhythm that addresses attitudes of complacency towards people of color. In this current era where once again allied Western Nations wage and support war to establish democracy in foreign lands, Head-Roc, a Washington, D.C. native where citizens right to vote in Congress is denied, reminds us all of the ultimate social, economic, and political signature outcomes of the Imperialists agenda! Devoid of self the righteous preachy ness typically characteristic of an album of this nature, “NEGROPHOBIA!” is a classic must have for everyone fed up with cooperate influence in music creation today!


Head-Roc - "NEGROPHOBIA!" (2005)

Head-Roc - The Return of Black Broadway (2004)

Radio CPR -Begin Live Transmission Compilation CD (2003 Dischord Records)

Head-Roc - A Prelude to: The Return of Black Broadway (2002)

Infinite Loop - First Contact (1999)

Three Levels of Genius - Live at State of the Union (1996)

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Lord God in Heaven
World Premiere
Cris Coumbus
Bob Marley
It's Too Late
Breath of Fresh Air
This is DC
Bernard Hopkins
Speak To Us
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