Chicago, Illinois, USA

CONTACT: 708-510-1776 May 21, Cal's Chicago, May 23, Riverside Arts Walk, June 19, Block Party, Oak Park, Oct. 2nd Houby Festival, Berywn/Cicero


When Courtney Love still wore a training bra, Jean Lotus formed Chicago's legendary all-girl punk band Barbie Army. 20 years later, Heather (the H Girl) Cunningham formed all-girl rockers The Catchlorettes. Can the world withstand so much female rock greatness? Gary Vacha played drums and toured with Pravda Records' The Farmers. Art Kubin drummed for the fabulous Returnables.
Today, Headspins play catchy, catchy, catchy three-minute harmony-drenched guitar songs. The band was recently featured in the Chicago Sun Times. (See "Press").

Members have played Taste of Chicago, Cabaret Metro, The Vic, The Riviera, Schubas and many other rock clubs, festivals and block parties in Chicagoland.

We play two 30-minute sets of originals and tasteful covers by bands such as The Muffs, The Church, R.E.M., Cheap Trick and Kiss.


Headspins streaming radio on www.path.com
MP3s available for download on www.headspinsrock.com

Barbie Army, The Girls of Slender Means red vinyl EP, Ballbuster Records
The Farmers, Flames of Love, Pravda Records
The Farmers, Volcano, Flying Fish Records
the Returnables, Jettison Records
The Returnables, Dirtnap Records

Set List

We play two 30-minute sets of originals and tasteful covers

1. Star of the Show
2. Comb Your Hair
3. Outer Space
4. Probably
5. Surrender
6. My Way or the Highway
7. Unguarded Moment
9. Diana Vogel-Ogelman
10. Fallen Down
11. University Blvd
12. End of the Line
13. Superman

1. Baby Go Round
2. Vivian
3. Perfect Obsession
4. Count Your Blessings
5. Love Is Confusion
6. New World
7. Forgiven
8. King of the Night Time World