Green Bay, Wisconsin, USA

HEADSTONE is its own band. A unique blend of different rock music coined "BUZZ ROCK". HEADSTONE puts on a high energy, entertaining and original live show that rivals any other band on the scene. The live show and music speaks for itself.


Based in Appleton, WI, HEADSTONE began its road in 2002. A decade later, HEADSTONE continues to deliver high energy performances and remains true to their rock, thrash, punk, and metal roots. The live show by HEADSTONE is one of the best around.

HEADSTONE has written, recorded, and released five albums. Twelve songs from these albums have ranked #1 out of 1000's of songs on the Soudclick internet charts.

HEADSTONE has performed with Megadeth, Disturbed, Machinehead, Anthrax, Testament, Lynch Mob, The Art of Dying, Death Angel and Nonpoint, as well as many local acts including notables Profane, Candy Machine Guns, Evoked, Lead and Beyond Fate.

The current lineup is Shane Keddell on vocals, Jeremy White on bass, Jazmyne Zak on drums, and Eric Bevers on guitar.

HEADSTONE is on the way to the top!
CONTACT Shane @ (920)707-0952


Evaporationg Time


Time flows on in the atmosphere, one direction is always clear. In time you know there is no rewind, theres no turning back the time. Time flows forward on down the track, you know theres never no turning back. One thing I have known all along, all time passes on like a song.



5 self released Albums
An Ounce of Headstone 4/20/2003
Buzz Rock for the Modern Stonehead 10/31/2004
The Joint Chief of Stash 10/31/2007
Four 4/20/2008
The Higher Power 10/31/2010

"What Do you Want from Me?" MADE #1 on RIFF RAFF RADIO's TOP 10 REQUESTS in its first week on the station and received radio play on The Fox 96.9 WI. Also this song ranked #1 for well over 2 months on the soundclick.com internet charts.

Other songs we placed on the soundclick internet charts to rank #1 include :
"The High Life"
"Rats Ass"
"My Sweet Dream"
"Abort Mission Overload"
"dooG sI toP"
"Bong Mission"
"The Naked Being (Get Naked And Fall)"
"The Last Word"

Set List

We have over 3 hours of music that we can play. The set is almost entirely made of our own material including our 5 albums worth of songs, new songs and free jams! We try to play as many favorites as we can for the crowd. Our set can include our 10 #1 internet songs and a number of other fan favorites. Our band has been asked to do everything from a 20 minute opener to a multi-hour headliner.