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"The Deli Magazine"

"Ya know that mini-movement where two bands record a few tracks each, but release all the material together on one EP? You'd swear from the distinctively different male and female lead vocal styles that it happened in this Heads Up Display CD. Interesting choice. There is one tip-off, however: a dark and heavy 80s thread running throughout the actual music. With moody, looming and sometimes explosive indie-rock melodies, they've inspired me to reach for my Afghan Whigs and Sonic Youth records yet again. They aren't replicas or anything - just reminiscent. This kind of nostalgia is damn good for the soul."
- Denise Miller
The Deli Magazine - The Deli Magazine

"Sugarspun Records"

On their debut EP “Stethoscope”, New York City's Heads Up Display juxtapose quirky slacker rock with shimmering power pop. Their sound meshes Pre-Emo and Canadian indie, occupying a space somewhere between Pinkerton and the post-You Forgot it in People landscape of eclectic modern rock. You can hear the band's vigorous dynamics in the urgent ‘Stunt Double’ and the shrieking ‘Sailboat.’ The highlight of the record is the sparse yet masterful closing track, "The Long Ride Home." It's a soulful 5AM comedown with Kat Lee as chanteuse hauntingly lamenting over and over again 'you won't come home tonight’.'"
-John Darcy,Sugarspun Records, Inc.
- John Darcy


BC Record Compilation (2003)
The Red Tape EP (2002)
We're Ready To Believe You (2003)
Stethoscope (2006)



Taquitos and Lone Star Beer. Ponies in Sailboats. Karaoke in Minivans. Heads Up Display spent its last tour collecting video of small loud places with cheap beer and wide open spaces on the way to the next gig. While the band certainly owes a debt to the cultural institutions that grew them up, their songs weave a thread through all the latest toys and tastes available in independent rock music. On stage, Heads Up Display, lets fly in a dynamic sense, more synonymous with orchestral music, yet still within the grasp of accessibility that post-rock sometimes denies. The band plays a waltz to keep people dancing. Then will lay out a post-punk welcome mat before tossing in a grunge ridden couch crash.