We bring it. Tight, rythmic, and melodic music behind strong meaninful lyrics. We write music that means something to us and connects with the people that hear it.


Take it and like it Milwaukee! One of southeastern Wisconsin’s hottest bands is back with a new name, new members and a new CD. HeadWork, formerly known as Bastard Sun, is tighter than ever as they introduce their new CD entitled; Scar. In-your-face front man, Steven Paul, returns along with guitarist Shawn Manz (King Gun), bassist Josh Linstedt (Dirty Sanchez) and seasoned drummer Corey Becker. Tie in the addition of young guitarist Tony Carranza (Nialation), and you have the making for one hell of a sound!
Backed by ass-rippin’ lyrics, “I’m stealing your girl tonight” guitar riffs and ball-busting beats, HeadWork jumps back into the scene attracting new fans and satisfying the appetites of those who have remained loyal over the past five years. Not only has this band put in the time, but they have put on the miles, as their impressive track record boasts over thirty venues from LaCrosse to Burbank, Illinois, and over one hundred shows. Add in a few appearances at The Rave and a live acoustic interview with Scott Osborne (94.1JJO) on Milwaukee’s Rock 102.1, and it’s clear to see why these boys prove to be local favorites time and time again.
Driven by rage and fueled by their love for music, HeadWork’s performances leave fans with nothing but a shortness of breath. If top-notch vocals surrounded by a tempered rhythm sounds like a prescription for a good time, check this band out. However, please come at your own risk, you make walk away with one more Scar than you came with.


Scar, released in 2005 is Headworks first CD. Currently it is being spun on Madison's 94.1 JJO, Milwaukee's Rock 102.1, and Appleton/Oshkosh's 96.9 The Fox.

Set List

Our typical set is around 45 minutes, although we have played as long as 2 hours. We will vary our sets depending on the venue and choose the music accordingly, with originals always the primary focus.


Break Away
Search for Sanity
Don't Look at Me
Ass Face


Locomotive Breath (Jethro Tull)
Unsung (Helmet)
Bodies (Drowning Pool)
Dead Man (Union Underground)
Whatever (Godsmack)
Push It (Static X)
Endure (Nonpoint)
Valentine (Big Dumb Dick)
Queen of Self (Naych)
Rebel Yell (Billy Idol)

*Additional Songs are added/ rotated on a regular basis.