The Heard

The Heard

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Electro Alien Hip-Hop. We fuse all different genres of music including, funk, reggae, jazz, blues and house with a constant Hip-Hop/Electronic overtone.


The Heard is an Electro Alien Hip-Hop group currently hailing in Chicago. The five core members comprise composers with multi-genre experience, a menagerie of rapping styles, and some of the best young jazz musicians in Chicago. The plan is to give listeners a musical experience which can carry them through the present and into the future, equipped with the necessary tools to maintain a positive mindscape. The Heard hosts Hip-Hop showcases in Chicago, and has developed a reputation as a catalyst for new directions in the Chicago music scene. With eclectic fashion and high-energy live performances, The Heard’s fan base continues to grow and extend. The recent signing to Springfield, Missouri’s own DC-Jam Records is breaking new ground for the quintet’s plan to innovate the future of music. With tours, an LP, and explosive energy on their side, The Heard is coming.


Genesis - Debut Album
Other Tracks on Myspace and website.
Available on over 600 radio stations nationally

Set List

Set lists change. Song Names: Interplanetary hip-hop, Electricity, Get that lovin on, Moonshine, Shake Butt, Going Down, Dr. Diglow, Love the Way, Ro Sham Bo, Time to shine, Fresh, The Showdown, Ya HEARD, Keep on Rockin, Digital Demetia, The Bounce, Push Pop, Cant Touch This, Fructocious, Its Really Quite Simple, My Life, Lady Pimp, Word Maze, Wood Chuck, Low Down, Twilight alibi, StereoHEARD, Organic Soul, Officially Gone, Last Thoughts, The BreakDOWN, Deep Dark Spaces,

We Cover Bob Marley and Led Zeppelin