Mariane Paradise

Mariane Paradise


The music of Marianne Paradise is a sound of the music from the heart, tribal and multi cultural rythhms and alot of spiritual lyrics...about life, love and Soul...The INNER LIGHT


The music of Hearing Paradise is the sound of the searching...the voice from within and the feeling of heart in the journey to knowing the Divine within...


Daughter of Victory

Written By: Marianne Paradise

A Daughter Of Israel
from Jeremiah 14:17

Let My Eyes Stream With Tears
Day And Night, Night And Day
Without Rest, Without Rest…

This Is The Virgin Daughter Of Israel
Who Call This Prayer Put To You, To You

Do You Remember Zion?
Yes, You Know Me Oh So Well..
We Wait For Peace A Time Of Healing
For We Know What We Have Done Against You

Is It Not You Alone Oh Lord, My Jah
To Whom We Look You Alone
Who Have Done All These Things?

I Will Console You O’ Jerusalem…
Woe Unto Me O’ Mother, That You Gave Me Birth
Remember Me Lord, Within Me
Because I Bare Your Name
I Stand In Your Presence..

You Shall Be My Mouth Piece Saith The Lord
My Strength, My Fortress My Refuge
In The Days Of Distress
To You Nations Will Come From The Ends Of The Earth
They Shall Know My Name Is The Lord
Blessed Is The One Who Trusts In The Lord
Whose Hope Is The Lord
He Is Like A Tree Planted Beside The Waters
Of A Still Stream
Stretch Out Your Roots To The Stream
And Fear Not The Heat, Jah Leaves Stay Green
In The Year Of Drought It Shows No Distress And Still Bares Fruit
There’s Nothing More Tortuous Than The Human Heart,
Who Can Understand It?
I, The Lord, Alone, Search The Mind And Test The Heart
Rewarding Everyone According To Their Merit

No Image

Written By: Marianne Paradise

No Image

Worship No Image In Stone
I Am Here Within

All The Saints Have Known
This Place Inside To Live

Believe! Can You Hear Me
I Am Talking To You..

It’s A Mind Set, A Vibration
A Consciousness Emanation
Let It Open, Into You
Let Be Opened Within You

No Longer Can You Deny
No Longer Can You Hide
Remember I Said Ye Are Gods
And What You’ll Do Is Great

Believe! Can You Hear Me
I’m Talking To You..
Do Ya Do Ya Doo Doo Do Ya Do Ya
Do Ya Do Ya Doo Doo Do Ya

My Word

Written By: Marianne Paradise

My Words

Woe To The One Who Leads My People Away
Woe To The Shepard Who Leads My People Astray

My Heart Trembles, It Feels Broken
To Hear These Words Of My Lord
In My Very House They Have Gathered Speaking Unwise
In My Very House These False Prophets In My Disguise

I Didn’t Send Them, I Haven’t Spoken
Yet They Claim Unto Me

In Time All Will Be Revealed
In Time You Will See

My Word Moves Both Heaven And Earth
My Word Is The Fire Of Rebirth


has demo's and music catolog of over 300 original songs...

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