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Heartache And Bloodloss

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The best kept secret in music


"HARDCORE> live from San Pedro"

By Mama K Beilby

Ricardo - guitar
ERIC - drums
TONY - bass/vocals
VICTOR - vocals
JOEL - guitar/vocals

AIM: How did Heartache and Bloodloss become a band?

Eric: Me and Joel just wanted to start a band a long time ago and I told him to give me six months to get good at my drumming. And then after that, we asked Tony if he wanted to play bass cause his band at the time wasn't really going anywhere. Then a week after that we actually had our practice and started writing our first song.

AIM: So BAM - you wanted to be a band and you did it, no bullshit.

HAB: Yeah, basically.

AIM: I looked through your MySpace page and you guys said that The Cure was one of your influences, how so?

Joel: Well, we all like The Cure, we enjoy their music, emotionally and instrumentally. We like to cry (laughs), sometimes. So that's why we listed them as an influence.

AIM: Well, that leads me to my next question, what's with the name, Heartache and Bloodloss? Sounds so emo.

Tony: It popped into my head because we were all going through a tough time with family and girlfriend issues. So it has kind of a lot to do with the songs that we were writing. And I realized, "Man, we've got a lot of problems," and that's what me and joel were always singing about so i came up with Bloodloss and Heartache, and Eric just switched it around and we became, Heartache and Bloodloss.

AIM: So where are you guys from?

HAB: All of us are from San Pedro. We're a Harbor area band.

AIM: Can you name all of the bands that you've played with?

HAB: We've already played with a lot of bands, mostly local. We've played with Hawthorne Heights, Embrace Today, Adair, Calico System, Nevea Tears, The Warriors, just to name a few.

AIM: If you could play with any band, what band would it be?

Joel: I don't know.
Ricardo: ummmm...
Eric: The Deftones
Tony: strangely, I don't know why - Depeche Mode
Victor: AC/DC

AIM: Where do you wanna go with Heartache?

HAB: To Mars

AIM: So you guys aren't going for rockstar status here?

Eric: It would be nice to stay underground but if it came to that point to "sell out" I guess, I think we'd do it. I mean, who wouldn't? I think everybody would actually go to that point if they had the chance to.

AIM: Yeah, I mean, you spend so much time with this, you might as well, you know?

HAB: Yeah, as long as we can live off doing this - it's great.

AIM: Favorite show memory?

HAB: Alan hardcore danceing. he said he wouldn't dance for us unless we were headlining a show or the Glass House.
Ricardo: But one night, we were just having a great show and things were sounding good and then I see Alan hardcore dancing and I just start laughing.
Tony: He hates it with a passion, he thinks it is the most disgusting thing ever so it was nice to see him do it regardless of his hatred.

AIM: Favorite Heartache song?

Eric: Green Eyes
Ricardo: Yeah, the bum song.

AIM: Is it a song about a bum?

Ricardo: No! We were just walking around and we see this bum and he comes up to us and said that he played with Deep Purple and then he said that we had to name a song after him, Green Eyes.
Joel: Yeah, I have to say Green Eyes is my favorite song cause we spent a lot of time on that song.

AIM: I also saw on your website that you guys value friendship, first and foremost. What does friendship mean to you?

Ricardo: Friendship to me means, us - we are pretty much like brothers.
Eric: Friendship to me is like everything: your second family. For one, bands usually don't last if you get someone from the outside. But if friends get together and form a band, it usually lasts a long time.

AIM: I don't know about that. Sometimes it just doesn't work out and you fight -

Eric: yeah, sometimes we fight, but we have this bond together and makes it a little stronger
Joel: we work together, we see each other everyday so...

AIM:Where do you guys work?

Joel: we work at KOHLS.

AIM: I see.

Tony: I think friendship is what people live off of. Because without it, I think people would just crack. You need friends to talk to and alleviate stress, you know? And having lots of friends is good because each one of your friends has a different remedy, a different cure for whatever problem you might have. And pretty much that is why we are all still in this band because no matter how angry we get -
Joel: -we still love each other.

AIM: And you Victor?

Victor: Pretty much the same thing.
Joel: Friendship is when you get so angry at one another and you want to beat each other's heads in but then when you see each other the next day, you forget all about it. That's real friendship.

AIM: Is there anything else that you'd like to add or you want people to know about your band, besides the fact that you're not straightedge?

Eric: Pretty much we are doing this because it's what we want to do, we play this music because we like it, we're not playing because of the scene and because it's whats "in". We don't really care about what people have to say about us, if they like us then that's great, if they don't oh well. We'll be upset but not for long.
Joel: and we're not assholes. So many people think we're assholes but we're really nice guys.
Tony: So don't be afraid to come up and talk to us.

AIM: This question is from Alan, who is the sexiest guy in the band?

HAB: RICARDO! Just look at him! He doesn't put anything in his hair, it's just naturally straight! (laughs)

AIM: Alright guys, thank you so much. you guys DO rock hard as balls!!

*UPDATE: Eric is no longer in the band due to circumstances only Heartache and Bloodloss can explain. The new drummer goes by Mike, the Italian Stallion.
Also, Victor will no longer be the singer as of May. He will be moving somewhere far far away from San Pedro. - Ad Infinitum Magazine


Demo - 2004 - Heartache and Bloodloss
EP - 2006 - The Night That Never See's The Day


Feeling a bit camera shy


When you hear that a band is filled with five Latinos then you assume that they are a Salsa band or something of that nature but what you are getting from these guys actually sounds like it is coming out of a Boston-area basement or a dark castle somewhere in Norway. Enter Heartache and Bloodloss with a brash mix of dramatically charged metallic hardcore that is attempting to subvert the general clich├ęs that plague their genre. This Los Angeles based band, coming from the same scene that gave birth to other hardcore juggernauts like As Blood Runs Black and Orangeburg Massacre, have no need for make-up or womens pants. All they care about is making quality heavy music and having a good time while doing it.
The Spring of 2003 saw Tony Pancake Ibarra, Joel Perez and Ricardo Cabrera aligning to become the original founding members that would help to lay the groundwork of the bands sound. What can be found emitting from their recorded material is a harshly sweet sonic assault that can be seen as them successfully marrying their mutual love for modern hardcore, all things metal and the DIY attitude/swagger of punk into a brutal barrage which keeps becoming as progressively diverse as their taste in music. With influences as sundry as The Cure, the complete works of Glenn Danzig and film composer John Williams; Heartache is looking to add an element of sincerity that is essentially being sucked out as the music industry begins to take notice of what is happening in the underground. Within three short years, they have managed to tour as well as open for the varied likes of bands as accessible as Hawthrone Heights and Adair while still managing to hold their own with other intense acts like Scars of Tomorrow or The Warriors. Through these exciting times, various line up changes have helped to shape the group which now includes the likes of Jonathan Sandoval and Angel Macias. There are no brass knuckles or capitals Xs to hide behind, just simply their raw and unadulterated heart that is exposed in every note of their music.