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The best kept secret in music


"HeartBeat Boys at Camp Boggy Creek"

Once again the HeartBeat Boys were lucky enough to play Camp Boggy Creek. Camp Boggy Creek is a fantastic camp where seriously ill children can escape to relax and have fun for a couple of days. The facility is first rate as are the campers and staff. HeartBeat Boys always has a great time at Camp Boggy Creek and can’t wait until we’re back again for the Christmas Show Dec 8th. - Boggy Creek

"HeartBeat Boys Appearance at Florida Mall"

Thank you to everyone who showed up at the Florida Mall tonight. The place was rocking! In the two hours we were at the FYE store, we were able to perform live 4 times for the crowd. The locals and tourists alike enjoyed listening to Christmas of Christmas, our new single and other songs from our soon to be released album, From the Heart. Check out our upcoming appearances listed under upcoming events on the home page of www.heartbeatboys.com. Hope to see you there. - FYE

"HeartBeat Boys # 2 on Billboard"

It was no trick and all treat when we checked Thursday morning to see that HBB had risen from # 6 to # 2 on Billboards Hot SIngle Sales chart. Look out, we’re after # 1. - Billboard Magazine

"The David Letterman Show & The HeartBeat Boys"

Willie Machado and his American Pit Bull Terrier, Pacy --- from Sparks, Nevada. Willie is a UPS driver and a college student. Pacy is a pet. What can Pacy do? He can play the drums.
Willie takes two drum sticks and approaches a drum set. Pacy runs ahead and starts pouncing on the bass drum pedal . . pound pound pound pound pound. He sounded like Gene Krupa. Willie tapped out a beat on his drum.
Nicely done. Dave describes it as ‘That’s as dumb as it comes.”

Lucia Vasquez and Joren Hodel with their toy fox terrier, Pepe --- from right here in New York City. This delights Dave as it saves the company money on air fare. What does Pepe do? Pepe reacts angrily when someone gives him the finger. Dave replies, “Well, he’s living in the wrong city.”
We watch. Lucia holds Pepe. Joren gives Pepe the finger. Pepe howls at the digital diss.
After Lucia and Joren leave with Pepe, Dave suspects, “I think that dog is part chicken. Didn’t that sound like a chicken to you?” It’s true. Pepe’s bark was half ‘yip,’ have “baaaak.’

Irena Schulz and her cockatoo, Snowball --- from Dyer, Indiana. What does Snowball do? “Snowball loves to dance to the Backstreet Boys,” says Irena.
Dave glows, “Ooooo, it’s like someone’s been reading my diary.”
Irena places Snowball on the back of a chair and Backstreet Boys music is piped in. Snowball moves a couple steps to the right, then to the left, then kicks and kicks and kicks, all in rhythm to the music.
Sure, Snowball can dance to the Backstreet Boys. But can Snowball dance to the Heartbeat Boys?* (That was a joke just for me.) - CBS/WorldWide Pants

"The HeartBeat Boys dethrone High School Musical 2 after 16 weeks"

Meanwhile, there is exciting news on the singles chart, where the High School Musical 2 cast's What Time Is It is finally dethroned after 16 weeks. The new No. 1? The Heartbeat Boys' Christmas, Oh Christmas. As best I can determine, the HBBs are a youthful quintet appearing under the aegis of Maurice Starr Entertainment. Those with long memories for teen pop will recognize Starr's name in association with New Edition and New Kids on the Block. Hmmm. - USA Today

"HeartBeat Boys # 1 on Billboard"

HeartBeat Boys are #1 - Billboard Magazine

"Heartbeat Boys # 6 on Billboard"

Thursday, October 25, 2007

HeartBeat Boys premiered on Billboard this week at # 6 on the Hot Single Sales Chart with Christmas oh Christmas. Watch Billboard at www.billboard.com for more information on HeartBeat Boys! - Billboard Magazine

"HeartBeat Boys appearance at Fashion Square Mall"

HeartBeat Boys turned up the heat on an otherwise slow Tuesday night at The Fashion Square Mall in Orlando. The boys turned in three or four multi song performances drawing a packed house each time. As always Thanks to everyone who stopped by and shared a moment. We love u - FYE

"HeartBeat Boys go to New York"

The HeartBeat Boys took their first trip to the Big Apple for a series of performances and meetings. Be it your first trip or an old friend, New York City does not disappoint. As luck would have it the boys got to experience different neighborhoods taking meetings, meals and downtime in Chelsea, Harlem, China Town, Greenwich Village & Midtown. This may be a first for HBB, but it’s definitely not a last! - HeartBeat Fan

"HeartBeat Boys at Lawton Chiles Middle School"

HeartBeat Boys kicked off Red Ribbon Week at Lawton Chiles Middle School. Sarah Sellers a beautiful and talented vocalist opened for the boys. The crowd of some 1400 students enjoyed set with the HBB playing Let me Introduce Myself, I Like the Rain, My First My Last & One More Chance. Our only regret is that we didn’t get to stick around and play a little longer.Check out some of the gallery pictures of the show. LCMS Rocks! - Lawton Middle School


From The Heart


Feeling a bit camera shy


What do pop teen icons, New Kids On The Block, R&B hit teen sensation New Edition and latest teen heart throbs HeartBeat Boys, all have in common? The answer is: legendary music mogul and mega-hit record producer, Maurice “The General” Starr. Famed and respected around the world for spearheading the contemporary boy band era, Starr has generated multi-platinum sales of more than 500 million units.
In association with New Kids On The Block, Starr’s name can be found in the Guinness Book of World Records for his sold-out concerts everywhere. He is mentioned on more than one million pages of the internet, for discovering, producing, promoting and managing two of the biggest and most successful teen acts in the history of the entertainment business.

For this new venture, Starr has assembled one of the best entertainment dream teams money can buy, in order to develop the members of the HeartBeat Boys into superstar artists. Starr’s priority choices for choreographers are none other than industry veterans, Carlos “C-Los” Munoz and Tyron Proctor. C-Los has worked with many star acts ranging from the multi-platinum girl band TLC, solo platinum plus acts, Pink, Akon and P. Diddy to other top names in both the music and movie business. Starr predicts that the HeartBeat Boys will be the biggest teen act in the history of the entertainment business.

The HeartBeat Boys members are: 11 year old David Crider, 13 year olds Patrick Joseph “PJ” Hoover and Ryan Findlay, 14 year old Emile Doles and 15 year old Nat Coombes. All of these young men are from the Central Florida area. And all of them have had prior experience performing on the world stage of show business through acting, singing and dancing. It was Ryan’s father, Don Findlay who first responded to a story that appeared in The Orlando Sentinel newspaper, announcing that Maurice Starr was planning to form a new group in the style of his original super group, New Kids On The Block, soon to be named HeartBeat Boys.

Mr. Findlay contacted Starr by emailing a photo of his son Ryan, which included another kid, 10 year old David Crider, who just happened to be a singer as well. Both Ryan and David proved to fit the profile of the group, as far as the look and age range that Starr was looking for. Starr asked Mr. Findlay to inquire with David’s parents to see if they would be interested in having their son join the group. Fortunately, they said yes! A few days later, Starr received a DVD in the mail from Patrick’s dad, showcasing the young man’s incredible dancing skills.

With two positions remaining, Starr received a call from Celeste Hart, who works at the Orlando Opera house. She recommended two good-looking and very talented boys named Nat Coombes and Emile Doles. Starr agreed to meet with the boys at the opera house. Nat and Emile were so impressive, that Starr immediately brought them onboard. With his new boy band set and ready to go, Maurice Starr’s HeartBeat Boys were born.

Starr quickly setup a meeting with the boy’s parents to discuss his goal to develop the best boy band ever. The parents jointly agreed to follow Maurice Starr’s vision for success. The journey began with extensive training and rehearsals. An instant commitment to hard work prepared the boys for their very first show at Lawton Chiles Middle School, which Ryan attends. The group performed for more than 1700 screaming teens, most of whom were girls. The word was now out!

Since the show, HeartBeat Boys have been in the recording studio laying down the tracks for their highly anticipated 2008 debut CD release entitled, “From The Heart”. The album has a first quarter release date. The group also plans to release their first single, "Christmas Oh Christmas", prior to the release of the album. Starr feels that the “From The Heart” CD project is filled with his best ever writing and producing efforts. He also believes that HeartBeat Boys will become his all-time biggest discovery ever.

Over the past few years, Starr has written back-to-back hit songs such as the multi-platinum selling “Laffy Taffy” by the chart-topping rap group D4L. His prolific string of hits for countless acts include releases from:
LL Cool J, P. Diddy, Mase, Trina, Bow Wow and Lil Romeo just to name a few.

Starr, along with the very cooperative parents of the HeartBeat Boys; Marc and Gail Hoover, Don and Roberta Findlay, Esther and Alan Coombes, Leesa Halstead and Gary Doles and David and Maribel Crider, proudly work together as a team. They strongly believe that “Teamwork Makes Dreamwork” and all are willing and ready to take on the task.

So, Get Ready…Get Ready…Get Ready, here come the HeartBeat Boys!

Nate Singletary
Maurice Starr Entertainment