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Heartless Bastards

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This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"Heartless Bastards Demos"

Unadulterated, heart-and-soul rock and roll. Erika Wennerstrom has bigger balls than 99 percent of everyone in rock today. She sounds like the fire breathing offspring of some strange orgy between Debbie Harry, Kelly Deal, and Robert Plant. While this demo is one-of-a-kind, it still doesn't come close to capturing the high voltage shock of the band's live performance.
- Bettawreckonize

"Let the Bastards Get You Down"

Wennerstrom has a distinctive wail and growl that a lot of Rock singers aspire to and most never attain, probably because she has what a lot of performers lack - true sincerity. When you listen to her, you can feel the conviction behind her music and you can't help but be affected by it. She lays it all on the line in her lyrics and then the band backs it up with hook-laden guitar riffs and driving rhythm. - Cincinnati City Beat

"Live This Week"

Not only is Wennerstrom's band name, like most band names, just an inside joke, but the care and passion put into her musical craftwork surpasses any type of caricature that may be applied to her. On the record she backs up that fervor with vigorous energy, crunchy guitars, and honest poetry. - Pittsburgh Pulp

"Music Reviews"

Rating 4.5 out of 5
Effortlessly catchy, endlessly listenable songs.
If this isn't a triumph, then Bob Pollard's a sober, talentless man. - Sponic Zine

"An Encounter with the Heartless Bastards"

The threesome caught my attention in an enormous way, especially the soulfully captivating raw elegance of guitarist/vocalist Erika Wennerstrom.
Their name alone is incentive enough to check these guys out. And I assure you once you do, you'll be hooked. - XRay Cincinnati

"Heartless, but Full of Meaning"

Their sound is like taking a three in the morning, 90 mph ride in a Mustang convertible with the top down, through the forbidden parts of town. All you're able to feel is your most valuble possession(blood)swelling to the aural canals and the wind slapping your face as you hold on for dear life. They are "the next big thing." Trust me. - Queen City Forum


Very seldom in my lifetime have I been completely floored by a demo. They've got the laid back delivery of The Strokes, and the muscle of the New York Dolls, with a bit of Pavement and God knows what else thrown in. - Music Misfits

"The Heartless Bastards"

Heartless Bastards are sneaking into the local music scene with quiet stealth. Erika Wennerstrom exudes grittiness through her Elastica and Joan Jett-esque vocals. A tight rock band with Brit-punk sensibility and a sound untouched by other area bands, Wennerstrom proves she can hang with the boys. - Dayton City Paper

"CD Review"

Wennerstrom is from Dayton, OH, and the 25 year old has been striving to make music since birth. That's a good thing, because her music is a welcome addition to the scene. This 5 song EP is a very creative record. Do check it out it's worth the time. - Utter Trash


5 song self titled EP


Feeling a bit camera shy


Native Dayton, Ohio resident Erika Wennerstrom has written and performed her songs since picking up the guitar in her late teens. Growing up in Dayton allowed her to be exposed to some of the best alternative music in a unique way. Bands such as Guided by Voices, the Breeders, and Brainiac were having success outside of Dayton but were also the people she'd drink with at the local pub. Erika performed her first set solo at one of Bob Pollard's birthday parties. In early 2000 she was asked to be part of the original lineup of Dayton, OH group Shesus playing electric bass, writing and sharing vocals. She continued with the group for the next two years touring and writing. Her song "B-side radio" was included in the group's Narnack Records release debut and was featured on the BBC's John Peel Sessions, as well as other college stations. During the signing with Narnack, Erika evaluated where she wanted to go musically with her life and who she wanted to do it with. Avoiding being stuck in a contract she decided to leave Shesus and pursue her own personal goals. In the New Year of 2003 Erika finished a five song demo at Ultrasuede Studio, primarily playing all the instruments except for drums which Dave Colvin (a fellow ex-shesus member) played. Also joining her for two of the 5 songs were Reuben Glaser and Jesse Ebaugh of Covington, Ky group Pearlene. She began to pass out copies of the demo at local rock shows to let people know about her new thing, as well as recruit possible musicians to form a "proper" band that would be able to tour and continue recording. The response was more than she expected, even finding unsolicited reviews by people living in California and Colorado hailing the demo. Self-promotion began to pay off and Heartless Bastards played its first show August 2003. Several members came and went in the beginning "trial" period. The band has played most of it's shows with the current line up of Kevin Vaughn on drums and Mike Lamping on bass and has become a popular support act for national bands traveling through the region in larger venues as well as headlining club shows and touring whenever they can. There is little meaning to the bands name other than to be absurd and one listen will surely tell anyone the music is written and performed with much sincerity, heart, and rock-n-roll spirit. Heartless Bastards currently reside in Cincinnati, Ohio.