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"Straight from the Heartless"

Heartless may seem like the name of a band who is harsh, cold, insensitive and not to mention, heartless.
However, the band’s name is not a representation of the members themselves, but rather it reflects their musical and lyrical aspirations.
“We wanted to make music selfishly and create something that we could be whole-heartedly proud of, regardless of whether or not others liked it,” said band member Michael Parsram.
The band performed at E.P. Taylor’s in Oshawa, but they have also captured the attention of new fans at recent shows in Sudbury, Collingwood and Ottawa.
The group was formed in 2007 with five boys who met at Donald A. Wilson Secondary School in Whitby, as well as at local shows in Whitby and Oshawa. They were formerly known as Of Soldiers and Saints.
Today, after some musical changes, only two of the original five bandmates remain. Three additions were made to complete the band in 2009. That was when Of Soldiers and Saints transformed themselves into a fresh band called Heartless.
“We just wanted to rid ourselves of the music we used to play, which none of us enjoyed playing or listening to anyway. It was time to move on and start fresh,” said Parsram.
Since then, the metalcore band has consisted of five members. Michael Parsram, 21, lead vocalist and lyricist is studying biological sciences at York University. Matthew Campbell, 19, is one of the guitarists and also writes all of the instrumentals. He is currently studying biological and health sciences at the University of Toronto. Julian Herera, 18, guitarist and vocalist, is taking dental technology at George Brown College. Daniel East, 18, bassist and vocalist works full-time at the The Sound Academy. Finally, Jeff Martin, 19, the drummer, is currently studying media arts at Sheridan College.
While the boys are busy with school and work, their personal lives and tight finances are some of the obstacles and distractions from their musical careers.
The band’s family and friends show nothing but support. Their parents have allowed the members to use their vehicles for event nights and provided basement rehearsal space. Their friends show support by attending their shows.
“On stage, we each focus on performing at our individual best which comes together to make, what we believe to be a solid performance,” said Parsram.
Playing shows, meeting new people and meeting other bands and musicians they look up to are just some of the great elements of the whole experience, and the band has no intentions of cutting it short, said Parsram.
Looking to the future, they have a new, self-titled EP expected out in December. They have also begun writing new material for future releases.
They hope to soon start selling their merchandise consisting of T-shirts, sweaters and CDs.
In addition to everything else, Heartless has an Ontario tour in the works. In the upcoming weeks, they will be playing shows in Lindsay, Belleville, Ajax and Ottawa.
“Our main goal is to write and play music that we enjoy,” said Parsram, “Everything else is secondary.”
While shows and events are important to promote the band, the group agrees they are all doing it for the fun.
“If ‘making it’ happens, that’s just a bonus,” said Parsram.
Like any other group, they have the occasional disagreements, but the band has become a family. At the end of the day, they are always ready to perform their hearts, or lack of hearts, out.
For complete listings and show times or for more info. about the band, visit www.myspace.com/stayheartless or search Heartless and be their fan on Facebook. - Renita Naraine


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