Hearts & Hand Grenades

Hearts & Hand Grenades

Hamburg, New York, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2019 | INDIE

Hamburg, New York, United States | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2019
Band Rock Alternative




"Hearts & Hand Grenades - Between The Lines -(9/10)"

Since a long time ago, women came into the Rock scene to occupy places that were exclusive for men. The rebel essence of Rock ‘n’ Roll is for everyone equally, so if one has problem to deal with this feature, honestly, it’s better for this one to look for another musical genre to listen to. Since Sister Rosetta Tharpe (the Godmother of Rock ‘n’ Roll) started to make mixes between musical ways that resulted on Rock ‘n’ Roll, all kinds of preconception had to fall. And women have nothing to prove to anyone, and the North American quartet HEARTS & HAND GRENADES is a fine example of this idea, as can be hear on “Between the Lines”.

Greasy and bittersweet, the musical ways of the band is that old and good North American approach of Hard Rock, based on strong melodies and catchy choruses, along with influences of Southern Rock, Blues Rock and Country Rock in some moments. The formula isn’t new, but the way they deal with it is really excellent, full of personality and with an amazing crude energy. Yes, it’s truly great and lovely, and a good experience to hear. The band enlisted Justin Rose for the production of “Between the Lines”. The main conception for the sonority seems to be the most organic and raw possible, focusing on what the band can play on shows (with simple instrumental tunes using an abrasive approach), but guided by a sense of clarity and definition. And it’s really excellent!

Spontaneous and full of energy, “Between the Lines” is an album easy to hear and like. But to have the clear idea of what the quartet is up to, take a listen to “Scream It Out” (an insane, savage and catchy song, based on excellent melodies and vocals), “Black Sunset” and “Between the Lines” (another sets of harsh and catchy melodies, but with an accessible insight, using a very simple and strong approach on bass guitar and drums playing on both), “Beautiful Pain” (a slow paced and abrasive song, with a great set of guitar riffs and arrangements on the contrasts between distorted and introspective parts), “Illogical” (another massive impact of dirty guitars infused with nasty and catchy melodies), and “Moonlight” (a savage and beautiful ballad-like song) are the ones for it.

So “Between the Lines” is a very good release. But HEARTS & HAND GRENADES still can evolve to become a giant in their musical genre. Their work is good and allows them to go to a higher level.

Songwriting: 9
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 9
Production: 8 - Metal Temple

"Hearts & Hand Grenades - Turning To Ashes - (10/10)"

Founded in 2012, the now four-piece hard rock band from the USA (Mike Bress, Stephanie Wlosinki, Kenny Blesy (Lead Guitar), Tom Lafferty (Drums) brings to their debut album “Turning to Ashes” with eight of their own titles, hard, almost stormy riffs Best.

The band, which originally toured as a cover band, quickly became one of the best cover bands in the American sector, led by founder Mike Bress (guitar & keyboards). In 2019 she was discovered at a charity event.

Her debut album begins with the title song of the same name with powerful, rhythmic sounds. The hard guitar riffs with the penetrating voice of Stephanie Wlosinki (vocals & bass) harmonize in the best listening quality. The guitar riffs, sometimes thoughtfully cool, sometimes a bit demanding like in “Weakened” (could also have been attributed to Jimi Hendrix) alternate with hard riffs like in “Daggers”.

Stephanie's voice plays with the timbres and gives each individual song its own note.
As the title “Nothing left” suggests, nothing is missing in this complete oeuvre that has to offer the hard rock fan.
You can feel their past as a cover band, which comes into its own on the seventh track. Guitar riffs like “ZZ Top” change very quickly into hard virtuoso guitar playing.
Even if the last track “Sickness” comes to an end, you will definitely not get sick from this impressive band.

Conclusion: Hearts and Hand Grenades don't have to worry that their debut album will fall to ashes. Perhaps less suitable for the American market than more suitable for the European market, the band will establish itself. I give this work a smooth 10 out of 10 Hellfire points. - Hellfire Magazin

"Hearts & Hand Grenades - Turning To Ashes - (8.5/10)"

From Buffalo, New York Hearts & Hand Grenades are due to explode into the world with their debut album on the 8th of January.

This work is a surefire winning formula of edgy anthems to have you ripping off ya face muzzles and dancing on the bar tops and partying into the night.

Opening with the exceptionally addictive "Turning to Ashes" this has you instantly drawn into the Hard Rocking delirium as the title track works its moves as does the killer "For The Weakened" which has you raising your fists and roaring along, this track has an edginess to it that hooks you in and bombards your soul with its snazzy and catchy grooves.

More pissed off than an angry Rattle Snake we get to shake and dance as the angsty venom from the mega-talented vocalist Stephanie Wlosinski sears into your soul as "Daggers" cuts deep.

This release does have some gentler moments as "I Hide" oozes into the room its anthematic feel washes over you and resonates and feeds one with its exquisite moments.

The next song's tempo drags ya kicking and screaming back to the max as your heart races and sees your "Adrenaline" kickin ass as the beats and hard-rocking ecstasy continues to feed your soul Then my personal favorite "Nothing Left" Rocks up and stamps its mark as this swirling vortex of pure attitude delivers the goods, this should see the Band making it Big, it's sexy sassy and dammit this is Hard Rocking heaven. Think sitting on the veranda down by the Bayou as "The In Crowd" opens and then blows up and reminds me of the bastard child of L7 and err Four Non-Blondes!! It just does! The delicious tones ignite and then slow and leave this reviewer speechless. "My Sickness" is a thumping end to a stellar work of art from Hearts & Hand grenades, I can't recommend this enough it's the perfect cure in these virus ridden days of uncertainty, this is hellishly awesome as the grenades explode into your hearts!!

Review: Seb Di Gatto Score.:8.5/10

Reviewed:10/12/20 - The Metal Gods Meltdown


Hearts & Hand Grenades formed in the beginning of 2019 to bring a solid blend of rock music to world. The first EP 'Wait' was released in July of 2019 and the first full album was released on January 8th, 2021. The band was also signed by Eclipse Records in August of 2020 and is now touring nationally. The 2nd full album is scheduled to be released in November of 2021. 



Hearts and Hand Grenades is an explosive American hard rock group from Buffalo, NY fronted by Stephanie Wlosinski on lead vocals and bass guitar. This band is literally exploding with an edgy sound for all generations of true rock addicts!

The band was originally founded as a cover band in 2012 by guitarist Mike Bress. Mike (who also happens to be a seventh-degree black belt) taught martial arts at a dojo he owned, and Stephanie who happened to train there overheard he had a band, so she mentioned she played bass guitar. She immediately replaced the band’s original bassist and shortly thereafter they added Tom Lafferty on drums, and Kenny Blesy on lead guitar. Within a month, the band began performing gigs and they eventually became one of upstate new York’s premiere cover bands.

In March of 2019, the band scored a gig supporting multi-platinum rockers the Goo Goo Dolls at the long-running annual charity event, Variety Kids Telethon. After the band’s set, they were approached by Goo Goo Dolls vocalist/bassist Robby Takac. He was so impressed with their performance, that he invited the band to record at his GCR Studios. The band took him up on the offer, however there was one small problem… the band had no original songs to record! They quickly got to work though, and within a month they had enough songs to record the four song EP entitled Wait, which they released independently in July of 2019.

While continuing to perform locally throughout the year, the group continued writing new music and molding their sound. Through the many connections they built with promoters while playing cover songs, they were able to frequently perform their originals as well, mixed in alongside the covers on their set list. It was not long before people became familiar with (and began requesting) their original songs, so they decided it was time to record additional material. Hearts and Hand Grenades revisited GCR Audio and Robby Takac hooked them up with producer Justin Rose (Goo Goo Dolls, James Taylor, Spyro Gyra) who recorded, mixed and mastered what would later become the band’s debut full-length album Turning To Ashes.

Turning To Ashes, is the group’s debut full-length release featuring eight original songs full of savage riffs and powerfully deep lyrics. From the very first single off the album “Nothing Left” which is a breakup song about ending toxic relationships, it is evident this band does not mess around. With the second single “Adrenaline”, the band ramps it up a notch singing about their insatiable appetite for being on stage and performing live. The title track “Turning to Ashes” was written about feeling like you don’t fit in or that you’re different from everyone else.

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