Hearts Like Lions

Hearts Like Lions


If Kings of Leon met Brandon Flowers and they co-wrote an album with the Bono from 1995, Hearts Like Lions would be that album. Every song is a front to back experience of emotion while packing a true pop sensibility. In concert they leave new listeners in silence. This band is a must listen!


Formed in January of 2008 by Tyler Briskie and Chance Scott-Burke, Hearts Like Lions is one of the newest bands in the growing Denver music scene. Playing in various groups together since the mid '90s including local band Me Llamo Rosa, Chance and Tyler have grown together as musicians and have been able to put together a unique sound that has been compared to Saves The Day and The Killers. Joined by friends James Morrison and Matt Wilson, HLL is excited to start playing shows all over the United States.

Chance (keys/vocals), a pianist since the age of nine, has been interested in composing music for as long as he can remember. It wasn't until 2002, however, that Scott-Burke started writing for himself and breaking away from sheet music. He has been enthralled ever since and experimented with many types of music; but for him it has always come back to the rock that he grew up with.

Tyler (guitar) has also had a very intimate relationship with music since he was young and self taught himself many instruments including the guitar. Feeling the thrill of selling out shows with former band Lenore, he has developed a love for playing live music. Having a taste for nothing else, in 2005 Briskie graduated from the University of Colorado at Denver with a BA in Audio Engineering and has since engineered many live shows around the Denver area.

James Morrison is joining his former Me Llamo Rosa bandmates on bass, an instrument he has grown an astonishing affinity for since originally learning how to play the guitar. Matt Wilson has also been in his share of local bands. His drumming provides a strong, powerful groove rooted in rock and punk.

Strengthened with soulful vocals and powerful beats, the guys have brought everything in their arsenal to the table. Currently finishing up writing their first album, they hope to take their show on the road and see the world. And with such a thirst for adventure and focus on diligence, some might say that HLL are ready for the challenge.


Through The Cracks

Written By: Hearts Like Lions

The sad states that drove us into Canada,
The chalk lines that lead us from America,
Is this what you want us to do when we get old enough to?
A black dance through the best years of our lives,
A last chance to write a song that saves my mind,
Lets give it one more try,
Back on the streets like 1995.

You're the one I love,
My shelter from the storm,
And I'm on top with you.

I sold my soul.

The cracked walls of the big city skyline open just enough to let us see whats behind,
All that you thought you knew,
How could we all have been fooled?
The city's burning and there's a crime in every right,
The world's turning its not giving up without a fight,
Lets see the time that we fall!
And let the music save us all.

Figure Eight

Written By: Hearts Like Lions

When you think back to home and it makes you feel dead and alone.
When the grass is not enough, you wonder how you got yourself into this mess.

In a grey shirt and a black coat, black shoes and no one knows,
All the faces turn to listen but all their eyes are closed,
So he takes the mic and breaks the silence,
He fills the room with songs he wrote then he goes home down to the basement,
He's flat broke and wrapped in a tourniquet.

Feels like burning in your skin when it takes a hold of your brain,
Want to try? Yeah you can come with me.
Put that needle into your vein.

And it's all just about a girl that you don't need to keep your heart beating.
All the years you had. Well they're stolen now.

In black coat and a black tie, black shoes but didn't cry.
Can't wait to get back tonight to light the candle bright.
You can melt your time and warm your gut, because this (fine) china's just a knife in your heart.
All the sweat the pain the guilt and the itching in your blood.

And it feels like burning in your skin when it takes a hold of your brain.
Want to try? Yeah you will come with me.
Put that needle into your vein.

And it feels like burning in your skin,
When it takes a hold of your brain,
Want to try? Will you come with me?
Put that needle in your vein.


The 900 E.P. (December 2008)
Track Listing -
1. "Through The Cracks"
2. "The Same Mistake"
3. "The Hills"
4. "Figure Eight"
5. "Maybe Tomorrow (Butterfoot)"

Set List

The typical HLL set list consists of but is not limited to all of the songs on the 900 E.P. (5 songs), a choice of 8 other songs ready for live shows (currently being recorded), and a cover of