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Whales Tail Trax


You Look Up!

Written By: Pushkara Sally Ashford

You Look Up!
Pushkara Sally Ashford
copyright 1998

The new dawn breaks, a fire-red ball,
Off in the east, a silent call, (refrain)

And you look up, up,
You look up!

The sight of wings against the sky,
An eagle soars, flyin’ high. (refrain)

Now, when we swell with pride,
Look down our nose,
Or shuffle our feet,
Look down at our toes,
When you forget,
It’s all about love,
That’s when God knock yo’ on yo’ back so you look up! (refrain)

A lightnin’ flash, the thunder rolls,
A cooling breeze before the storm. (refrain)

The summer rains on hot, dry ground,
Reach out your hand when you hear the sound. (refrain)

The rain clouds part, the sun shines through,
And overhead, a rainbow’s hues (refrain)

But when your heart fills up with greed,
Stuff danglin’ off you, you don’t even need,
If you grasp for more to fill your cup,
That’s when God knock yo’ on yo’ back so you look up!

The crescent moon is on the rise,
The nighttime stars light up the skies (refrain)