Heartstop is a new up and coming band from Los Angeles. The boys have been together for two years now and "Short of a Miracle" is their debut EP! Their sound will hook you, and their lyrics are catchy and unforgettable! Heartstop will be your new favorite band!


There are moments when you just know it. Moments that define who you are and where you are going. It’s while listening to Heartstops latest single “Midkiss, July” you’ll find that you are right in the middle of such a moment. You’re riding shotgun with singer Jake Hawkes at the wheel. It’s a windows down and stereo up summer night. The air is clear and there’s nowhere else to be. As the song begins and quickly sets up a visceral image of a place overlooking city lights below, you begin to feel as though you have stumbled into a world of old souls with young hearts. You have. You see, Jake Hawkes isn’t your average 17 year old. In fact, Heartstop is far from your average band.

In 2005 the band entered the studio with ambitions of making a debut e.p. under the name of Home Sweet Home. Halfway into the recording process the worst possible thing happened. The record was lost. A hard-drive containing the majority of the files was lost and the work was scrapped. The band had a choice, try to mimic the old record or consider this a chance to try something new. They rewrote, redesigned, reinvented, and re-recorded what would eventually become their debut e.p. as Heartstop, the “Short of a Miracle” e.p.

Now, back to drive at hand. “You gotta hear this one” Jake says, and is quick to point out his old friend Joe Khoury’s drumming techniques. Heartstop’s bass player Tristan Ramos rounds out the group along with guitarist Casey Serna, and keyboard/guitar player/vocalist Matt Sellers. Heartstop is rich with history; its chemistry definitely reflects that. “Growing up together sort of forms a brotherhood, we’re all old friends with similar tastes.” Jake continues. In fact, aside from Tristan (who came from the now defunct national touring act Thornlake), all of Heartstop are original members. Tristan joined the band shortly after the “Short of a Miracle” e.p. was finished, but had been friends with the band for some time prior.

All of this, summarized over a short drive and three minute song. The verses are textured and choruses well placed and written. Yet, throughout the polish of production and well crafted songs with big hooks, there is a sense of familiar honesty. There is something urgent and truthful behind these young lyrics. “The band name itself comes from the conflicting emotions behind such an event as a heart stopping. Whether it be at the top of a rollercoaster, in the middle of a first kiss, or in a hospital room; a heartstop is a big deal. So big, that we had to coin a phrase for it. So here it is: The official definition of a Heartstop. A heartstop is a moment that is going to change things. Whether for better or for worse is entirely up to you.” finishes Jake. So its with these thoughts still lingering that Jake promptly returns to the business of rocking out, because after all this is still a windows down and stereo up kind of night and there’s no better soundtrack to do that to than Heartstop.


Heartstop "Short of a Miracle" EP. This CD is available through i-Tunes and www.Smartpunk.com

Set List

Our typical set list is 6-10 songs that include our entire EP, and some new tracks on our upcoming full length album.

Current Set List as of February 1, 2007
1. Chase the Horizon (Upcoming Full Length)
2. As a Matter of Fact (Upcoming Full Length)
3. Rainfall Romance ("Short of a Miracle" EP)
4. Hopeful Hearts ("Short of a Miracle" EP)
5. Never Alone (Upcoming Full Length)
6. Mid-Kiss July (Upcoming Full Length)
7. Short of a Miracle ("Short of a Miracle" EP)