Acoustic Rock/alternative/adult contemporary,sounds influenced by Goo Goo Dolls, Dave Matthews, John Mayer, and many others. Catchy lyrics, great guitar work...Audiences eat out of the palm of his hand... They just love him.


A smooth blend of captivating melodies influenced by a variety of musicians, Kelly Kellam offers an exquisite new sound. His catchy lyrics will leave you speechless and incredibly enticed as you join him on his journey that will leave you truly amazed.

Kelly Kellam was born March 9th 1984 in San Antonio, Texas. Kelly picked up his first guitar at the young age of 10, wrote his first song at age 13 and has been performing ever since. Music has always played a roll in Kellys life; and he has been involved in everything from high school band and sports, to modeling. But throughout Kelly's life, he always comes back to the music that continues to mold him into whom he is and who he will become.

After his high school graduation in 2002 in Houston,Tx, Kelly joined the United States Air Force as a Crew Chief, where he served our country for a year and a half. Following a terrible accident Kelly was involved in July 2003; he was medically discharged from the Air Force in December 2004. He still continues to recover, almost two years later with a broken leg and severe nerve damage in his left arm. Music has played an immeasurable role in assisting him in his ongoing recovery. The inspiration Kelly has collected from various musicians is reflected in his music and has played a definite role in giving him the strength and courage needed for him to make almost a full recovery.

Kellys down to earth and genuine attitude towards everything makes this lighthearted 22 year old as real as he looks. His passions are music and making people laugh and smile. Wanting to touch as many peoples hearts as possible through his music is a desire that he hopes to achieve. Already performing from Georgia to Hawaii, he is well on the road to accomplishing his dreams. Kelly's fast growing fan base is an exemplification of how dreams can become a reality. So as Kelly Kellam continues his quest of fulfilling his dreams, he limits himself to nothing for his ambition is far greater than words can begin to explain. So keep your eyes open, this southern gentleman has so much more to offer!


Time is Calling

Written By: Kelly Kellam


Time is calling

Time is calling as as I keep pushing you away
these dreams cant catch me falling, as I'm staring in your face
you build the strength to force me to share my feelings true
and your forcing me to realize that i want to be with you

you ask me why i'm scared not for me but for you
I'm capable of hurting you so much, I dont want to
my selfishness complies, as you turn to me and sigh
and I say,
YOUR THE BEST for me so stay away from me

Time is calling, as I'm falling in your eyes
I try to keep from running, but these feelings i cant hide
your heart continues breaking as i fold away my eyes
cause i cant stand to hurt you, it kills me to see you cry


reason dont exist, when you fall inlove
success seems to fall behind when i hold you above
believe me i want you, but i dont have the strength for both
so let me get my life together, then we'll make it so

Time is calling, as I'm falling in your eyes
I try to keep from running, but these feelings i cant hide
your heart continues breaking as i fold away my eyes
cause i cant stand to hurt you, it kills me to see you cry

I am falling for you
I dont want to , cause i dont want to hurt
so I am pushing you away
though it seems to hurt us, you still dont seem to go away
cause the love we share it is endless, though we pretend we're not it or still falling

time is calling, as I seem to fall behind
the grass is always greener on the otherside
so I've made my decision I want you by my side,
I've come to realize you are already by my side

Time is calling ,and i'm still falling in your eyes
I cant keep from running to get home by your side
you heart continues glowing as i fold away my eyes
as i lean in to kiss you, you start to cry
and say
your the best for my and I reply
your the best for me, now we both sigh
your the best for me, and I'm the best for you
your the best for me, so wont you come be with me


Time is Calling - on myspace.com/heartstopgo
Pretending (live version)- on myspace.com/heartstopgo
Scared to Fall (live) - on myspace.com/heartstopgo
Think of me (live)- on myspace.com/heartstopgo

Set List

I can play a set from 30 minutes to 3 hrs. typical set is 1 hr as listed below

Time passed by
(cover)Goo Goo Dolls -slide
Scared to Fall
Think of Me
(cover) Dave Matthews -#41
Mercy, sympathy follow me
Cant Move on -integrated with cover song verses of Bush's glycerine, and U-2's With or with out you
Time is Calling