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New York City, NY | Established. Jan 01, 2015 | SELF

New York City, NY | SELF
Established on Jan, 2015
Band Pop Indie




"Female Rockers Taking Over The City? None other than the stunning Heather LaRose."

Female rockers have taken over the city and it could not be more welcomed. Music fans are more than content with it! One after another, these ladies have brought out some of the best music for this holiday season. One lady in particular held a special appeal for me this past weekend at Rockwood Music Hall. Who is this woman you ask? She is none other than the stunning Heather LaRose.

Arriving at Rockwood shortly after completing some new paintings at the Con Artist Collective, I was eager for a drink. I ordered a Founder’s Porter and the poor bartender had to pour out a good amount of it to pass the foamy mess from the tap. Luckily, after some time a nice cool porter was in my hand. I turned my attention to the space and to my surprise; a small but significant crowd was already forming. Usually, the collection of fans is quite sparse for the first show of the evening, however, that was not the case for Miss LaRose. People were probably also anxious to get away from the Santa Con folks wandering and stumbling the city. I don’t blame them; they are a wild bunch to avoid.

Heather LaRose was celebrating her new EP, “Beachside,” released that night. Before she went on stage with her four-piece band, Ryder Stuart, Kevin Myers, Paul Maddison and Daniel Golden, she excitingly came over and said hello. With that big grin on her face as well as her natural enjoyment for the performance ahead, she was immediately likeable. The tall energetic blonde, in a lovely embroidered jewel black dress, took the stage with many cheers from her fans. She took it upon herself to encourage people in the balcony to come down to the main concert floor for a more intimate experience. Heather wanted people to enjoy themselves that night, which would not be a problem at all. The audience was cheering and enthusiastic for the evening ahead. Miss LaRose’s confidence was clear as her band started us off with some solid folksy rock with her on an acoustic guitar. Her classy dress contrasted with her acoustic guitar was a fun mix. If anyone knows me well, I love back up vocalists and was drawn to the two talented woman, Bianca Muniz and Jen Fischer, who by Heather’s side sang proudly every minute of the show. Heather’s lovely voice that exploded with grace and power harmonized beautifully with her female contemporaries.

Along with her captivating voice, Heather was deeply animated on stage with her golden hair flowing and arms raised. All she had to do was smile and new fans were suddenly found. She won many of us head on. Shaking her hips she lived in a musical moment and loved it. When each song ended, Heather was polite and kind thanking the audience over and over again for being there. She also had a great sense of humor, making the audience laugh and beam with her quips. Eventually, the music took a bluesy rock turn as the tunes funneled through a catchy beat. While that action took place, Heather owned the microphone with pure glam. Her hand motions filled the stage with everlasting power. I don’t think I have ever seen a happier musician doing her thing. Probably my favorite thing about her music was her perfect harmonies with her band. Everything was perfectly balanced with an ideal flow that made her music genuine. Her voice carried through the space immaculately.

Heather’s music fit right into the theme of a weekend night out. Everyone would be empowered by her tunes to explore the town. As she told her stories, people listened in intently. It was all simply happy music to live by. From folk, to blues to even southern rock, a pop enjoyment exploded as well. Her band was able to blend through many genres at once. The attitude was strong and playful. Heather even screamed her heart out at times and that was when listeners could really hear her range. Her colleagues on stage were in their own zones but rocking hard. To spice things up toward the end of the night, she taught a chorus to the crowd and had us all sing along to the next song. That was a clever engagement strategy and it was very amusing. Her energy was addicting. Fans wanted an encore and she happily obliged with a wonderful rendition of Adele’s song Rolling in The Deep to send us all home.

Wow, Heather LaRose is a force of musical nature that all music fans need to enjoy. Every second of her show was astonishing. I loved it. She is going to be a musician to watch. For music fans across the world, why don’t you give your loved ones the gift of Heather LaRose this holiday season? It will be well worth it.

Jam On. - Punchland by Myles Hunt

"Hear Heather LaRose’s Delightful ‘Beachside’ EP—Exclusive"

http://popdust.com/2015/12/09/heather-larose-beachside-ep-exclusive-stream/ - POP DUST

"Pure Pop Magic: Heather LaRose – “Run With Me”"

Those who think good pop music is dead, have not heard Heather LaRose. This woman knows that the word “pop” is not always bad. “Pop” is short for popular, and there are some great popular artists out there: Sam Smith, Lana del Rey, Adele. And now Heather LaRose. Here voice is so wonderfully pure. (I know, oh reader, you’re thinking; Phil, you’ve reviewed her before. Yeah, but she’s that damned good, so listen or eat gravel) (Just kidding). As LaRose herself says:

My coming of age anthem I wrote when I transferred from Liberty University back to NY. it’s about wanting all of my friends from Virginia to run away with me to NY – Perfect for an end of summer roadtrip for the millennial determind (sic) not (to) grow up just yet filled with iching(sic) wanderlust.

I love LaRose’s voice. She makes me feel good. She feeds my bright, happy sound. (Yes, readers, I can be very happy). Heather LaRose should be playing on every radio. Even though, then she won’t be my personal singer, but I’m willing to share her. She is that damned good. - AudioFuzz

"Featured Artist"

Heather LaRose Indie Pop Singer Songwriter
Featured Artist September 30th 9:37 P.M
Original Song "New Moon"
107.1 WXPK FM Radio - Home of World Class Rock - 107.1 FM Radio

"Artist Alert Heather LaRose Has You Ready for the Fall with Her Single "Run With Me""

With fall in full swing, we’re looking for new music to fill out our playlists for back-to-school, shorter days, and whatever else life throws at us this year.

Today, we want to be the first to introduce you to Heather LaRose and her new single. Run With Me has a very alternative feel to it. It’s got a bouncy yet laid back feel, and it’s a must-add to any music fan’s collection.

Check out the Fanlala EXCLUSIVE premiere of Run With Me down below. And keep an eye out for even more music premieres in the future. You never know who we’ll have next! - https://www.fanlala.com/news/heather-larose-has-you-ready-fall-her-single-run-me

"SONG OF THE DAY Heather LaRose "Beachside""

Although the summer has left us for a year in most parts of Europe we can extend the feeling of sunny weather and warm breezes with 3 more minutes (or more if you dig this as much as I do and put it on replay). Heather LaRose offers us some sunlight through the ears with her brand new single and title track of her upcoming EP ‘Beachside’. The New York based singer-songwriter is just starting out with her career as a pop star and this first single immediately has my attention.

Except from summer and sunshine, what does it sound like? It’s very catchy indie pop, driven by drums, synths and guitars with a breezy vibe and an earworm chorus and a massive doo-doo-doo part. This is the kind of track on which you would picture yourself cruising down the coast, sunbathing on a boat or of course, chilling down the beachside. On SoundCloud, Heather LaRose explained about the lyrics: “I was on Norwegian Cruise Line to the Bahamas and met this super sexy Norwegian man and we had an amazing summer fling.” Anyone who has ever seen men from Scandinavia will probably relate to that! That’s a way to crash into the music scene with such a single. Welcome Heather, excited to hear the EP! - A Bit Of Pop Music

"Top 11 New Pop Releases!!"

“Beachside” – Heather Larose. This acoustic-pop song makes me want to dance in my computer chair. ‘Nuff said. - Independent Clauses's

"HEAR: Heather LaRose – “Beachside”"

Before I start, let me tell you, I am booking a cruise on a Norwegian cruise line. That aside, this is an extremely sexy, sensual song about a summer affair that was just that; a summer fling. LaRose does not apologizes for it; she just tells you about it. LaRose has this beautiful, childlike voice backed with great production and a melody that won’t leave your head. Put them all together, you have the simmering dance song of the summer, you know, when at the end of the night, you have that last dance. Here is the song for you. See you on the Norwegian cruise. - Audiofuzz


Back in June, my dear friend and colleague Natalie Hamingson and I were standing on line to get into the Opening Night festivities for this year’s New Music Seminar’s New Music Nights Festival, and although there’s a scheduled time for the night to start, normally there’s some sort of misunderstanding or some sort of mishap that delays things, and as a result you end up waiting on a line much longer than you ever anticipated. But interestingly enough, if there are friendly people waiting with you, you wind up meeting a new friend or a new business contact. And while we were waiting we wound up meeting a young, up-and-coming Westchester County-based singer/songwriter Heather LaRose.

LaRose’s latest single “Beachside” is a breezy, upbeat and seductive, acoustic guitar and synth-based indie pop song that evokes the sensation of being at a club on a summer night and coming across a pretty young thing that you want to seduce and take home — and actually getting to dance with them and put your moves on. And from LaRose’s vocals, she’s quite the seductress at such a young age; the song’s narrator comes off as a very modern women, who knows what she wants, when she wants it and is unafraid to go about getting it.

Interestingly, as LaRose mentions on her SoundCloud page, the song was deeply inspired by a personal experience of having a summer fling while on a Caribbean cruise; what better time to have a summer fling, really? More importantly, the song reveals an infectious, hook-laden sound that I suspect will capture quite a bit of attention across the blogosphere. - The Joy Of Violent Movement

"New Moon"

A Teen Wolf Music account on Youtube post song "New Moon" by Heather LaRose over 12,000 views in 2 days
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lX5IaTtVGsU&list=RDlX5IaTtVGsU&index=1 - Teen Wolf Instinct, a Teen Wolf Music account about MTV Show


Still working on that hot first release.



Heather LaRose is a New York and Los Angles Based Singer Songwriter with Soul-Stirring Lyrics and Indie Pop Groves.  

Heather has played LA Fashion Week, Whisky A Go Go, Daytrotter, Fashion Week Music Festival, Montauk Music Festival, Taste of DC, Heather opened for Pussycat Dolls, for Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton, and most recently Heather opened a concert with Rachel Platten Alive At Five Summer Concert Series.  Her debut EP titled "Beachside" was just released this winter. Her originals have been recently featured on several FM stations such as Hot 95.9 FM, 100.7 WHUD FM, 107.1 The Peak FM, 106.1 The Corner FM. Heather's influences are classics such as, The Beach Boys, ABBA and Fleetwood Mac along with several current pop artists such as, Imagine Dragons and One Republic. Heather LaRose's music and performance's are absolutely energizing, entertaining and a must see! 

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