Heather and Trevor

Heather and Trevor

 Memphis, Tennessee, USA

We are in this to see Christ glorified in personal lives and the collective church body. We love to find the spirit moving and people responding in new and profound ways. We are just worshippers and musicians in it to bring an offering to the King, and be refined a little more every day.


Heather and Trevor have been weaving their ways through the depths of worship for well over a decade. It is this same passion for worship that brought forth their debut album unofficially titled “The Glory LP.” It is full of songs that touch on many aspects of worship, and is meant to bring the listener on a journey to the throne of God.

The idea of Glory finds itself consantly in the spotlight of this album. Not for the sake of our own glory, but for God’s alone. Songs like “Pardoned,” “I will bless the Lord,” and “Glory” reverberate this cry.

Heather and Trevor Flynn have been leading worship together and separately since Heather was twelve and Trevor was sixteen. While their musical interests steered them in other directions for many years, the heart of a worshiper remained in each of them until it began overflowing into what you hear today. An intentional outcry of praise, adoration, and awe to a God that still defies all of our understanding and reason.

Heather and Trevor were born in America, married in the north, lived in the south, then moved to England for three years before returning to the states in May of 2010.


The Glory LP (2010)