Rich earthy vocals supported by a folk rock feel. Prophetic and spontaneous, fresh, raw and passionate. Through her singing, the presence of God can be felt.


Heather and her husband Nolan live with their 4 children in Kamloops BC where they base their ministry. 9 years ago they planted a church called the Feast and from there they go out to do their itinerate ministry.

Heather is a 12 times over recording artist, song writer, author, and dancer. She is passionate about the presence of God and leading people to touch Him and experience Him. She has a strong desire for revival and the power of God to be released on the earth.


Kisses of His mouth on Dark Yet Lovely
Price of Love on Way Gone Place

Set List

Heather's set list is changing all the time and could change the day of the event. It is because of this that she does not send a set list ahead of time.

She would gladly do songs that your conference would be familiar with and included in that she will mix a variety of her own that are along with the theme of the event.