Heather Flowerz

Heather Flowerz

 Manhattan, New York, USA


Heather Flowerz: Faster than Life

Life moves at unfathomable speeds. Those that demand the most attention are the ones that make you stop and take notice of the scenery around you. This could also be said of the Jamaican heritage having Miami native pop rock singer, songwriter and producer Heather Flowerz. Never the one trick pony locked in the stale box of conformity; she possesses a command of music that comes directly from her environment. Needless to say, with her father currently serving 25 years to life and only recently rekindling the relationship with her mother, the vivid imagery present in her music comes from a very real, very personal foundation.
But she is about more than a hard knock story. She wants her sound to reflect redemption, hope and the better aspects of life, “I believe everything happened to build me into who I am today. I want my music to inspire others to believe in themselves, as my musical influences did, no matter what pain and heartache you’ve been through”. Blessed by a natural knack for music (her father played a multitude of instruments), every note sung is sure to stir the soul unlike any other before and this is most evident in her new single “Na Na”, a playful, bouncy ode to chance encounters and exciting situations.
With the single and forthcoming album being released through her own imprint 1Luv Music Group, LLC. you can tell that she’s about her business too. Moreover, she’s about change: the myopic yet accepted view of the record industry; she has no problem stepping outside of the boundaries to give her fans something new and refreshing sonically. In fact, you should expect it, “My personal goal is to change the standard of how the industry expects African American girls and boys to look and sound.” Revolutionary? Not quite. Necessary? Absolutely. Having played several venues up and down the east coast with her band, she is now looking forward to showing the world why stopping to smell the “Flowerz” may be one of the best things they could ever do and should they miss out now, they’ll have a hard time catching up later. Heather Flowerz goes at a million beats per minute…Faster than life.

1Luv Music Group, LLC. (1luvmuzicgroup@gmail.com)