Vintage Wurlitzer stylings that weave in and out of dreamy textural guitars enhanced by slightly sarcastic but poignant lyrics. Her CD features luminaries such as Bill Frisell and the Tosca String Quartet.


On September 6, 2005 Heather Greene packed up her 60 pound Vintage Wurlitzer onto a windowless cabin on a ship to set sail from 42nd street to England. "I play the best clubs in New York City, have a CD recording I am proud of, and now it is time to expand my audience." Anyone who has seen Heather play live would not be surprized at this adventure. With a charisma and charm that continually brings in large audiences, Heather is constantly trying new songs, instrumentations, and environments that push her limits. "Why not? I recorded my CD in Seattle after traveling with my keyboards in the backseat of a run-down car, sent the files to Austin for the string arrangements, and now it is getting released in Paris. I guess the world is getting small."
Heather's drive and risk-adverse attitude towards life quickly put her on a list of artists to watch for in New York City. Why? simply put, she's good. Really good. Like musicians from an earlier era, Heather puts on a tight and professional show interspersed with charismatic stage banter and hummable songs. This mesmorizing stage persona and a loyal solid backing band has helped her grow a fan base of busy New Yorkers looking to be sent into a bittersweet trance as she weaves in and out of jazz, pop, and a unique poetic style that combines sweet sarcasm with a touch of sexiness. Her inability to sit still for very long and extensive travels is just the fodder needed for creating a soundscape that makes one feel like they are driving along a lonely road.
In early 2006, Heather is releasing her debut CD in Paris and will focus on using the same tried-and-true techniques that made her a success in New York to reach audiences in Europe. "I moved around alot in my youth, continued to do so later, and am still doing it now. As long as it feeds the music, reaches a new audiences and expands my career, that's alright by me."
Look out for Heather in her Five Dollar Dress all over the place, including boats, trains, city subways, and airplaines.


"Five Dollar Dress" Debut release on Les Disques Deluxe Records / Ecclectico, January 8th, 2006
North American Release to be announced January, 2006

Set List

Set lists change often as Heather writes constantly. Most often, there will be songs from Five Dollar Dress in addition to new ones. Her cover of the Cars "Just What I Needed" is ironic and sultry. Her sets are usually around 45 minutes to one hour, but are flexible according to the situation.