Heather Griffin and Good Wood

Heather Griffin and Good Wood


Heather Griffin's voice will pull you 'round back, take a switch to the back of your knees, until your eyes well up, and weirdly, you will not want to get up and run. X Factor?...try XYZ.


We are fortunate to hit rehearsals and the stage with well-heeled players, some, beyond their years in talent, some right smack dab in their years and some keep their Juno in their tool box. Music is what we do. Scott Smith (Bocefus King/Bottleneck) has a smile that all daughters love and he plays his strings like he was the bastard child of Chet Atkins and Rosie Flores. You can't buy that. Shannon Saunders (Paperboys). Shannon switched her baby-bottle for the fiddle as her Dad in Kelowna tells it. You'll know that Daddy doesn't lie, immediately upon seeing the striding confidence of this cool blonde. Linda McRae (Spirit of the West). All bass players should be redheads, plain and simple. If you know Linda, well then, you already love her. Mike Evans (Rich Hope), Mike and Heather have been writing partners since the beginning of this project. It just works; shorthand and offhand…it just works. Mark Glapski (10,000 Stamps), Most fans think Mark should be given a microphone on stage, because they know they are missing sweet, pearls of wisdom as he plays. He is a natural to this style of music and yes that is a flask in his pocket, and yes, he is happy to see you. We call him “The Pocket”. Last, thank goodness, the air that makes this balloon get off the ground. We introduce, Heather Griffin. There is a well somewhere that has many-a-coin on her behalf and subsequently Heather has been a prolific songwriter during her short stint so far at this Music-Go-Round©. How she stayed hidden this long is a mystery to many. Her vocals will burn through anything you got; any mood, any time, any place.


Farmer’s Lament © SOCAN

Written By: Heather Griffin

The truck ain’t seen diesel
In a two crop season
There ain’t no use lookin’
'Cause there’s no rhyme or reason
We kept this thing runnin’
For eighty-five years
And I can’t stand lookin’
At my father’s tears

So we sit at the table
And don’t answer the phone
It’s just a suit talkin’
Wanna take our home
We could switch it to cattle
But wheat’s all we know
And we’re losing the battle
And it’s a tough row to hoe

I miss the clouds
ain’t nothin’ the same
The ground should be muddy
out on the plains
But I can’t ask Him
to tear down the sun
‘Cause I want the rain to come

We seen this before
Back in Nineteen Sixty-one
When all through the season
How we cursed at the sun
Oh I’ll torch this old farmhouse
Before they take it away
The bank can come lookin’
But we’ll have nothing to say

Oh I miss the clouds
ain’t nothin’ the same
The ground should be muddy
out on our plains
But I can’t ask Him
to tear down the sun
‘Cause I want the rain to come
Oh I want the rain to come


Better Off Alone (Studio/Smiling Buddha/Mushroom)
Warts N' All (Live at The Railway Club)
Escovedo 101 (compilation, trk 14)

Set List

All Songs Copyright SOCAN

(We like to start the set acoustically and then bring on one lead player, lap or fiddle, and then everyone up by 4th song) We start full band for festivals and outdoor shows. We are extremely versatile.

Lord Knows
Question (Old 97's)
Nothing New
Life Of the Party
Third Time Lucky
Better Off Alone
Jesse Colter
Don't Break The Heart Of An Angel
Flippin' Rocks
Farmer's Lament
Hell Is Here
Snowflake Arizona
Melancholy Vixen

We have sets ranging from 30 mins. to 2 hours. I like to play two sets back to back, no breaks, will break only if management prefers. The other night we played 28 songs in a stretch. Our original songlist is long, but we do love to cover such artists as Gillian Welch, Jay Farrar and Maria McKee.