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"Navigating Hollywood DVD"

- Creative Screenwriting


Thank you for your presentation on leadership yesterday at the tradeshow. I really enjoyed it! Could you forward the questionnaire to me? I would like to have my staff take it for me to see if my actual leadership style matches what I think it is! Thanks!

Christy Ragge
Supervisor, Event and Meeting Services Cubicle #1C30
714.671.5700 ext. 1549
714.671.5798 fax
- Various

"University of Las Vegas Nevada"

"This was by far one of the best presentations I've ever been to. Heather encapsulated everything I didn't know I needed to know about networking into 90 minutes flat. I'm even more ambitious in my career goals now.
I used to laugh when I would say "when I write those novels" or "right, when I'm working for the New York Times" - but now I realize that those are very real possibilities. There is a whole world of opportunity out there."

Gregan Wingert
UNLV Journalism Undergrad
- Gregan Wingert

"University of Dreams QUOTES"

You were one of our Highest rateted Speakers!!!

Jenn Loubaugh
Program Director
University College of London

Hi Heather,

This is Shamit Paul from University of Dreams. I met you after your wonderful seminar last night and we talked about how to go about getting myself into the industry in Toronto.

I would just like to take this opportunity to thank you for your help and advice, and I would love to keep in contact with you.

I am going to be in touch with a friend of mine that is beginning his writing career here in LA, and let him know that you may be able to be of some assistance to him. This is greatly appreciated, and if there is anything I can do for you, just let me know!

Also, I will talk to welcome week planners at my school in Toronto, and let them know of your amazing information session last night. Im sure they will love to have you speak for our students.

Thank You for your time, and I am sure we will be in touch soon.

Shamit Paul

Greetings Heather!
How are you? Great I hope!

Before I proceed, I must take time to extend sincere congratulations to you on the success you've achieved so far in your career. Being a woman myself, I always feel a great sense of pride when I hear or read of other women who, despite life's rocky mountains and its dark valleys, manage to overcome and rise above all odds. Though I only spoke with you for a few short minutes, I must say you to Heather, I am very proud of you.

I thank you so much for taking the time to come to us on Wednesday. It was life-changing for me and I'm sure many others feel that way. I must confess that I have been guilty of allowing the fear of failure to hinder me from dreaming big, not considering that dreaming has no fees or taxes attached to it. After listening to your story on Wednesday, I'm no longer afraid to dream big. I'm no longer afraid to pursue those dreams. I'll be ever grateful to you for the light and inspiration you shed on us all. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

I'll continue this summer with a new attitude hoping that sometime in the future I'll be given the chance to repay you for your investment in me and so many others. I think a nice hand blown necklace with the matching earrings will make a great gift, don't you think? (smile) Until then, I wish you only the very best in all your future endeavors.

There are still millions who need to come in contact with your charisma and personality.

Joureen Ward


My name is Kyle Skotnicki and I am currently enrolled in the University of Dreams program and saw your great speech last night. The information that you provided was really a breath of fresh air, and was extremely inspiring to me. The yarn game was really great; i have seen it before but never seen it where the speaker was so motviated on getting everyone involved. The different concepts that you introduced were also really helpful to me.

I am also currently enrolled at the University of Cincinnati, in the College of Business and am planning on graduating after the Spring Term. I had two major questions for you. If you would possibly be available to come and speak at the University of Cincinnati during the Fall, going along with that is what your rate is to speak. My next question; I am looking to break into the film agency business post-graduation and was wondering if you had any helpful suggestions or anyone in your contaqct list that would be helpful to talk to about formulating a strategy to get entry to the business.

It was great to meet you and to see you speak. Thanks so much for the great talk and inspiration.

Kyle A Skotnicki
University of Cincinnati
College of Business
Finance Undergraduate

- Various

"THANK YOU From Univ of Denver"

From: hmarshal@du.edu [mailto:hmarshal@du.edu]
Sent: Thursday, July 19, 2007 5:29 PM
To: Heather@HeatherHale.com
Subject: Thank you!

Dear Ms. Hale,

I just wanted to write a quick note thanking you for coming and speaking to our University of Dreams group last night. It was very helpful for me to hear your story as I am pursuing a career path that I will not be graduating with a degree in, next summer. The fact that you did a complete 360 and changed paths was very inspiring. I will be graduating from university with a Marketing and Real Estate degree but want to go into print journalism, and more specifically writing for Vanity Fair would be my ultimate goal. I am in the process of applying to graduate programs for journalism as well.

I just wanted to thank you for being inspiring. So many people try to tell me that its hard to change paths and "are you sure thats really what you want to do" and its always so exciting to hear success stories of others who have done something different no matter what other people say.

Thank you again for your time with us!


Holly Marshall
University of Denver
Daniels College of Business

- University of Denver

"California State University, Northridge"

Relatable, knowledgeable, enthusiastic and motivating – Heather Hale is all that and more! I attended her Power Networking Seminar when it was held on campus through our Leadership Institute. I went to see if she had anything to share that would be useful for the student volunteers that I work with. I was pleasantly surprised to learn new tools, systems and skills that would not only assist my students, but that would also assist me! Heather is a dynamic presenter, happy to answer questions and full of ideas. I highly recommend her – be it for a one time seminar or a more lengthy retreat or training!

University Student Union, Inc.
818/677-6494 Direct Line
818/677-3615 Fax
wendy.yost@csun.edu Email
Visit the USU at usu.csun.edu

- Wendy Phelps (Yost), Associate Director

"The Reviews Are In!..."

Keren LeClaire-Green Sherman Oaks, California

"Heather is so insightful and she gives all her heart and soul to her students and their work –
It’s so obvious how much she cares."

Joannes Portia Pamatmat
CSUN Student

"The PowerNetworking workshop was relevant in gaining tactics on how to network. Now I know that I can seek my own opportunities to network and about the 5 oppotunities to make an impression."

Lia Van Nuys, California
“Heather is an awesome teacher.”

Learning Annex Student (anonymous website survey)

“A completely enjoyable and informative class. I utilized what I learned from Heather that very evening! An excellent investment of my time and money!”

Learning Annex Student

“Remarkable person. Three hours was just the beginning...she seemed ready and able to go on for another three at least. Impressive and generous... possibly the two qualities that make her an ideal networking expert. Would recommend her to anyone.”

H. Rochelle (Roach) Crystal Roach's Realm Productions Redmond WA

“I'm an up and coming filmmaker (a techie/shooter) and she answered all the questions that were at the forefront of my thoughts - and I wasn't even there to ask them! I appreciate what it is to network and "schmooze" but I had no idea where to start and how it all worked. Truly, it was exactly what I was looking for."

Serge LeBlanc Valencia, CA

"Heather’s "Power Networking" presentation was insightful and fun - the highlight of the Great American Pitch Fest weekend for me. And just days after the pitch fest, she actually got my sitcom pilot directly into a couple of Show Runners’ hands!”

Meghan Ciana Doidge Vancouver CANADA

“I just wanted to thank you for the networking workshop, which I thought would be a waste of my time because I hate all that I think "networking" usually means - but you were great. You reconfirmed that making movies is about building relationships not just passing out business cards.”

Jennifer Rosen Actress/Writer One Woman Show: Tall Girl

"Heather possesses a keen understanding of how the entertainment industry operates. She was invaluable in helping me construct a game plan to define and reach my target audience in the most efficient, effective manner possible. Not only did Heather demystify the art of schmoozing, but she also provided me with the tools to overcome my fear of cold calling industry folks."

Gabrielle Kelly Producer/Writer/LA Film School professor

“We all know this is a relationship business and in my work as a producer and educator, I have so many times found myself in the small-world scenario that converges on one name: Heather Hale. As a meta-networker myself (ie: networking is a verb and we are its henchmen), I have never met anyone as lightning quick on the speed dial as Heather.

Lynn Santer Author/Screenwriter
(Who later met Heather at her US book signing and Press Party)

“I have never met Heather Hale. In fact I live ten thousand miles away at "the end of the earth" in Australia. Yet Heather's friendship, support and network have been invaluable to me. I have secured a Hollywood manager through her site, I have "met" key industry people through her site, and now my first US launch has been secured I am heading over to Los Angeles later this year. - Various Students and Clients


DVD's - The Courage to Love; Navigating Hollywood; Non-Linear Story Telling, Become a Better Leader, Writing & Implmenting Business Plans

BOOKS: Nirvana in a Cup: The Founding of Oregon Chai



Heather got on the Hollywood map in 2000 when The Courage to Love, the $5.5 million dollar Lifetime Original Movie starring Vanessa Williams, Diahann Carroll, Gil Bellows and Stacy Keach (now available on DVD), was produced off her spec screenplay, Quadroon Ball.

Since then, she’s written and/or produced over 45-hours of award-winning television including The Evidence, a news magazine docudrama series that won “Best New Series Pilot” at the 2001 WorldFest Houston International Film Festival and Lifestyle Magazine, a holistic health talk show hosted by Clifton Davis (Amen, Any Given Sunday), that won two Tellys and a Gold Award from the 2001 WorldFest Houston.

Prior to that, Heather was on the writing staff of two PBS edutainment series: Psychology: The Human Experience which won an Emmy Award for Best Instructional Series, a Bronze Telly Award, The Videographer Awards, International Film & Video and an Aegis Award of Excellence and Dollar$ & Sense: Personal Finance for the 21st Century, which won an Emmy Award for Best Instructional Series and an Aegis Award of Excellence.

Heather served as the Director of Event Programming for the National Association of Television Program Executives which included producing NATPE ’05, the major television market which annually attracts an estimated 8,000 producers and executives to the Mandalay Bay Resorts in Las Vegas to hear over 200 speakers including high profile Show Runners and the CEOs and Presidents of virtually every major network, cable and satellite station as well as converging digital technologies. Heather also programmed NATPE’s 2004 TV Producers Boot Camp.

Heather is a Jury Judge for RKO Picture’s Hartley-Merrill International Screenwriting Competition alongside Ivan Reitman (Ghost Busters, Stripes, Animal House), Alan Ball (American Beauty, Six Feet Under), Linda Seger and Dara Marks. She has been a Judge or Judge’s Coordinator for The ABC/Disney TV Fellowship, The Scriptwriters’ Network’s Carl Sautter and Producers’ Outreach Programs, The American Screenwriters Association's and Writer’s Digest's International Screenwriting Competition and the Independent Feature Project, among others. She has taught workshops and sat on panels at various film festivals and conferences including being a STAR SPEAKER for several years running at The Screenwriters’ Expo, the Austin Film Festival, the Vancouver Film and Television Expo, The Willamette Writers Conference, Selling to Hollywood, Slamdance, Moondance, The Great American Pitch Fest, the Vail Film Festival, the Northwest Screenwriters Guild and the Temecula Film Festival, among many, many others. She is one of the most popular guest lecturers for The Los Angeles Film and Recording Schools, Champman University, UCLA, The Learning Annex, Learning Tree University and online with TheIndustry.LA ("The Craig's List of Hollywood").

In addition to film festivals and writers conferences, Heather is a popular corporate and collegiate trainer as well, and has led workshops at the annual convention of Meeting Professionals International as well as colleges and universities around the globe including being a showcased speaker at several NACA and APCA National Conventions, internationally for University of Dreams College Internship Program, the University of Barcelona, University College London, NYU, Yale University, UCLA, University of Chicago, USF, UNLV, CSUN, CSU Riverside and many others.

Heather is currently writing her long-demanded non-fiction franchiseable book: PowerNetworking: The Secret Hollywood Code while juggling writing assignments and producing projects with her teaching and consulting.

With what's left of her time, she routinely volunteers with emerging screenwriters and producers. She is a mentor for the Friar's Foundation, the Film Industry Network and teaches 11-year old ADHD kids creative writing and improv through RKO’s The Story Project. As a board member of the non-profit “Kids Making Movies,” Heather mentors a group of home schooled children 5 – 17 who make independent films. Heather has recently been asked to sit on Sarano Kelley’s The Game Board of Directors as well.

Prior to working in the entertainment industry, Heather was the CFO of her own privately-held mortgage-banking corporation. With three branches staffed with twenty loan officers and processors, Approved Mortgage went from a start-up operation to a thriving business that table-top or warehouse-line funded over $2 million per month through 300 approved-affiliate relationships with wholesale lenders. She spent almost a decade writing, pitching and underwriting real estate investment packages for everything from custom home sub-divisions to car washes, golf courses, vineyards, incubator warehouses and mobile home park land banking opportunities. She helped private investors learn to carry back paper on lease-options-to-buy in addition to funding their first hard money loans. She taught classes on pri