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Its off the chain girl, you keep on doin that gangsta shit.

Reviewer: Iceberg

Men girl heather you did yo thang keep them coming strong like you did on that hit single So serious you did gangsta you showed them how you can get down fo show..keep em coming like that..

2 Suburbans And A Hurse She Killen Em' Out There.

Reviewer: Mall Fox - A.K.A. OHIO

It caught me of guard But when I heard it I was like Das was hot in the streets. Heather has to be the realist Ma In The music Industry, She says things that other female rappers want to say. But are to scared to put on Wax. Do Your Thing Ma. You Got Love In Toledo, Ohio. Next Time you in Toledo Holla @ Ya Boy.....

I'm so proud of Heather! Mission accomplished Ma!

Reviewer: D.E.K.A.

All the production is hot and mad fluid! You told me back in 92 you was going to come in the game and take it over! This is a valiant step in that direction! "Freak like me is my fave! Keep it up Ma! Mad love and respect! Keep it up. Philly loves you! Your fan and friend for life! Jewel D.E.K.A.

Heather is just as bad as she is in porn wonderful

Reviewer: candyliccer

I like the songs, i like the beats, ur voice has always been a turn on for me since your movies, it sounds weird to hear u rap, but it sounds good...i plan on ordering your cd and i hope everybody i turn on to it likes it too (don't worry they will).........oh by the way if u could meet my girl she could pass as your double.......no shit i tell her all the time we even watch your movies together now we can listen to your music as well, keep up the good work lookin forward to more endeavors.....one love

Keeping it real

Reviewer: Shi

I think this lady is the truth regardless of what anyone may think, Heather seems like the type with the don't give a fuck attitude & that’s the best attitude to have (not hiding or denying anything) and not being ashamed of who she is & where she came from , just because she was a porn star it don't mean that she has to be judge by that , I recognize a real hit when I here one & that lady got hitssss for days & to be honest its one of the best albums I've ever heard & I think she'll go far


Reviewer: Royse Leech

Once again Heather proves that she is not only THE SEXEST woman But she is one woman who can do it all act, paint, sing, and rap with perfection. Is there any thing she can not do. (not so far)

Talent, talent and more talent!
Reviewer: David H. Hagen
The Unexpected is hot! There isn't a bad song on the CD! Tight rhymes mixed with the unique sexual style of one of the greatest adult stars in history! Can it get better than that?

Welcome back

Reviewer: Robert Anton

I've just started listening in to whats goin on and it sounds good to me. You look good, sound good, and are on the right track with your music. Welcome back to your original musical roots. I hope this isn’t the last the world hears of your musical talents.



So Serious is getting national radio play and steady video rotation.

In Love video was just finished and will be national radio and video rotation.



Heather Hunter

She is one of the most recognizable personalities throughout the whole world. She can truly be described as an Icon. She helped shape and mold the modern day sexual revolution for men and women of all colors. She is without a doubt the most famous African American adult entertainer on the planet and now Heather Hunter is preparing to conquer the rest of the entertainment universe. Being retired from the Adult Industry for over 10 years now!

Hailed as this generation's most revered sexual icons, Heather Hunter has proven for over a decade that she is more than a pretty face with skills in the erotic. Heather is the first African-American woman to boldly cross racial barriers into mainstream entertainment through adult film. Recognized by her loyal cult of fans and referenced in songs by heavy-weight rappers like Lil Kim, LL Cool J, Snoop Dogg and collaborating with Tupac Shakur, "Double H" has lent a strong hand in smashing taboos and leading the charge of sexual liberation. "I never really thought about it when I was doing it." Heather admits. "I just knew what I wanted to do and made it happen. That's just how I am."

Hustling on the streets of Harlem and Brooklyn was tough on Heather who would ultimately use those rough times as fuel for her unwavering ambition to succeed. Blessed in the arts of writing, painting, singing and dancing, Heather Hunter jumped off her career in entertainment with a local R&B group when she was in her teens. Bitten by the showbiz bug, Heather continued to feed her hunger for creative conquest. At the age of 18, she auditioned for a spot as a burlesque dancer that eventually led to a featured spot of the X-rated film "Heather." Soon after, Heather Hunter became one of the hottest commodities in adult film and became the first and only African-American woman to be inducted into the Adult Film Hall Of Fame.

The story thus far goes like this…Her face and form has sold millions in video and DVD releases worldwide. The name Heather Hunter has become a dream brand name, racking up an estimated 20 million dollars in revenue throughout her amazing ten-year career. Combine that with her web site, HeatherHunter.com, which receives another 1 million hits a month and you begin to grasp the scope of her cult-like status.

Now a living pop culture staple, Heather has returned to her written roots with the album, Double H The Unexpected that brags the production wizardry of, DJ Premier and Scott Storch. Aaron Lyles, and her hot new music video "So Serious" featuring Wyclef Jean from gimmicks and other distractions from her talent, Heather Hunter gives the listener a three dimensional view into her complex mind. "People know me for many different things," she explains. "But they really don't know all of me. On this album, people get to find out what really makes me Double H." Keeping true to her unpredictable nature, Heather Hunter displays her versatility with sharp edged songs like, "So Serious" and "In Love" that exposes her emotional thoughts.

An album alone doesn't even come close enough to fulfilling Heather Hunter's insatiable passion for being number one. The soon-to-be crowned queen of media has penned her, Erotic fiction novel “Insatiable Desires” coming in 2006!
And Artcorenyc.com presents Heather Hunter’s signature Pop Art paintings titled, The “Hunter Collection”. And opening an Art Gallery called Artcore NYC in Dumbo, Brooklyn in June 2006!
Heather is also releasing her acclaimed animated series Bullet Proof Diva! (DVD & comic series)

If there's one thing for sure, Heather Hunter isn't a woman to back down from a challenge; her extensive history proves it. With her remarkable sense of creativity and unbreakable work ethic, there's no doubt that Double H will plant her flag in yet another form of entertainment.