Heather Hutchison

Heather Hutchison


Blending the seriousness of an adult with the vibrancy of a teenager in her lyrics and energy at the piano, Heather Hutchison is an eighteen-year-old singer, songwriter and pianist with a very promising future and a sense of music well beyond her years.


"Heather Hutchison blends the seriousness of an adult with the vibrancy of a teenager in her lyrics and energy at the piano." - Chris Martin, Vue Magazine

Born on August 6, 1988 in Edmonton, Alberta, Heather found her passion for music at a very early age. She was born blind, and listening to a variety of
music provided her with a rich and diverse musical experience. At five years of age, she enrolled in piano lessons, and at seven, joined a local choir
where she discovered her affinity for singing. During her thirteenth year, Heather began to experiment with songwriting. Her musicality grew, and she grabbed
every opportunity to perform.

In the summer of 2004 at the age of fifteen, Heather entered the Edmonton Klondike Days Talent Explosion for the first time. From several hundred acts
by performers aged twelve to twenty-one, from across Northern and Central Alberta, Heather was selected as one of the eighteen finalists. However it was
during the semi-finals that she met one of her judges, producer Brock Skywalker, (formerly of the popular Edmonton-based band Captain Tractor), and together
they headed into the studio to showcase her writing, singing and piano abilities. Her CD, "Hello" was released on April 24, 2005.

Since then, Heather has performed in many venues around Alberta such as the Northlands Agricom, Reds, the Arden Theatre, and The Yardbird Suite where she
released her CD, performing before a near capacity crowd. Her music has also reached audiences from as far away as Australia, Spain, England and Japan.
She has been featured in numerous newspaper articles, made several television appearances and performed at such events as Edmonton Klondike Days, WayneFest
and NextFest Emerging Artist Festival. Heather has shared the stage with some of Alberta's finest musicians including Ann Vriend, Brock Skywalker (Captain
Tractor), Chris Budnardchuk (Maren Ord), Daisy Blue Groff (Painting Daisies) and Kris Demeanor.

This piano-pop songstress cites Evanescence, Tori Amos, Vienna Teng, Sarah McLachlan and Corrinne May as some of her most inspiring musical influences.
Her songs evoke a wide range of emotions, and capture the struggles and triumphs of life in an introspective and poignant manner.

Heather has frequently been described as an old soul, writing raw lyrics and composing haunting melodies well beyond her eighteen years. Her ability to
reach audience members, young and old, speaks to the universality of her message, and to a performer who touches the hearts of many. Heather Hutchison
is a gifted artist with a very promising future.


"Hello" EP, 2005

Set List

Each set list is taylored for the audience and venue. Usually, sets consist mostly of original material with a few covers (Evanescence, Christina Aguilera, Barlow Girl among others, as well as any special requests given ahead of time).