Heather Kefalas

Heather Kefalas


Original entrancing melodies flavored with haunting vocals that take the listener on a heartfelt emotional journey. This album has an European pop influence with a world epic style orchestration, conducive to dramatic movie themes and film score motifs.

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Common Hearts Common Ground

Written By: Heather Kefalas, John Jones, CJ Priamos

Drivin’ these narrow lonely roads
A far cry from the busy streets I knew
Couldn’t care less where this highway goes
Long as it takes me straight to you

Those tender years in the city square
Prada strummed my middle name
Clean paved streets and designer sheets
That was my flavor, just the same

We’re just two of a kind drawn from different lines
Doesn’t matter much to you
Took some time to think it through
Guess I’m hooked on you…
Common Hearts…..Common Ground

You were from the south side of the tracks
Somehow that bothered me
Didn’t know where El Paso was
It wasn’t a place I’d want to see

A little time there and you grew on me
Even then I fought back the fear
But your soothing voice kept telling me
……“I just want you here”

The many times you asked me to stay
I kept running to who knows where
I broke down and I realized
That you’re the only one who cared


EP: Portrait Album; Arabesca/film documentary Dynasty of Terror; Arabesca/film BUMP; On Ne Sait Jamais/film BUMP; Carouse/Music Video: Varios cuts from album in Music Videos and TV