Heather Kelday

Heather Kelday

 Wolfville, Nova Scotia, CAN

Heather Kelday's brilliant new CD, "The Hitchin' Post", showcases a songwriter who has reached artistic maturity; a versatile musician/composer with the gift of a warm, expressive voice. - Deep Roots Music Festival


"After a ten-plus-year successful run on the music scene, mostly fronting the bands Barefoot and A Band of Owls, singer/songwriter Heather Kelday is making a bold move and flying solo. Blessed with a dreamy voice, the gifted songwriter describes the world as she sees it in self-penned pearls that can be found on her much-anticipated debut solo album The Hitchin' Post. A versatile multi-instrumentalist, Kelday plays her own blend of folk-which makes definite forays into blues, soul, bluegrass, and jazz-on banjo, mandolin, guitar and piano and is often accompanied by well-known artists from the East Coast music community. One of our most promising musician Heather Kelday is not to be missed."
-Lunenburg Folk Harbour Festival
Considered a blend of folk-roots, blues and bluegrass, Heather Kelday writes in the creative spirit of indie-pop music, while rooting her songs in folk melodies. Heather’s strong voice, multi-instrumental talents (including banjo, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, mandolin and piano), and lyrical passion for the natural world carve a unique place for her in Canada’s music scene. After 2 years as an emerging solo artist, audiences have come to expect a Heather Kelday show to include unique compositions and collaborations with talented back-up musicians of varied genres in blues, Celtic, world music, bluegrass and more. They can also expect to be singing and participating as all shows are highly interactive.

Heather has sustained a professional solo career with benchmarks including a 2008 East Coast Music Association Showcase as a CBC Galaxie Rising Star, her first solo release The Hitchin’ Post in 2009 with sold out release concerts in Wolfville and Halifax, and two highly attended tours to Ontario and Quebec – one in the spring and one in the fall of ‘09, a featured artist in the Lunenburg Folk Harbour Festival in summer 2009, as well as live performances on CBC’s Canada Live, Atlantic Canada’s All the Best and Atlantic Airwaves.

LaHave Folk Festival - LaHave NS - September 2010
Raise the Roof Womyns Festival - Kingston ON - July 2010
AMP Festival - Wolfville NS - May 2010
Deep Roots Music Festival in Wolfville NS - September 2009
Lunenburg Folk Harbour Festival in Lunenburg NS - August 2009
Deep Roots Music Festival in Wolfville NS in September 2008
Lunenburg Folk Harbour Series in Lunenburg NS in July 2008
Little River Folk Series in Petite Riviere in May 2008
CBC Galaxie Rising Stars Showcase in Fredericton NB in February 2008
In the Dead of Winter Music Festival in Halifax NS in February 2008
Deep Roots Music Festival in Wolfville NS in September 2007
Live from the Rock Folk Festival in Red Rock ON in August 2007
Evolve Festival in Antigonish NS in 2006
Deep Roots Music Festival in Wolfville NS 2005
Islands Folk Festival in Duncan BC in 2005
Ross Creek Arts Festival in 2004
Thundering Woman’s Festival in Thunder Bay ON in 2004
Canadian Tulips Festival in Ottawa ON in 2003
The Come Together Festival in Durham ON in 2002, 2003
Kokanee Beer Festival in Creston BC in 2002.


Adventures of Leaf

Written By: Heather Kelday

Say I try to remember days, when the fall begins to haze
And the leaves would make the maze, the colours all ablaze Hanging along, waiting to fly, would be worth it just to try One small gust will set me free, one gust must to let me be
Chorus I wish I could, my life has withered from this tree I think I should, to waltz my way to the understory Swaying down, side to side, got the wind to lift my pride Rising up, falling down, I can’t control this crazy ride I lost the tree that once was me, gave it up to be free But I still love the sight of the canopy
Reminds me of what it’s like to be
Oh to dance with the breeze, Get caught up in its romantic sieze Caught in drifts of flowing melodies
Here to dance with the other leaves


Bitter Bus

Written By: Heather Kelday

You don’t give a damn for me
Gonna drive me for the things you need
I cant stand this mess I’m in
My patience wearing paper thin
And I cant stand this mess I’m in

Well I’m naïve, and I cant tell
When a situations gonna give me hell
I put all my trust in you
But you lacked the courage to see it through
And I put all my trust in you

Oh poison me, for the things you need
You got me on my knees, now its time for you to leave
I ain’t the type to stick around when the world is bringin’ me down
Oh poison me, and its time for you to leave

Your papa’s come, your papa’s gone
Seems you had him oh so wrong
He might have done an awful thing
But his heart is sorry and a warmth he brings
He might have done an awful thing

Rushing Love Song 2

Written By: Heather Kelday

Wake up my darling, the tide is rising with the moon it’s,
4 in the morning, my eyes are sleepy til noon
The seas getting closer, soon the waves will drift us apart
Lets, curl up til’ morning, theres no rush

And we fell into a tidal wave, as logs steam rolled over time well spent
I think that we should move our tent!

Old Juan de Fuca, how much, like the edge of the world my,
Shoes gone forever, the beach has swallowed it whole
Hey there’s a nice campsite, up high, in that old cedar tree let’s,
Hang on til’ morning, there’s no rush

And we fell in love under a canopy of sky, as Cougars hung in branches near by
Funny how our time is spent!

Wake up my darling, my eyes deceived me til now the,
Beach sparkles morning, the waves take their last bow
I think that I love you, oh no, this time it’s for sure let’s,
Hitch-hike to breakfast, but there’s no rush

And we fell onto a path for two, as our worlds came swirling through
And that is how the story went!


The Hitchin' Post - Released 2009

Of wood and water, stars and song - Released 2006

Migration - Released 2005

Rabelstein EP - Released 2004

Road 2 - Released 2002

Set List

Folk Venue
(song duration 5 min. and 2 X 45 min. sets or 1 X 90 min. set)

The Hitchin Post - Acoustic Guitar
High Speed Lovin' - Acoustic Guitar
Blow Your Mind - Banjo
Hand to Stone - Banjo
Gaspereau - Banjo
Melody for a Friend - Banjo
Your Old Heart - Piano
Better Times - Piano
The Humm - Piano
Films View - Mandolin
Rushing Love Song 2 - Mandolin