Heather Luttrell

Heather Luttrell


Heather Luttrell may look familiar from Rockstar:INXS. Moving on to bigger and better things, she mixes her soulful, bluesy voice with hard strumming guitar for a result that will give you goosebumps, with or without her band.


Heather Luttrell has been surrounded by music for as long as she can remember. Having grown up in the company of her father and his band, she would take her naps amidst a pile of instrument cases at numerous live shows throughout her childhood.

Heather started playing and writing her own music very early in life,
sounding music out on the guitar and piano. After cutting her teeth
playing solo shows, she gathered several talented Atlanta musicians to back her. The trio formed Heather Grrrl and the Hungover. The group recorded a live album, and toured throughout the Southeast garnering a loyal and enthusiastic following.

After a couple years with the band, Heather ventured out on her own again, finding that outlet allowed her to be ultimately more creative and self-sufficient. She's developed a very dedicated fan base in the 3 years of solo touring since then. In 2002, Heather released her 2nd album, the live solo acoustic "Drive It Like You Stole It”. Her recent follow-up studio album "Grits n' Pulp", was released in early 2005 and showcases Heather's proven bare bones vocal and guitar combination while enhancing various performances with a full backing band and her own masterful piano abilities.

Everything was developing when, in late March 2005, Heather caught wind of auditions being held to find new singer for INXS. A lifetime fan of the band, Heather grabbed her guitar and went to audition. Auditions were held in 15 cities around the US, Canada, Britain and Australia. 15 finalists, including Heather were chosen to progress onto CBS's Rockstar: INXS. Debuting July 11, 2005, Rockstar aired 3 times a week in primetime slots. Amidst tough competition, Heather was fifth to be eliminated.

Heather has regrouped and is preparing to tour in support of her own music and “Grits n’ Pulp”. Having the benefit of her recent global exposure, she looks forward to what the future holds on her terms. She still enjoys performing solo, but is also joined by a new backing band who performed on her album, giving a solid back to her powerful vocals and melodic style.


Drive it Like You Stole It - live solo 2002
Grits n' Pulp - studio album 2005

Set List

A wide variety of original material mixed with a few select covers such as Michael Jackson's Human Nature & Aretha Franklin's Resect.