Heather Marie

Heather Marie


If you are looking for someone to conform and whos in it for fame/fortune, then you have the wrong artist.I am one who writes from her heart and sings it out loud because every bone in my body says so.I sing with attitude/passion like Miss. houston, but end with a tawg like Carrie Underwood.


This is going to sound so cliche, but it really is a true story.... I’m from a small town you could say and somewhat Southern. Most of family is from Pennsylvania, but my mom moved here while she was carrying me. I was the first Georgia peach, is what my family used to say. However, this Georgia peach was somewhat shy growing up, but I always dreamed of being a performer. At the age of five, I would stand on our couch and I would dance and sing, mostly for the babysitter. Some relatives would try to pay me to stand up and sing in restaurants, but it was hard to do at times. Early on I did know all of Janet and Michael Jackson’s songs and dance moves. I strictly watched the show “Solid Gold,” every week and I would watch and sing along with the Gloria Estefan and The Miami sound machine tour on VHS A LOT ;). However, as I got older, I became shyer about my singing, but not as much about my dancing, therefore, when no one was home, this is what I would do and no one really knew how deep my passion was for it.. My family never even heard a peep out of me until the night of my college graduation party. They had seen me dance a million times, but never sing. Dancing wasn’t as hard to do in front of others, but my singing was a kept secret that I was never confident enough to share. My passions continued from early on and around the age of ten, my mom decided that she needed to put her little girl in the business. She then put me in every kind of dance class, along with modeling and acting, while I kept my singing passion to myself. On weekends I would do auditions all over the metro area. However, I took classes for a while, but I wasn’t really serious about it all until high school. In high school, I then started to open up about my singing, so I joined the school choir. It allowed me to sing, but only a group setting, which kept people from really hearing me. However, I took Choir for four years, while I cheered, played basketball and danced. Finally, during my senior year, I got enough guts to try out for the high school musical and which I did and made it. My best friend and I both made it and it was a blast. My high school teacher even asked me to try out for a solo for the musical, but I wasn’t quite confident enough to sing a solo yet. After high school, I went on to college where I eventually ended up at Georgia State University where my major was Music Management. There I was in the Choral Society for three years, while I danced in a show at Six Flags for a year, danced with the Culture Shock Dance Troupe and did various auditions here in Atlanta and Florida. While going to school full-time, working full-time, I finally went more for my singing and auditioned for a girl band called “Karma.” I made it and things when great for a while. I then started to feel a little more confident about my singing, but it was still safe being in another group setting. However, during my senior year, the group wanted to move to Hilton Head to record and write, but I felt as if something was not right for me with that group. So I decided to drop out of the group, stay in school and graduate. Even though I was upset about leaving the group, shortly thereafter, the band broke up and I was happy that I had went with my gut. After graduation in 2002, a year later, my friend J.P and I packed my little Honda Civic and drove 2200 miles to the city of dreams, Los Angeles. Even though I did not have a job lined up and no plans of what would come; moving there was a dream on its own. I had always wanted to move there since I was young and I was going to make my dreams come true somehow, someway. So the first room I rented was out of a house in Santa Monica and it was awesome. I was only four blocks from the beach and I could even see a glimpse of the water from my place. However, after six months, I then hopped over to West Hollywood, where I lived right off of Sunset Blvd. It was nice to live near everything plus the dance studios. I also met a lot of cool people in my building and rent was cheaper there as well, but I still struggled financially. Therefore, I was home a lot on weekends, so on Sundays I would usually go to the beach and write, and then I began to discover that I loved to write. So not only did I love to dance and sing, but I discovered I could write my own songs as well. I wrote several songs during that year and picked up books to help me. It was a time of finding my self, discoveries and growth. It was the best experience!!! It’s been two years since I have been home from La La Land and it’s been a productive two years. I profoundly grew up from my experience of Hollywood. It can chew you up and spit you out; it’s a definite hustle. However, that didn’t scare me though because I love a challenge, but I knew what I need to do .I had more debt than I had income there and I was already working two jobs. So after a year in Los Angeles, I decided to make my journey back home. I believe I made the right decision and I


Last one

Written By: Heather Williams

I catch you looking at me
Sometimes you might even wink
Could you be someone to know
Could we be something to grow

Whats underneath
Is a mystery to me

Ill give you my time of day
If you give me your smile that way
Just give me somethin to linger on
Don't tell me what I don't need to know
And dont bring your baggage to my door
Make it so I don't want to run
Back into the arms of last one....

You might be scared of the world
Like your cursed to run in circles
But a light appears
That I could be fond of for years

Buts whats underneath
Is a mystery to me

So I'll give you my time of day
If you give me your smile that way
Just give me somethin to linger on
Don't tell me what I don't know
And don't bring your baggage to my door
Make it so I don't want to run
Back in to the arms of the last one....


Not yet...;)

Set List

I'll Stay, Why Couldn't it be, Seeking Kerri, Someday, The last one, Wake up call-Maroon Five, American Girl-Carrie Underwood, Wonderwall-Oasis, One last Time...Our sets our an hour to two hours.. Covers we do usually are poppy, or pop country..