Heather Marie Philipp

Heather Marie Philipp


Heather Marie Philipp is a jazz-based singer songwriter whose soulful, sensual art-pop lives in a world between Norah Jones and Portishead. If you like Billie Holiday, Sting, and Feist you will love her. She performs in the greater Denver area with her six-piece jazz/blues band The Boyfriend.


It’s no wonder the sultry, soulful jazz/pop of Heather Marie Philipp seems to come from her bones. It does. Born and raised in small towns across Michigan by her rock guitarist father and poet mother, and a host of their colorful friends, Heather, the second of four children, came by her artistic passion, intense presence, and unending drive naturally. She spent much of her childhood and teen years dancing, singing, and acting and in 1999, her love for performance led her to Naropa University in Boulder, Colorado where she earned an improv-based interdisciplinary performance degree. At Naropa, she acted, directed, wrote, danced and sang while studying with eclectic faculty, including renowned modern jazz pianist Art Lande and international classical composer Bill Douglas. Heather also studied abroad in Nepal and India.

Though she toyed with a folk singer/songwriter identity prominent in Boulder, playing a few coffee shops here and there, Heather eventually realized the “girl-with-a-guitar” persona wasn’t a fit for her. She began to dive more deeply into jazz, soul, and avant garde voice work, settling into a few years of writing new material, more traveling to South America and Africa, and doing frequent meditation retreats within the Buddhist tradition she follows. In 2006 Heather received an offer of support for her first CD and after connecting with talented young composer and producer, Paul Fowler in Taos, New Mexico, she began compiling material for what would become the Under the Apple EP.

Progress on the CD was suspended early in the process when Heather was involved in a debilitating car accident. Though it took nearly a year to recover fully, with the help of her steely resolve and deep passion for life, recover she did – and with a debut CD in the works, no less. Under the Apple was complete in less than six months and the end product is an intimate, original work of seldom heard breadth and depth from a debut effort. The album builds on a foundation of contemporary acoustic jazz the likes of jazz/pop darlings Norah Jones and Madeleine Peyroux, but takes agile strides into the soulful sides of art pop, trip-hop, and R&B groove. You can find remnants of Billie Holiday and Chet Baker alongside a little Portishead, Sting, and Natalie Merchant. The tracks show off Heather’s warm, sensual, and versatile three-octave voice, her knack for inspired prose-style songwriting, and stellar musicianship from an up-and-coming producer. Together, Philipp and Fowler have created a jazz-inspired album that is listenable, current, and artsy - addictive to listen to and mature well beyond what you’d expect from a first-time-out.

Heather, a veteran marketing professional by day, is steadily building a following in the Boulder/Denver Metro area, has been featured on local radio stations, played to enthusiastic crowds at the iconic Boulder Theater and other local venues, opened for film and fringe festivals, and is planning East Coast and European tours. With a strong online presence and powerful live performances, Under the Apple is sure to be only the first of many impressive projects we’ll see from the unforgettable, talented, and driven Heather Marie Philipp.


To Remember You

Written By: Heather Marie Philipp

Leave me something to remember
Leave me something I'll not forget
Walk away but walk slowly
Leave me an image for when I'm alone and lonely

Give me something
Give me anything
Just give me something
To remember you by

Leave all the ashes right where we left them
Leave all the dreamers to their vice
Be on your way but go lightly
Leave all the moments intact for the next big strike of lightning


If you stayed it would only be the worse for us
Leave today, we'll be spared the curse of love undone too far


Love Blind

Written By: Heather Marie Philipp

There ain't no end in sight
There ain't no easy way to get through the night
Ain't no joy here to find
No thing I can point to that's mine
Ain't no way to make this love blind again
Ain't no way to make this love blind

I reach farther than I know
For two callused hands to hold
And a mind set behind glass
And I push harder than I can
For ground to soft to stand on
Lost in a dream, lost to the past


You have sacrificed the sun
You are ransoming the moon
I have nowhere to go, there's nothing to do
Won't you give me back my days
And hand over my nights
I would run but I am run through and through


Courting Stars

Written By: Heather Marie Philipp

I swim your seas of cocoa
Drink up every last hello
Sink into each baited breath
To see just how deep this passion goes

Sometimes I lie awake
Imagining the first time
You set your deep brown eyes on me
The last time I wondered what your lips taste like
Cause in no time the trees whispered your name

I fly free in and out the winds
And it’s just me diving where the deep begins
The land, well it’s a nice place to visit
But I court the stars and roam the seas x3

Tomorrow is a day I cannot keep
And the next day is a wish still fast asleep
But this moment, this turning and floating free
Yeah this moment, is where my feet want to be

So go find you your promise for another day
Look behind you and say the words you know to say
But for me, well it’s a tugging sail in a fickle tide
But it’s home yeah, in this place I swim and swim and swim inside


I swim your seas of cocoa
Drink up every last hello
And when the green flash overtakes me
And the fiery skies circle my soul
There is a rhythm and an order x5
To loosing control


EP: Under the Apple (c) 2008

Multiple tracks from this debut release receive regular airplay on community and college radio in the U.S., as well as select stations in Europe. Heather Marie Philipp and Under the Apple are currently included in multiple licensing libraries.

Set List

50-minute set includes:
originals, covers, and standards and may look like:

1. Courting Stars (original w/ R&B tones)
2. To Remember You (original jazz ballad)
3. Under the Apple (original w/ jazz groove feel)
4. Message In a Bottle (stripped down Police cover)
5. Fly Me To The Moon (uptempo standard)
6. Love Blind (pop/soul original)
7. Snow Fell (art/pop original)
8. Freedom Hangs Like Heaven (uptempo blues Iron & Wine cover)
9. You Bring Me Alive (original)
10. Clear Blue Sky (original)