Heather Mere

Heather Mere


Multi-genre rock artist from Niagara Falls, NY.


Heather Mere has shared the stage with major label acts including Shenoah, Klear, STEMM, and Robby and Johnny of the Goo Goo Dolls. In 2006, she's promoting her new album in Guitar One magazine and in Lollapalooza's 2006 festival magazine.

Heather Mere is paving new ground for female-fronted rock. Her album, "Shattered I," released in June 2004, gave us "Take" a song that rocketed to #3 on Soundclick.com's alternative metal chart just days after its debut on the chart at #66. The songs "Take" and "Break Me" from the album have maintained the #1 and #2 chart positions, respectively, for most downloaded songs EVERY WEEK since June 2004 on Buffalo's premier music community website, WNYMusic.com. "Take" was added to the soundtrack of 2nd Annual X-Treme Fest in Panama City, Florida...an event that is broadcast nationally by Comcast Southeast Sports Network and XSTV-Fox Sports. The song was also picked up, for a season, as the theme song for television's OSW champion wrestler, Tommy Mandrake. As 2004 came to a close, Heather Mere earned a nomination from Buffalo's WBNY-FM 91.3 for "Best Solo Artist" and a "Best EP" nomination for "Shattered I."

Heather and her band have been diligently working in studio this year on the long-awaited, full-length album, “Shattered II: A Time For Redemption,” which will be released in 2007.


Shattered I
A 7-song EP. Released June 2004.
Self-produced. Songs co-published by Heather Mere and Journey of Life Productions.
Visit http://www.myspace.com/heathermere or
http://www.myspace.com/journeyoflifeproductions to hear streaming audio of songs from "Shattered I"

Shattered II
A 13-song LP. Copyright 2006-2007 from Heather Mere and Journey of Life Productions.
Visit http://www.myspace.com/heathermere for updates.

Set List

Below are songs typically selected to be performed live in concert. Not all songs listed are performed at every show. Set lists vary from 3-song, 15-minute performances for certain festival and showcase events, to 13-song, 1-hour performances as a headliner.

From the album "Shattered I":

Break Me
Close My Mind
My Sacrifice (Screaming Inside)
Burning Hollow

From the album "Shattered II":

Blood For Free
Stupid (Why Are We?)
She Waits
False Prophesies
On The Line
Driven Beyond Hell