Heather Pierson

Heather Pierson

 Conway, New Hampshire, USA

Honest, heartfelt, soulful.


Pierson is an amazing talent.  Her gorgeous, rich vocals are filled with
soul.  She can mesmerize you on the piano, the guitar - even the
melodica.  She's as comfortable and adept with bluegrass as she is with
jazz.  With Heather, there is absolutely nothing not to like.  Don't
you dare miss an opportunity to hear her live or to purchase her
recordings." -
Kniola | 88.1 WVPE Public Radio

At first glance, Heather Pierson appears to be the girl next door youthful, friendly, a little bit shy. At the seat of a piano or brandishing her fathers old Gibson, however, she transforms into a world-class performer, baring her soul in a manner that leaves her listeners breathless and aching for more.

Heather is a pianist, multi-genre singer/songwriter and performer. From New Orleans jazz to poignant folk narratives and Delta-style blues to soul-stirring instrumentals and chants, Heather's memorable, intimate and cathartic live performances move seamlessly and effortlessly from one style to the next, and a growing catalog of wildly divergent CD releases reflects her boundless creativity. Her seventh studio recording, The Hard Work of Living, was released in October 2013 and features her Americana/folk/roots songwriting, including her award winning single "A Hard Man To Please."  Her first-rate chops at the piano and guitar paired with her bell-tone, pitch-perfect vocals provide the vehicle for Heather's creativity, whether its in her originally penned songs or her spot-on interpretations of others work.

The Hard Work of Living is the culmination of her recent explorations with the acoustic guitar a delicately crafted collection of songs that have already been winning her entry into songwriting contests and listeners hearts all over the United States. From the gospel-infused "Let It Roll Off Your Back" to the heart stopping "I'll Never Know Freedom Again" to the achingly beautiful title track, lovers of the honesty and passion of Americana and roots music will find a new emotional home in this album.

Throughout her colorful career, her eclectic skill set continues to propel her onto concert hall stages and into barrooms, coffeehouses, resort hotels, pow-wows, living rooms and churches in a variety of roles: performing, public speaking, choir directing, leading drum circles, facilitating children's music classes and more. Her nearly non-stop performance schedule (with over 200 shows a year) speaks of her tireless work ethic and endless devotion to her crafts. Defying genre and classification and yet fully embracing all musical styles, Heather is an artist who speaks the language of music in as many dialects as her abilities will allow. Her life's work, she says, is to share her love of music and of life with others one song, one heart, one mind at a time.


2014 - Official Showcase at FARM (Folk Alliance Regional Midwest)

2014 - Official Showcase artist at SERFA (Southeast Regional Folk Alliance)

2014 - Finalist - South Florida Folk Festival Songwriting Competition

2013 - Official Showcase artist at NERFA (Northeast Regional Folk Alliance) one-day conference

2013 - Finalist - SolarFest Singer/Songwriter Showcase

2013 - 2nd place - Broward Folk Club Singer Songwriter Competition

2012 - 1st place - New England Songwriting Contest

2012 - 1st place - Singing Against Homelessness Songwriting Contest


A Hard Man To Please

Written By: Heather Pierson

Well, my daddy was a hard workin’ man
And momma knew not to get in the way
And they taught me that God has a plan
When they tucked me in at night they would say

“Jesus won’t save you now
Unless you get down on your knees
And your prayers will be answered somehow
But I’ll warn you – he’s a hard man to please”

Well, I married the first boy I ever kissed
In the backyard by the preacher from town
And his charm was a hard thing to resist
But some nights he took to holding me down
And he’d say

“Jesus won’t save you now
So you better get right down on your knees
Don’t you know that you belong to me now?
And lord knows I’m a hard man to please”

Well, try as I may and try as I might
I pray for my soul both morning and night
And ask the good lord for my life to be blessed
‘Cause right now it ain’t nothin’ but a mess

When my boy was just old enough to speak
I sat him right down here on my knee
And in a moment that some might call weak
I taught him what my life had taught me
I said

“Jesus won’t save you now
Not even when you’re down on your knees
You gotta learn to trust yourself somehow
And pray you’re not a hard man to please”

It's Time To Go

Written By: Heather Pierson

Though the sun is high and warming my bones
And the desert breeze is soft and low
And the sky is clear and full of the melancholy tones
Of the sweetest birdsong I'll ever know
It's time to go

So many paths before me in every direction
And so many miles left to go
So many new ideas, so much time for reflection
And so many more wild seeds to sow
But it's time to go
It's time to go now

There's a lamp burning in the night
And someone waiting to hold me tight
And somehow it doesn't seem right
To be this far from everything I know

So early in the morning when the world is still dreaming
And the edge of the sky starts to glow
I'll hit the road running, like a jetliner streaming
Across the land and back to my home
'Cause it's time to go
It's time to go now

Well I hope I can make it back
Without going too far off the track
But I've always had a knack
For wondering away from what I know
Even when I know it's time to go

I'll Never Know Freedom Again

Written By: Heather Pierson

I pine for a man that I'll never meet
Whose temper won't flair hot and wild
But rather has the heart of a child
An angel with a smile so sweet
And I ache for a time out of memory
When the rivers never ran dry
And the stars all sparkled like diamonds in the sky
If there's anything more lovely, please tell me

And oh, how I long for freedom
Freedom from this hell that I'm in
But I'm destined to keep on living with what I've done
And I'll never know freedom again

Well, I often mistake my dreams at night
For memories that I once lived
There's nothing in this world that I wouldn't give
To go back and make this thing right
But if only he hadn't raised his hand to me
I might not have lost my cool
And after all those years that I lived like a fool
I finally had the eyes to see

And oh, how I long for freedom
Freedom to start over again
But I'm destined to lose everything for what I've done
And I'll never know freedom again

In the blink of an eye a man had to die
By the blade of my old rusty knife
But why should I pay for one single day
With the rest of my long lonely life?

I pine for a man that I'll never meet
As long as I'm locked in this cage
All that I'm left with now is my rage
And the cold bitter taste of defeat
But I'll always take comfort in knowing
That I did what just had to be done
But what will happen now to my son?
The one in my belly who keeps growing..

And oh, how I long for freedom
Freedom to live life again
But I'm destined to die here for what I've done
And I'll never know freedom again

The Hard Work Of Living

Written By: Heather Pierson

I used to think that time was like a river
Flowing ever onward to the sea
But now I find it’s more like a cold, deep spring
That’s bound to run dry eventually
And yet I still have to haul the water
And wait for the sweet bread to rise anyhow
These things will move on without me
So I’ll roll up my sleeves and I’ll do it now
But the more I learn, the less I know what’s going on
And all the while, the hard work of living keeps rolling on.

I will never lose my thirst for the water
I will never take for granted what I have here and now
But that doesn’t mean the road will be easy
It only means that I’ll have to find my way somehow
But the more I learn, the less I know what’s going on
And all the while, the hard work of living keeps rolling on.

Nothing Left

Written By: Heather Pierson

There is nothing left here for me
Nothing for as far as my crying eyes can see
There is nothing left for me here
Nothing that’s worth me shedding another tear

An aching heart and a restless mind
Are all I have left to leave behind
I’ll blaze a trail to parts unknown
And hope at last I’ll find my true home

But this blue world is vast and cold
So search I must ‘til I have struck gold
And sing my song that’s mine alone
And drink these tears deep down into my bones


When I first saw your smiling face
All of my sadness left not a trace
But then you cut me down to my core
And now I don’t sleep soundly anymore

When I first took you to my heart
I never dreamed you would tear my world apart
But now I know the awful truth:
That faithful friends are a rare and numbered few


Let It Roll Off Your Back

Written By: Heather Pierson

If you’re feeling sad and blue
Let it roll off your back
Or if you’re feeling angry
Let it roll off your back
‘cause happy times are coming back to you
Just give it some time
So until then just smile
And let it roll off your back
You gotta let it roll off your back

If people can’t see things your way
Let it roll off your back
Or if you can’t understand what people do
Let it roll off your back
‘cause everybody’s doing
The very best they know how to do
Sometimes you have to smile
And let it roll off your back
You gotta let it roll off your back

Well I haven’t lived a long time
But I know this much is true
When the world is getting you down
There’s only one thing to do
You let it roll off your back

If you made a mistake or two
Let it roll off your back
Or if you can’t do a thing about it now
Let it roll off your back
‘cause tomorrow you can take with you
The things you learn today
So until then just smile
And let it roll off your back

The Love of His Life

Written By: Heather Pierson

In the greening of the year
When she first felt the glow of life inside
She shared the news and he shed a tear
But he never revealed the reason that he cried

And then summer came and went in a flash
And any hope that she would change her mind was dashed

And when the leaves began to fall
And an early frost had crept across the land
He found that he couldn’t concentrate at all
And then one day she reached out for his hand

And she said, “Aren’t you happy?
There’s something on your mind, let’s talk it through.”
And he said, “I’m not ready
To share the love of my life with someone new.”

And then early that November
She saw something soften in his eyes
And then she started to remember
When that same look first caught her by surprise

But life wasn’t the same anymore
So maybe he wasn’t the same man as before

And on a snowy winter morn
She announced to him that she was ready to go
And then at last a baby girl was born
Who needed more than they could ever know

And she said, “Aren’t you happy?
I hope that life’s been good to you.”
And he said, “I hope that I’m ready
To share the love of my life
My one and only life
The only love of my life
With someone new –
‘cause you’re the love of my life.”