Heather Purdin

Heather Purdin


"Well, i just play by heart." Ethereal, powerful, authentic, music is simply life played back in song. For me, music is a spiritual encounter and this deep connection is very clear in my creative process.


After a long battle with a life threatening illness, Heather Purdin purchased her first guitar as a gift to herself so she could sing through life's pain and move toward health. She never imagined what would come to follow this simple decision.

Determined to learn how to replicate the music of her favorite artists, she quickly grew frustrated with teaching herself to play cover songs. In fact, she did not learn a single cover song before she wrote her first original after just three months of playing guitar. On her 19th birthday, she was sitting on the porch during a cool, breezy summer evening and outpoured her soul and heart as she began singing into the wind. Astonished, she found herself putting words to melodies. "I NEVER thought i would write songs. I have no music training and I am unable to play by ear. Something just happens when i open myself up to the gift of music. When I'm patient, it finds me. I suppose i play by heart; I sing and share the wisdom of life that wants to sing through these six little strings."

Originally, Heather's songwriting was influenced by listening to the oldies and a few female pop artists, namely Tracy Chapman, Jewel, Dido, & Sarah McLachlan. Heather's voice is often said to sound much like a balance of Norah Jones and Natalie Merchant, which has sparked an interest for exploring other talented musicians. "I think it is foolish to deny that, as musicians, we are all inspired by everything we hear. As I have developed my own sense of songwriting, I see influences from many of the artists I listen to, yet rarely can anyone easily classify my music into a specific genre. I appreciate this because for me songwriting is all about encapsulating my perspective of life into sounds others can relate to."

Heather attributes the spirit of her present songwriting to influences from Edie Brickell, Natalie Merchant, Fleetwood Mac, Po' Girl, The Be Good Tanyas, Butterfly Boucher, and Tracy Chapman. "I don't neccessarily sound like any of these artists, but they inspire me to find my own voice."

Heather is a graduate student and therapist-in-training by day, but uses her evenings, weekends, and additional free time to create and express herself through the arts.

With an inclination toward using the guitar as a backdrop for singing stories of life and living, Heather complements her rhythmic guitar playing with what has been described as strong, ethereal, and authentic vocals and lyrics. Although a bit shy as she enters the stage, her humor comes out as she warms up to the crowd and her anxiety dissipates as she enters the spiritual realm awaiting her in the music.

Heather has shared the stage with artists including: Hope for Agoldensummer, Ryan Taylor of the Little Green Chairs, Betsy Frank, Sara O'brien, Heidi Hensley, Kirsten Hazler, Cycle of Addiction, & Mark Evangelist.



Written By: Heather Purdin

When things get tough
And life seems rough
And it's a fight to keep your head above
Well don't give up
No because of this mysterious bond
We share here called love

Ain't it funny how quickly the tables turn
On us never knowing what is next to come of us
Oh no, we don't know
With the shuffle of the deck
Or the deal of the hand
You get what you get
So just accept it
Cause this life that we have here
Well it ain't so bad oh no

Bridges burn faster than you can learn
We got to band together
Take care of each other
Bridges burn
Faster than you can learn

Trying too hard to find an answer for every why
Well sometimes we got to let it fly on by
And I don't claim that we were dealt equal hands
But sitting here whining about it
Ain't gonna get you ahead oh no


And friends will
Strike a flame in your heart to give you hope
And promise not to leave your side
Will sit by you throughout the night

When things get rough
And life seems tough
And it's a fight to keep my head above
Well I don't give up
No because of this mysterious bond
We share here called love


Written By: Heather Purdin

What do you take me for you think I'm a fool?
Well I can see right through to you.
I don't need a magnifying glass
I can read through the lines just fine I can.
You feed me the shit you think I want to hear.
Well I don't want to hear it dear oh no
Cause I'm tired, tired, tired, tired
Of scraping through to the truth to you
I am….I am…

You tell me, you cry to me
With such an innocent plea you say,
"I'm an innocent girl in a guilty world
And these bloodstains on my hands weren't free.
I guarantee that if I open up
Just like the rest you're going to flee.
My heads messed up and I don't know
If and when things are going to change,
So are you sure you still want to know me?"
***** ***** *****

You think I'm so damn predictable
Well you haven't a clue have you oh no.
Cause what I want more than anything
Is for our worlds to revolve around the same sun.
So how long we gonna spin around
Holding our tails between our legs ~hey ~hey??
Like two scared little puppy dogs
Cause you know this ain't no puppy


We've known each other for a long, long time
And I'm just now finding you
And I'm just wondering left to think
That you're still scared of me well,
Would it help if I let you know
Our imperfections make us

And you tell me, you cry to me
With such an innocent plea so yeah
You're an innocent girl in a guilty world
And those bloodstains on your hands are clean.
Well I guarantee that if you open up
We're just going to grow closer.
So your head is messed up. Well mine is too
And I don't know if things are going to change,
But yes I'm sure, I still want to know you.


Written By: Heather Purdin

Trapped inside these round glass walls
i see far out but can’t move beyond
The pressure builds as my dreams expand
But i can’t break out, I can’t move on
Can’t move on

It’s like you’re afraid to see
That I need you right here beside me
So you gonna sit around and watch the ground
Crumble right beneath your feet
Right beneath your feet, right beneath your feet
Right beneath your feet
***** ***** *****

You come off raw to the naked eye
But you’re a gentle soul underneath it all
Sometimes the voice of truth is cold
But keep speaking up keep throwing stones
Keep throwing stones


i twist, i push, i turn, i pull
But i can’t release cause this jar is full
Sometimes the voice of truth is cold
But keep speaking up keep throwing stones
You come off raw to the naked eye
but you’re a gentle soul underneath it all,
yes you are



In development

Set List


Fading Fast
Green Hearts
Bridges Burn
Fly High
Washing Away
Just a Girl
Fall Down
Gonna Miss You
Promise of Tomorrow
Chasing Rainbows
Breaking Through
Rhetorical Times
Life, Love, & Pain
The Farm


Eastern Sky


2 sets of 45-60 min