Heather Renee

Heather Renee

 Washington, D.C., Washington, D.C., USA

The quirkiness of Indie, the acoustic elements of Folk, and the catchy melodies of Pop.


In the heart of Downtown Washington, DC while a sea of gray and black suites run hastily from metros to Government buildings, Heather Renee sits in her one bedroom apartment overlooking the National Mall as she records a new song in her home studio. Listeners would never guess that this remarkable singer/songwriter who refers to her genre as Indie Folk-Pop, must time vocal recordings between police sirens and the clanking of the elevator shaft located just beyond her bedroom wall. If you listen closely, you can hear the noise of the city between words.

When asked who she sounds like she chides, “If Regina Spektor and Feist had a love child that was raised by KT Tunstall it would be Heather Renee.”

In a music review by On Tap Magazine, they wrote:

"Heather Renee’s unique approach to music is a welcome variation to the often stale, repetitious world of singer-songwriters."

Her unique image (Glam Victorian meets Burlesque) is signified by her embroidered fish net stockings, bodice-style dresses, and tousled beehive updos adorned with glittered flowers. Heather Renee is currently on tour in venues along the East Coast promoting her new album “Indie Folk-Pop.”

Accompanied only by her acoustic guitar, her haunting, mermaid-like vocals will lure you in like sailors at sea. You’ll quickly become lost in her world of love as she captivates you with her incredible stage presence and fills your heart with magic.

Check her website for free downloads and show dates: www.heather-renee.com

You can also add some tunes to your iPod! All of her music is available from iTunes or your favorite digital distributor.

Love is her message and she uses her music to spread it to the world.

Heather Renee
(202) 730-5012


Pretty Prison, 2007
Song a Week, 2008
Braille, 2009
Stone, 2010
Indie Folk-Pop, 2011

Set List

Heather Renee can perform a 3 hour show. Her typical set list consists of 75% originals and 25% cover material. She generally covers classic well known songs which are easy to sing along with.