Heather Reynolds

Heather Reynolds


I am a songwriter. My songs are written from my life experiences. They relate to feelings. I write about love, lost love, passion, spirituality, poverty, despair and injustice etc. Here is the link to Myspace www.myspace.com/hjreynolds http://www.live365.com/stations/breenoble


I am an Australian songwriter. I began writing poetry in the early 1990's and then after years of child rearing, started writing again in 2005. I wrote and self published a poetry book called "Love, Passion, Despair". After launching the book, I had several readio interviews in which I received positive feedback, I was often told my poems sounded like songs. In April 2006 I submitted 3 of my poems changed into songs to a demo company in Nashville USA. After 3 months I received the demos and have submitted each song in the "American song of the year" contest. One of the songs was "runner up", another was awarded "Honourary Mention". I submitted 2 other songs to Paramount Song Contest in Nashville USA and received a Directors award for each. The song "My Sanctuary" was recorded and put on a compilation CD called "Catch a Rising Star" and was made by "Paramount Group" in Nashville USA. I am currently writing songs and entering contests. My songs are all written from my life experiences. I write about love, lost love, betrayal, passion, despair, poverty and injustice. I also write spiritual songs. My aim is for people to hear my songs and words and that my message will touch the feelings in those who would relate. I am also willing to write or negotiate on songs I've written, if there is anyone looking for new material.
I have recently joined Broadjam and have had success with songs that I've had reviewed. My songs "I Miss You" and "My Sanctuary" made the top 10 in the folk and contemporary charts, and "I Miss You" entered number 1 on the Australian charts. Since then, both songs have been in and out of the top ten. Both songs have just made the top 10, with "My Sanctuary" on the top ten pop, Australian and, Ballad and best female. I have recently been selected to submit "My Sanctuary"on a compilation c.d. It should be released in September. Two songs that I entered in the U.K. song writing contest have won semi final certificates on 16/8 07. In November07,"My Sanctuary"was released on a compilation c.d. brought out by "Starving Kids Records" in Australia. The c.d. was made to promote new and promising talent in Australia and overseas.
"My Sanctuary" has been chosen for a compilation CD "Red Night Records" in Florida. Two of my songs have been chosen twice for rotation on Women of Substance radio in California.IThey have also been chosen to be played on rotation for a new radio station in New York "Radio New York". "My Sanctuary and 'Soul Mate" have been selected for air play on a Sunday night radio show in Long Island, U.S.A. and "My Sanctuary" has been chosen by radio France and world internet radio, called 100% musique. "My Sanctuary " came in at 39 out of 600 in round 3 of British contest called "Slice The Pie" All 3 songs are entered in round 4 which is being reviewed at present. (16/3/08) I've been in the top favourites in slicethepie and have ranked high in every arena. In arena8 I was top 22/100.lI have just won 3 more semi finalist awards in the U.K songwriting contest (Sept08) I am a finalist in the showcase9 of slicethepie, U.K. (September08)

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Soul Mate

Written By: Heather J Reynolds

From the moment our eyes first met
Knew that meeting you was heaven sent.
Until then life was a mess,
Then you held me and you showed me tenderness.

You're my soul mate
you're my missing part,
The healer of my broken heart

You're my soul mate
you're my missing part,
The healer of my broken heart

Never had a friend so true,
someone who I'd give part of my soul to -
Now all I want to do
Is to share my love with you.

Chorus -

You filled the void of emptiness
and endless nights of lonliness
They say we all have a soul mate -
with one whom we can truly relate.
You came along when I was sad and blue - now all I want to do,
is share my love with you

Chorus - X2

My Sanctuary

Written By: Heather Reynolds

This is my space,
this is my place -
The place that I go to, when I need quiet.
Time to reflect,
re-evaluate, sort out my head, my feelings, my life.

This is my space
this is my place and time
I need to give to myself each day.

It doesn't matter
where my santuary may be
It's the place I go to be
alone with me.
It's the calm I feel when I look at the clouds,
as they roll by.

Chorus -

My sanctuary, is when I'm sitting peacefully under the shade of a tree, or when I walk alone looking out to sea.
It's wherever I feel calm in me.

Chorus -

This is my space.

I Miss You

Written By: Heather Reynolds

I miss you
I really do
I can't stand being without you.
I want to see your face,
hold each other - embrace
I want to kiss you, touch you -
Just to be with you
and let you know -
That you're still in my heart and mind,
you're everywhere I go.

I want to see your face,
hold each other - embrace
I want to kiss you, touch you

I miss you
I really do
I can't stand being without you.
Cos you're still in my heart
you're in my soul,
your everywhere I go.

When I walk
your walking beside me,
when I cry
I feel you inside me.
Your in my thoughts
and in my dreams,
you're everywhere I am
but not with me.

Chorus -

I want to spend some more time together,
So I can say how much I really care,
tell you things I didn't share,
when I acted like I didn't care.

Chorus -

You're everywhere I go
I miss you

wait and see

Written By: J. stocker and H. reynolds

Verse 1 :I came by - to see you - today - and i know that im not meant to feel this way- but your the only...... one.... i need today. - and it feels - like im starting - to fade - please dont let this love - fade away - it helps me get - by - day to day - without it - i - fear .... ill fade away (away away away) Ill fade away

Chorus: Your the only one i need - all i gotta do - is - wait and see - for you to come and talk to me - (please baby come talk to me) - without you im starting to bleed - and yes its getting.... harder to see - the future and what we could be - dont let the fear - blind you from me, lets lock hands and youll see that theres a future - for.... you and me - baby just - you wait and see.....

Verse 2: If you leave - right now - ill be all..... alone... and afraid - with tears... rolling down my face.
your face - your smile - your beauty all awhile - will never desert me again - cuz your always inside my head - even when i go to bed

Chorus 2: Your the only one i need - all i gotta do - is - wait and see - for you to come and rescue me - (please baby come rescue me)
your the only... one... i need - your everything to me - baby why dont you just see - ill do anything to be - just what you want me to be - lets get together and see - the future and what we could be.


"My Sanctuary" is on a compilation CD called "Catch a Rising Star" produced by Paramount Group in Nashville USA.

The link to my video clips: www.youtube.com/mysanctuary08

Set List

Soul Mate
I Miss You
My sanctuary
plus many more.