heather shechter

heather shechter


My music is inspired by many artists and many ganres..On the one hand R&B female singers and hip hop, on the other hand rock bands(if i had to name names,it would be K's choice and Skunk Anansie)all helped me find my current musical direction..


I was Born October 10th, 1981.I started to explore my musical direction at the age of 7. As I grew older, trying to combine my love for dancing and music, I joined a local youth group which assured me music is my biggest passion. Learning to play the keyboards at a young age as well, I only returned to that love full time at the "Rimon School of Jazz and Contemporary Music" in Israel, where I graduated in 2005. In the year 2003, I joined a Hip-Hop band called "Live Audio Sound", featuring an American rapper, a full rhythm section and another lead vocalist and we performed original Hip-Hop songs as well as a few covers by Jill Scott, Erykah Badu and India Arie. The band performed at clubs in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv and disbanded only when most of its members relocated to Boston,U.S.A. to attend the Berklee College of Music. During that time, I also performed as a background vocalist in several prime time Israeli television shows and in recording sessions, and had my own acoustic showcase at clubs around my town and in Tel Aviv. I returned to my old love of playing and writing, coming back to my old Rock roots, being inspired by artists such as Chris Cornell, Skunk Anansie ,Fiona Apple and K's Choice among many other Rock artists, and backed away from the Hip-Hop scene. Me and my dear friend and talented musician, Amit Shtriker began working on my music, and formed a band, where Amit played bass guitar, as well as produced the music. now, I have a new showcase after coming back from performing in new york, and soon i'll start working on my debut album.


Carried on

Written By: Heather Shechter

Your intentions were always quite crossed
I knew exactly what you want
And now it's clear
That the love i got was soon to disappear
My love was blemished by your egoistic ways
Of keeping me near
And it's no shame to admit that you are my fear
But I carried on
Even when love was crying out not to let you stay
Carried on
As my love was screaming at you go away
I know that the things i gave up will eventually take their toll
And I saw you take the reins out of my need for control
I came across as supernatural
How silly that was
And now I'm robbed from my powers
Caught in your fire
And all because
I carried on
Even when love was crying out
Not to let you stay
Carried on as my love was screaming at you go away
I loved what we had when we were together
Doing whatever
Lovers do when they're in love
But I know you can't take it
So I'll let you have it
For a while

I carried on…

Too skinny

Written By: Heather Shechter

I'm too skinny I know
They think I don't eat
Got so much left to show
It's not deception or deceit
Not filled in right places
But got my charm and all
And when it gets down to basics
Lucky got you to fall

Fall for me
Fall for me

We all have our demons
Mine's out of your sight
Won't let you all see'm
With that look in your eyes
Doubtfully beautiful
To the eyes of the beholder
Wish the beholder was me
I'd set all my demons free

And still you fell for me
Fell for me

Your looks are misleading
Fool me once and again
You touch my hand and I'm believing
What we are in meant to be
To find a man
Or a woman or a man by your side
You had to wait till the point where
There was nothing left to hide

That's when you fell for me
Fell for me

Set List

a show doesn't go over an hour.about 12-13 songs, each of them about 2:30-3:30 minute long.
i do 2 covers a show(usually "fall at your feet" by crowded house" and the other one changes each show).