Heather Thornton

Heather Thornton


Imagine a girl filled with music, life, artistry, substance and talent beyond her years. Her soulful, expressive and sensuous voice is used to showcase songs that are more like stories. Writing is an every day part of her existence and connecting with an audience is her specialty.


Heather Thornton has been singing all her life and writing since the age of 12. She was inspired early on by 1970’s singer/songwriters and has a strong influence from Jazz and Blues. She was trained as a classical singer, but quickly realized she needed to find her own voice and her own style which led to an incredibly diverse catalog of original material that continues to grow and change with Heather’s life experience.

Her songs are stories wrapped up in a fusion of R&B, Jazz, Pop, Folk, Country, Rock and various other styles depending on what each song needs. Heather’s voice is a force to be reckoned with. She has a beautiful, sultry tone, an expansive vocal range, a heaping splash of creativity, and a true gift for connecting with her audience.

In December 2006, Heather released her much anticipated album “Open Road”. All 12 songs were written and produced by her with engineering and co-production by Andy Oxman at Soundworks Studio in Blue Springs, MO. Available at live shows, on line, and through Border’s Bookstore, the album has found a loyal fan base eager to hear what she will come up with next.

Heather plans on completing her new project “Another State Of Mind” by late summer of 2008. This collection is her best yet combining the talents of her innovative band and Heather’s unique, fresh sound to create an album with a universal appeal.

What’s after that? Who knows with Heather Thornton, we will all just have to stay tuned in!


One Little Moment

Written By: Heather Thornton

The only thing you can ever count on is change
The way that this life is always rearranged
Shifting, shaping, surprising change

Even though today may seem the same
A little bit of extra knowledge was gained
Invigorating, complicating, heartbreaking change

One little moment can take away everything,
Everything you’ve ever known
One little moment can tear your heart into a million pieces while it’s still beating
One little moment can leave you crying like you never cried before and like you never will again
One little moment is all it takes for a life to change

As another step is taken a connection will be made
As another heart is breaking a new love will remain
Alarming, disarming, beautiful change


You’ll be alright if we just give it some time
I’ll be alright if we just give it some time
If we just give it some time

Heather Thornton 2005


"Open Road" album

Open Road
In Love Again
Rough Around The Edges
Follow Through
Time To Shine
The Crutch
Beautiful Sensation
Twisted Desire
Evil World
One Little Moment
I'll Never Stop Loving You
Live Like You Want To

Set List

If the venue calls for a variety of originals and covers, we have enough material to perform four hours with three fifteen minute breaks.

With an all original venue, we are available for up to three forty five minute sets.

Original Songs

A Little Bit of History
Another State of Mind
Beautiful Sensation
Bitter Words
Don’t Think I Can Cry Anymore
Do You Really Want To Give It All Away?
Evil World
Fair and Square
Follow Through
Goodbye Wilderness
I Can’t Hold Back
In Love Again
Nothing’s the Same
Open Road
Rough Around the Edges
Time to Shine
The Crutch
The Porch Song
Twisted Desire
You’re Like Heaven


Ain’t Misbehavin’
Ain’t No Sunshine
At Last – E. James
Bobby McGee – K. Kristofferson
Bye-Bye Baby – B. Raitt
Call Me – Blondie
Chain Of Fools – A. Franklin
Come Away With Me – Norah Jones
Come Together – The Beatles
Dream A Little Dream – E. Fitzgerald
Don’t Know Why – N. Jones
Every Breath You Take – The Police
Fly Me To The Moon – F.