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The smell of burning fuel, motors revving, the track vanishes into a blur. No silence aloud. All adrenaline, speed, and forethought in tact, with each soulful notion wrapped around the neck of that guitar. From Freestyle Motocross to racing in the ARCA series, you can try to slow it down and analyze it but with Heather Williams, it’s all rock, n’ roll.
Chasing that beast of energy, turn up the overdrive, no sad “Poor me” ballads, get up and Rock Me Down.
Williams wears many hats but every journey leads to that central place of exploding like whammy bar dives, paint pealing, high octave screams, sure fire in your face power chords, and good time guitar music for the masses.
Williams is all woman in a predominately male world. Eddie Van Halen, Jeff Beck, Steve Vai, and Angus Young, all grit their teeth and their masculinity is worn like some badge of honor as they’ve shredded their way into guitar immortality and on stages across the world
Williams is here to change the rules forever. She can out tough the crew of testosterone, pulsing trail blazers with the first note of one of her dizzying runs that can leave her race car opponents and fellow axe wielders all in the dust.
Long blonde hair, sexy feminine attire, devotion, and sure fire confidence, all place Williams on a pedestal.
Though Lita Ford and Joan Jett have left their not so lady like stamp on the rock world,
Williams’ unique bends, flurry of whip lashed notes, and engaging swagger, without the cliché male posturing, are a breath of fresh air and relentlessly powerful.

Rock Me Down is no nonsense, anti-angst, happy rock n’ roll song that is genuine.
Kicking off with a stab of vein burning feedback, “Pulling out all of the stops.”
Countless numbers of guitar shredders have used hammer –ons, and indulge their solos in incessant finger tapping, but with Williams, every note is felt and cuts right through to the heart in a manner which seems effortless to her.

From Portland Oregon to Tangiers, all guitarist has attempted to play The Star Spangled Banner, with “Lay back and groove” day dreams of Jimi’ everlasting shadow, all forgetting that the sole purpose Hendrix’s tackling Francis Scott Key’s beloved anthem to America, was all about using one’s distinct personality and applying it to a specific theme and not merely showing off technique.
Heather Williams is the one of the few since Hendrix, not lose site of this fact with her own unforgettable rendition which takes on an entire body of its own, using humor, love, wit, and that one of a kind confidence that has placed her above the competition.

Watch out all well practiced six stringers, Heather Williams has arrived and has kicked down the doors with a look and style that cannot be imitated or diminished.

Devon Wendell, music critic and journalist for The International Review Of Music as well as session musician and engineer for Steely Dan, Gov’t Mule, Keith Richards, Van Halen, Blues Traveler, Helmet, George Clinton, The Allman Brothers, Lauryn Hill, Miles Davis and many others .

- Devon Wendell, music critic and journalist for The International Review Of Music



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