Heather Yeoman

Heather Yeoman

 Mukilteo, Washington, USA

I am a singer/songwriter who writes the lyrics, vocal melodies and harmonies for our songs. My dad accompanies me on guitar and writes the music for our songs. Our music is a mixture of pop, rock and jazz with a strong acoustic base.


I am 26 years old and have been writing melodies and lyrics for 16 years. Singing has always been a very important part of my life as well as something I'm incredibly passionate about. Having a singing career has been a dream of mine since I was very young.
I've recorded non professionally for 16 years; semi-professionally with my father for 8 years. I've performed at various events and facilities throughout these years from talent shows to coffee shops and parties. The education and music experience I've had have influenced my melodic, harmonic and lyrical creation in several ways. Throughout the courses in college and choir experience I've listened to various types of music from around the world, helping narrow down the type of music I like and am influenced by. Using that music education, I've been inspired to create more unique melodies and lyrics, trying to create differently from the more typical things I've heard. In addition to listening, my years of choir and local solo performances have provided me the opportunity to see many performing styles, helping me to focus on what I specifically want to portray as a performer, such as emotion and connection with the audience.

Song Information: All lyrics and vocals written and performed by Heather Yeoman. All music written, performed and produced by John Yeoman, copyright 2002-2008 with Lump on a Log Productions: recording studio where all songs were recorded and produced.


High School:
Kamiak High School Mukilteo, WA Graduated 2002
Specific Courses: Four years of choirs including advanced mixed choir and select jazz ensemble. One year of performing in high school dance team.
*Associate in Arts and Science with Music emphasis
*Music Technology: Performance
Shoreline Community College: Shoreline, WA, 9/04-12/06
Courses: Private Voice Lessons, Chamber Chorus, Full year of Pop and Commercial Music Theory, Experiencing Music, American Popular Music, Music Recoding/Publishing, Midi Sequencing, Rights and Methods to Multimedia, Essentials of Human Relationships, Midi portfolio development.
Edmonds Community College:Edmonds, WA- 9/03-6/04
Courses: Digital Music, Symphonic Choir, Music Theory 2, Music Theory 3, Interpersonal Communications.
Spokane Falls Community College: Spokane, WA 9/02 - 3/03
Courses: Voice Class, History of Jazz, Women's Chorus, two quarters of music theory and two quarters of piano.


Heather Yeoman-My Dream Copyright 2002
Heather Yeoman-Demo mix copyright 2006
Heather Yeoman-Demo (song clips) copyright 2007
Heather Yeoman-3 Song Demo copyright 2008
Heather Yeoman-Full length cd copyright 2009

Set List

The set list is varied between originals and covers and can vary in length as needed for the specific gigs. A typical set list includes about 5 originals and 5 covers from artists ranging from Etta James to The Eagles to Michelle Branch. Here's a extensive sample (artists in parenthesis):
1. Come to me (original)
2. Blessed (Christina Aguilera)
3. Torn (Natalie Imbruglia)
4. Let It Go (Original)
5. At Last (Etta James)
6. I Cant Tell You Why (The Eagles)
7. Deep Down (Original)
8. Valentine (Martina McBride)
9. I Want a Love I Can See (The Temptations)
10. Be The One (Melanie C)
11. Baby Im a Want You (Bread)
12. Little Contradiction (Original)

13. Ive Wished (Original)
14. Say it Again (Marie Digby)
15. Take My Breath Away (Emma Bunton)
16. Dont It Make My Brown Eyes Blue (Crystal Gayle)
17. Unseen (Original)
18. I Need You (LeAnn Rimes)
19. Cool With You (Jennifer Love Hewitt)
20. Stand Strong (Original)
21. Someone Like Me (A