Heaven Ablaze

Heaven Ablaze



Heaven Ablaze is a melodic metal band hailing from London, ON Canada. Their unique style of music incorporates aspects from their early influences, while still staying true to their vision and never compromising their brutality. Heaven Ablaze have recorded 3 full length albums all proudly completed independently, and with their newest lineup, the band will continue to set the stage "ablaze" wherever possible in support of their music, and with their seemingly endless arsenal of brutal riffs and catchy licks... along with their devotion to continually improve their skills and supporting their local peers, Heaven Ablaze has secured their position as one of Canada's leading underground metal acts... Let the revelation begin...


2004 - Enlightened By Darkness
2006 - Reborn Through Evil
2008 - Proclamation Armageddon

Set List

45-60 minutes, * working on a couple covers for the future.

1. In Blood
2. Enthroned In Chaos
3. As I Bring To Waste
4. Parhelia
5. King of the Neverworld
6. Visions Through Bleeding Eyes
7. 2-3 new tunes (no names yet) * we also have 3 albums worth of extra material