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Santa Monica, California, United States | SELF

Santa Monica, California, United States | SELF
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"HB at Santos Party House"

L.A.-based hard rock group Heaven Below crashed New York City's Santos Party House on Wednesday, October 6, 2010, rattling the rafters with their special brand of naughty R 'n' R. With Patrick Kennison on vocals/guitar, Jesse Billson on guitar, John Younger on bass, and Chad Clark on drums, they kept the somewhat small, but excited crowd entertained with a few of the tracks from their self-titled release, which hit the shelves on August 17, 2010: "Dying Vicariously," "When Daylight Dies," and "King of Nothing" were the songs they filled the dark club with. The kicker was their closing, a high-voltage version of Pat Benetar's "Heartbreaker," done with unbridled, balls-to-the-wall ferocity. Kennison's vocals are searing and rough as sandpaper. Billson and Younger seemed as if they might hurt themselves they played so hard. Together they are an incendiary force, an intense new rock band with a clean sound.

The group kicked off the first leg of its 2010 Horns and Halos Tour on September 18 in Dallas, TX, and will be ending in Toronto, Canada, on October 10. Kennison says of the tour: "We are proud to announce the first leg of our 2010 ‘Horns & Halos Tour’. This tour is in support of our new self titled release and will take us through many of our favorite cities in the US & Canada. The response to our single 'When Daylight Dies' over the airwaves has been phenomenal & inspiring. We can't wait to make new fans all over the nation." And proud they should be. With great energy and a raw, heavy metal sound, they're sure to gather an ever-growing "congregation" of fans. - New York Examiner

"Heaven Below the next Guns n Roses?"

If the TV show True Blood had an official rock band, it would be Heaven Below. Born from the ashes of The Union Underground, Heaven Below is singer and songwriter Patrick Kennison’s comeback statement and artistic vision of what a rock ‘n f****in’ roll band should be: badass look, well-crafted songs, pro musicianship and a high energy live show. And they swear by B.C. Rich guitars. Very cool.
The six-song Heaven Below CD—available on Amazon for under $10—is an EP, sort of. The band’s savvy management advised HB to release an EP to help them stand out from the throng of modern rock bands vying for the public’s attention. Pretty clever, considering Western culture’s limited attention span. But wait, there’s more—the album includes an enhanced CD with four bonus tracks and four videos.
There is still a hunger for quality original music, and Heaven Below is one of the best of the new breed. HB’s sound is epic and raging, yet tight and melodic. You’ll hear nods to Disturbed and Rage Against the Machine and some Maidenesque time changes. Kennison sings like his life utterly depends on it, and in his mind it just might. His ambitious use of harmonies throughout the album, coupled with his angst-ridden grit is both appealing and a little bit dangerous. Sound familiar, Mr. Brownstone?
“Dying Vicariously” offers the melodic power punch of “Plowed” by mid-‘90s alt-rock band, Sponge. “When Daylight Dies,” produced by Ben Moody of Evanescence fame, is simply stunning—“Bring Me To Life” with male vocals. The band has high hopes for the single on modern rock radio, and chart action would be well deserved. Covers are always a gamble, but Heaven Below take Benatar’s “Heartbreaker” and make it their own. Kudos to guitarist Billson’s “Slash-on-a-mountain-top” solo on “King of Nothing.” “Hollywood” opens with barking Hetfield vocals, and becomes one of the most honest love/hate tributes to Tinseltown ever recorded.
With Heaven Below, we just might be privy to a very special band before they break big. Remember when people told you, “You have to check out this band called Guns ‘N Roses?” Well, you have to check out this band called Heaven Below. Become a fan now, before it’s considered trendy.
Watch the Heaven Below promo video on YouTube. http://www.youtube.com/user/HeavenBelowMusic
Order the Heaven Below EP on Amazon. http://www.amazon.com/Heaven-Below/dp/B0040T7FHS/ref=sr_1_6?ie=UTF8&qid=1287693921&sr=8-6
Genre: Hard Rock/Modern Metal
Patrick Kennison – Vocals/Guitar
Jesse Billson – Guitar
John Younger – Bass
Chad Clark – Drums
Track Listing:
1. Dying Vicariously
2. When Daylight Dies
3. Heartbreaker
4. King of Nothing
5. Hollywood
6. Above the Satellites
Plus enhanced CD content.
Label: Independent
http://www.youtube.com/user/HeavenBelowMusic - Hardrock Haven

"Heaven Below 6 Stars"

I first met Patrick Kennison back when he was in a band called the Union Underground. I hung out with & became friendly with both Patrick & John Moyer, bassist for Union Underground & current bassist for DISTURBED, the year of 2001 was a fun one & Patrick spent most of that year on the road supporting Marilyn Manson, Black Sabbath, Slipknot, Papa Roach, Linkin Park & many, many more!

Patrick also played guitar for Rob Zombie on one of the new tracks off his greatest hits record. When the Union Underground split the bands 4 members all went their separate ways. Patrick moved to California & had a "make it or die trying" attitude & after quite a few years Patrick is back finally with HEAVEN BELOW which features Patrick not only playing guitar but also handling the vocal duties as well!

"Dying Vicariously" opens the cd with an interesting twist...the song starts off kinda mellow but then when the chorus kicks in the pace of the song goes into overdrive & I just love it!

There's a cover of the Pat Benatar classic "Heartbreaker" that's amped up & faster than the original yet it still maintains the same vibe that the original had with the simple distinction that it's a guy singing it instead of a girl.

"King of Nothing" is the token ballad & it's a tear jerker.

"Hollywood" is a loud one that's got attitude & a trashy vibe which kinda sums up Hollywood in all honesty..."right here is the future & it's f**king you & me!" is my favorite line from the song because it's oh-so-true!

When you put this cd into your computer you see a slew o' bonus stuff including a few extra songs NOT included on the audio portion of the cd! The highlight is a cover of the Golden Earring classic "Twilight Zone". - Rock N Roll Experience


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