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"Arena Rock Bombast!!!"

Myglobalmind: Thank you friends of Heaven Below for taking the time to give the fans of of HB a taste of your new EP!

Patrick: Anytime. We love to turn it up.

Myglobalmind: The band released their EP in August, how has the feedback been so far?

Patrick: Beyond our expectations. When Daylight Dies has already been recieving spins on national radio and the fact that new music from upcoming bands is still in demand blows us away.

Myglobalmind: The band is fronted by Patrick Kennison formerly of the Union Underground, how did the union of Heaven Below come about?

Patrick: I moved out here in 2003 with our bassplayer John after I ended Union Underground. I’d met our drummer at a local rehearsal complex where I hit it off with him. So many friends & fans had been encouraging me to be the front man of my next project after hearing my demos & seeing me sing a few songs with bands I’d jam with. I’d written so many songs I figured it was time to form a band to match the material.

Myglobalmind: For fans not familiar with the sound, what is the best way to describe HB’s sound?

Patrick: Our fans say we fill the gap between Nickelback & Avenged Sevenfold. While this is very flattering, I consider us to play loud passionate straight forward rock. We embrace things my last band did not. Harmonies, guitar solos, double bass ect.
Myglobalmind: There has been a uprising in the metal and hard rock scene of late due to the change in the industry and a wave of new bands hitting the spotlight. What can Heaven Below bring to the table in terms of originality?

Patrick: We feel we can bring some of the arena bombast that music has been missing for awhile. Even though there are great bands already doing that, we feel our cinematic take on a live show and emphasis on lyrics & production keep it from being cheesy or “bad 80's-like”.

Myglobalmind: Where does the band draw it’s inspiration in writing and making music from?

Patrick: Latelty I’ve been enjoying bands I overlooked or thought we’re my older brothers bands like UFO, Thin Lizzy, & Rush. These bands are classic for great reason. I still love NIN, Alice in Chains, Crue, Metallica. But I’ve been checking out some unlikely artists as well like Refused or even Bryan Adams.

Myglobalmind: I know you guys brought Ben Moody on board to produce the track “When Daylight Dies.”, how as it like working with him, how did it come about?

Patrick: Ben was introduced to me by Marty O’Brien (killer bassplayer). Turns out Ben loved Union Underground as I loved Evanescence. He heard my demo for When Daylight Dies and insisted he produce it. I though he was joking until he came to me with production ideas and a 32 piece orchestra. Working with him is like having a mad scientist in the studio. He is truly an artist. Well beyond your average musician.
Myglobalmind: Care to comment on the music industry and the state of the scene? It seems like a lot more artists are moving to self produce more then ever in the past?

Patrick: I think that the playing field is leveling everyday. The fact that we’re spun on radio stations without a major label is proof. Music is so much more disposable than ever. But it helps keep us new bands on our toes and gives us clever new ways to get music out to new fans. It pleases me that a guy in a suit with a quota no longer decides who will be the next star. It’s finally in the artist and the fans hands.

Myglobalmind: Any advice for a young band breaking into the scene?

Patrick: Stay strong and perservere. It takes time for others to recognize anything new or refreshing. Make music for yourself first. As soon as you start to have fun others will follow and pick up on your energy.

Myglobalmind: The band just completed the “Horns and Halos” tour hitting a few dates around the country, how did that go?

Patrick: Excellent, we love the challenge of living up to our album live. We did meet & greets every night and had Jager shots with every fan over 21. We played live on air on several stations the day of each show. Its amazing the power that live music still has. It will never be replaced by a download or a video stream.

Myglobalmind: What we’re the highlights of the tour so far?

Patrick: Just being able to connect with fans we’ve made on the net and then see them in person. The fact that radio play still helps new artists is very inspiring. We feel very fortunate to be able to make music in these troubling times. Oh yeah, our offstage hijinks were really fun. Tour video coming soon. We give Jackass a run for it’s money!!!
Myglobalmind: Are any more possible dates on the table for the band in the future? What’s next for the band?

Patrick: We absolutely will have more dates at the beginning of next year. Meanwhile we’ll be playing southern California & continue to push our music at radio and several other outlets. We’re trying to find time to complete many of the songs we started before the tour. We think the days of one album every year or two is gone. We want to keep our activity all the way up and stay fresh on peoples minds.

Myglobalmind: Give the fans some good reasons whey they should go pick up the record and where can they get it from?

Patrick: The best reason is that we have a blast making the music you hear so it translates well to the listener. It comes from the heart and aims for your gut. It’s on Itunes for only $3.99 and comes with a killer digital booklet. The CD has 4 bonus tracks & 5 video clips. You can’t lose on this one.

Myglobalmind: Final words for readers and fans of the band?

Patrick: Stay close & tuned. We intend on making you part of the congregation…forever!!!

Please visit: http://heavenbelow.com/ and http://www.myspace.com/heavenbelowmusic

You can purchase Heaven Below’s new cd from the band’s Store and Itunes at the link below:



All images courtesy of Heavenbelow.com - My Global Mind

"6 Star Rating!!!!!!"

I first met Patrick Kennison back when he was in a band called the Union Underground. I hung out with & became friendly with both Patrick & John Moyer, bassist for Union Underground & current bassist for DISTURBED, the year of 2001 was a fun one & Patrick spent most of that year on the road supporting Marilyn Manson, Black Sabbath, Slipknot, Papa Roach, Linkin Park & many, many more!

Patrick also played guitar for Rob Zombie on one of the new tracks off his greatest hits record. When the Union Underground split the bands 4 members all went their separate ways. Patrick moved to California & had a "make it or die trying" attitude & after quite a few years Patrick is back finally with HEAVEN BELOW which features Patrick not only playing guitar but also handling the vocal duties as well!

"Dying Vicariously" opens the cd with an interesting twist...the song starts off kinda mellow but then when the chorus kicks in the pace of the song goes into overdrive & I just love it!

There's a cover of the Pat Benatar classic "Heartbreaker" that's amped up & faster than the original yet it still maintains the same vibe that the original had with the simple distinction that it's a guy singing it instead of a girl.

"King of Nothing" is the token ballad & it's a tear jerker.

"Hollywood" is a loud one that's got attitude & a trashy vibe which kinda sums up Hollywood in all honesty..."right here is the future & it's f**king you & me!" is my favorite line from the song because it's oh-so-true!

When you put this cd into your computer you see a slew o' bonus stuff including a few extra songs NOT included on the audio portion of the cd! The highlight is a cover of the Golden Earring classic "Twilight Zone". - Rock & Roll Experience

"The Next Guns N' Roses!!!!"

If the TV show True Blood had an official rock band, it would be Heaven Below. Born from the ashes of The Union Underground, Heaven Below is singer and songwriter Patrick Kennison’s comeback statement and artistic vision of what a rock ‘n f****in’ roll band should be: badass look, well-crafted songs, pro musicianship and a high energy live show. And they swear by B.C. Rich guitars. Very cool. - Hardrock Haven


When Daylight Dies-Active Rock Radio Single
As heard on Hard Drive, The Rock 30, & Music Choice

Countdown to Devil-Debut Release
Reworking the Devil-Live & Alternate Versions
Heaven Below-Self-Titled EP



"Number 1 in sales at tradebit.com, top 10 on Amazon.com New Hard Rock Release Chart, Top 20 on Music Choice." These positions are usually acquired by established household name rock bands, but new comers Heaven Below have already taken home these accolades in the short time this Los Angeles based unit has been together. Fronted by Patrick Kennison on lead vocals & guitar, lead guitarist Jesse "Bawls" Billson, and rounded out by rhythm section John Younger on bass guitar & Bones Elias on drums, the band is considered an upcoming force from the Sunset Strip. It was no surprise when the lead off single "When Daylight Dies" began making waves on active rock stations across the U.S. in the winter of 2010. Syndicated radio shows such as Hard Drive and The Rock 30 are no stranger to the Ben Moody (Evanescence) produced single which has been spun on over 50 stations across the country. Press outlets such as Hard Rock Haven have hailed Heaven Below as "the next Guns N' Roses". The New York Examiner described the live performance as "unbridled balls to the wall ferocity". With the buzz and momentum of the band growing, the opportunity to tour and spread the word beyond radio and internet hype has been inevitable. The band has put 4 successful club tours under it's belt, sharing the stage with heavy weights Buckcherry & Avenged Sevenfold along the way. With the anticipation of a new rock scene looming ahead, Heaven Below are preparing to release a brand new full-length studio album titled "Falling From Zero" in the summer of 2011. If recent activity and praise is any indication of the future, the rise of Heaven Below will be a great one.